It Really Is Love!: It’s Ok That’s Love Finale

Lore and I are on a high from the ending of It’s Ok That’s Love! While others obsess on the unrealistic factors and ending; we tend to love the sunshine and lollipops we were given… Or rather tomatoes! What did you all think about the show in general? Leave your ramblings in the comments below! Peace!


Lore: Okay, I feel like I am about to get into the review! I want to share my thoughts on this so badly! So, where do we want to begin? ‏

Ekun: I have no idea! Where do you want to start?! The sexiness of Jo In Sung? The adorableness of Kwang Soo? The fact that the show actually had a solid ending? Perhaps not with the ending…‏

Lore: Hmmmm….should we start with some of the “good” and solid things from this show? Jo In Sung’s sexiness….‏

Ekun: I can talk about that all day, but I will keep it to a minimum. You know how much I love an actor leaving an impression on me with a character. Jo In Sung’s Jang Jae Yeol could not be played by anybody else ever in the history of kdrama history. Hands down a solid (sexy) performance from episode 1- 16. I always felt like I understood Jae Yeol as a character and I really did appreciate that from In Sung. Not to say that the other actors did not do a phenomenal job… In Sung just did something for me‏.


Lore: Jo In Sung was damn sexy in this drama, but more importantly his performance was solid from start to finish. I completely agree, I could not see another actor playing this role. It was perfect for In Sung, who is a very emotive actor. Right now he is at the top of my list of drama actor of the year (seriously this show has filled up my drama lists for the year- best show, the actors, the writing).‏This show had very solid casting. Everyone did a tremendous job. Gong Hyo Jin, who had a terrific turn in last year’s Masters Sun, made me completely forget she played that character. Her portrayal of Hye Soo was so fluid and consistent.‏


Ekun: Absolutely. She is a true professional in the sense that she takes these characters, who all seem similar on paper, or like women that seem like they would all be friends, right? And she breathes life into them making them all their own individuals. I love it every time she does it. What I loved most about the dynamic of these characters is they seemed so fluid, so genuine, like you are in the living room and can actually give your 2 cent on an argument or conversation. The writer gets an A+ for that in my book!‏

Lore: Yes! These characters were written well and given life by very talented actors. I am not sure that I could say that about any other drama this year- there was no “black hole” on this show in terms of characters or actors. What I think made his even more impressive is how flawed most of the characters were- it can’t be easy to pull off playing someone with Tourette’s syndrome or another mental disorder. Lee Kwang Soo did a great job as Soo Kwang (I adore that character). ‏


Ekun: It’s true. These characters were so real and multifaceted—I quite enjoyed it. Another good thing was the storyline in general. A lot going on and we were able to keep it short and sweet and to the point. This was a rom/com—I got the romance (In Sung and Hyo Jin scared me at the end), I got the comedy, and I got the heart behind it.‏

Lore: And what a unique Rom-Com this was. I remember saying at the beginning of this show I wasn’t sure how I felt about it because there wasn’t a show I had watched that compared…it was just different than most dramas. That statement still stands. This was a rom-com, but not like any rom-com I have watched before. I agree about the heart behind the story. In my opinion that is what won me over how much the character’s cared for each other, how much their relationships (while not perfect) drove their actions in a meaningful way.‏

Ekun: This show really wasn’t like any other I have seen which would describe why I liked it so much. If it had less of the romantic angle, I would think it was a Japanese drama.‏


Lore: I haven’t seen any Japanese dramas before, so guess I can’t make that comparison. But as far as Kdramas go this show was soooo different. ‏

Ekun: Another good thing was the ending… I don’t want to give too much away, but I totally understand why it played out the way it did. For this show was determined to give a happy ending and dammit I was right along with it! I was seriously scared Jae Yeol was going to die for a while!‏


Lore: I was too! I seriously thought he was sick—that his illness was more neurological. Even in the last few episodes I kept wondering if he would end up hurting himself. When we got a happy ending I was jumping for joy (and puking rainbows- because the last few scenes were seriously too adorable)!‏

Ekun: I know! I mean, if Jae Bum would have got his life together I could see him being with Young Jin! I was that optimistic… Usually I am not.‏

Lore: I think they would make a cute couple! Which is kind of whack, considering, but I could see it. I think the message of this story – that people can heal if they want to, that people can heal if they have love – supports these two getting together. Plus I wanted to see Young Jin happy. Her friendship with Dong Min was great, but I couldn’t help but want her to find her own happiness especially when she admitted she still had feelings for Dong Min.‏


Ekun: I know right?! It’s like she was being punished for not staying married or something. I think that is one of the things I didn’t like, “Where was Lee Young Jin’s Boo?!” I needed to see her boo-ed up with Jae Bum or someone! Seriously.‏

Lore: Yep. Even at the end we got a glimpse of maybe a new boyfriend, but it was like “Oh, he is bad for you” While everyone else was happy cuddling their significant others (even Mr. Cheater). That was probably one of my only complaints as well; Young Jin was short changed in the whole deal. I mean, for crying out loud, even Dong Min had his wife back! And there was Young Jin being scolded for her dating life. ‏

Ekun: It was indeed a shame. But overall the show was more than I expected and I am glad that I watched it. I think it will make my favorite of 2014. While there are things that are certainly farfetched about it, I was so invested I did not care. Jae Yeol getting over his problem so “quickly” given the severity of his situation was a leap, but writer-nim did such a good job with reasoning and fluidness it all really worked out.‏


Lore: There were things that were farfetched, but as you said the writer did a good job of bringing it all together and making it seem reasonable (at least for the most part). One thing that had me going “Aha!” near the end of the show (and an example of how fluid the story was once all of the pieces were in place) is that all of the patients that Hye Soo saw during the episodes had symptoms that Jae Yeol had once his illness was diagnosed. Hye Soo felt guilty she had never noticed her boyfriend was sick, but at the same time as a viewer it was kind of like “Ohhhhh…I see how that all fits together.” While they hinted at Jae Yeol being sick before, it wasn’t until he was in the hospital that I really pieced all of that together.


Ekun: I know right?! It hit me all of a sudden as well. I am glad we both were able to make that connection.

Lore: It kind of felt like the writer was able to convey how you can miss something right in front of you if you are too close to it (like Hye Soo and like someone watching the show to some extent). I hope that made sense…it does in my head, and it pretty much solidified how great the writing was in my opinion.‏

Ekun: I agree. I think it also brings to mind we see the things we want to see. I wasn’t mad at Hye Soo for not noticing, she has to deal with diagnosis and patients all day! The last thing you are going to do when you get home is try to examine more people. I really liked that aspect of Hye Soo, because for most psychologists, that is hard to do. Though I wanted to snatch her license for visiting him when she wasn’t suppose to—I think she did her job very well. There was no need for her to feel guilt‏.

Lore: When Hye Soo said to her Mom “Know that I treat my patients well” – yes, she showed that time and time again. She was compassionate, honest (kuddos that she would admit her own anxiety) and just a great doctor all around. But yeah, she shouldn’t have visited Jae Yeol. So, should we talk about how amazing the scenes were of Jae Yeol and Kwang Woo? Because (sorry to admit it) I laughed at some points thinking about it, him standing there with his hallucination having these big conversations. But even if I laughed at times these were very emotional scenes, very sad towards the end of the series.‏ I cried, a couple of times.‏ Especially when he said goodbye.‏


Ekun: Who didn’t shed a tear or 5? I mean, I really have to hand it to the EXO baby… Stop the EXO activities and just start acting (Don’t you dare shoot hate rays at me Lore!)! But Kang Woo/ Jae Yeol scenes were some of my favorite besides Jae Yeol and Hye Soo’. And we figure out that Kang Woo is a delusion, it really makes you think how close we all can be on the brink of something similar.‏

Lore: Ha—I won’t shoot you hate rays! Kyungsoo (AKA the Exo baby, hehe) did a tremendous job in his role. While I think he needs to grow a lot as an actor he is off to more than a promising start. And I agree, it does make you think about how close you can be to something similar. Okay, something else I need to talk about. Hye Soo’s Mom. Please let me know how you feel about her before I start ranting.‏


Ekun: Mom… I was ok with her in the beginning. Did she do a shady thing? Sure. But we are all human right? Mom is living her life for the first and only time just like I am (please don’t demean my statement to YOLO). But then to try and condemn Hye Soo for the choices she wants to make in her one change at life is out of pocket (for non CA speakers that means whack, stupid, outlandish). Just like you made choices for better or worse, Hye Soo has the right to make choices for better or for worse. And I was tired of her showing up at the job!! This is where I work and we ain’t doing this up in here today! Ugh!‏

Lore: Yes! I kept thinking that I had missed something, that I something had happened that made Hye Soo’s Mom’s actions reasonable. Then I went back, rewatched, read recaps and came to the conclusion that Hye Soo’s Mom was just…wrong. At least in my opinion. I get that she made mistakes, and in a drama full of flawed characters she was not exactly the worse one by far. I get that. But when she started slapping Hye Soo and telling her to leave Jang Yeol I just couldn’t. Same with Hye Soo’s Unnie. When Hye Soo (with Jang Yeol’s ultimatum) ended up going along with her Mom’s wishes I felt a little like she made the wrong choice. I mean in the end all was well, and if I try to think about it without wanting to punch Hye Soo’s Mom I guess her decision did lead to family harmony. Mom was happy, Hye Soo was happy at the end. But still, seriously lady?! Aish!‏ And when Hye Soo’s Dad was crying after hearing Mom say he couldn’t understand anything. It just broke my heart. I understand that everyone has their reasons, but her actions late in the show rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe they were supposed to. ‏


Ekun: I understood that she really was scared, because perhaps I would be too for my child (if I had one). But I think this is the difference between western/ eastern culture. (Please note that my comments are not to be offensive and in no way across the board for every family… just MY OPINION) We are raised to make our own choices and live our lives as we see fit—the consequences are for you to bear good or bad. But it does not really seem that way in kdramas… It is almost like your life has to be perfect without blemish no matter what it is. And that just seems hard and impractical‏. Basically, I think it didn’t have to go down that way. Trust that you raised your daughter right even if she does something you don’t agree with. She knows herself better than you think you know her….‏

Lore: Good point on cultural differences. I think that is something that can easily be overlooked (by me anyway). As much as I love to learn about Korean culture and do my best to try to understand it, there is always going to be a barrier for me, because I wasn’t raised in that environment. I am not saying one culture is right or one is wrong, but they are different.‏


Ekun: It is hard sometimes, but I think us being all different is what makes life interesting…

 Lore: So, other than the acting and writing I need to do a shout-out to the amazing soundtrack for this show! Seriously, loved it.‏ I found my new favorite song of the moment via this show- Hero by Family of the Year‏.

Ekun: Hellz yes! It is on my iPod and I was jamming to Love Fiction at work… My boss was like ummmm… and I was like *Love is Fiction!*‏


Lore: Ha! Yep! Seriously been looping Hero for a week now. ‏

Ekun: I really liked that song too! And Baby Exo’s Baby buddy Chen! He needs to sing that song to noona so she can sleep‏…An acoustic version of course.‏

Lore: That was a great song, Chen has an amazing voice! I tend to like D.O.’s voice a bit more (very R&B, noona likes it). ‏

Ekun: See, I have no idea how any of the others sound. Until they all are featured on an OST—or I happened to find a song that is featured on the Jukebox… that is the extent of my EXO world. Final thought?‏


Lore: Solid from start to finish. An amazing show. Acting, writing, directing – heck even the OST exceeded any expectations I had of this show. I was floored by this drama. It is going to be hard to knock this show from the top of my “of the year” list. I don’t say this often, but this goes on my list of favorite dramas of all time. ‏


Ekun: Agreed! Especially with the shows that are currently playing. They are either WTF or just ok. I think I will be in a bit of a slump now that this one has gone off the air. It is like the Princess’s Man 2014. *Sigh* Thanks writer-nim, actors, and producers!‏

Lore: Yes, thank you!‏



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