Coming Soon to Drama Land: August is for Musketeers and Murder

Look at me being all pro-active like and such. Yep, I am actually posting a handy dandy list of next month’s dramas before it is next month. Color me motivated. Cheers!

The Night Watchman

Triangle works out the family drama and gives us…The Night Watchman

MBC * Historical* Monday / Tuesday* Premiering: August 4th * Starring: Jung Il Woo, Go Sung Hee, Jung Yoon Ho, Seo Ye Ji

Plot: A special team of night watchman patrol the streets in Joseon times. Are they out to catch thieves, lowlifes, and murderers? No, this group of watchman patrol the mean streets looking for ghosts (word is out on if these are thieving, murdering ghosts or just regular ghosts). Jung Il Woo plays a ghost seeing bastard prince (can I get a collective yaaaassssss), while Yunho is a fellow night ghost catcher, Go Sung Hee can communicate with nature, and Yoon Tae Young is the head of the ghost catchers.

Thoughts: Yes, please. Jung Il Woo (who I am constantly forgetting is not in the army and in fact is in this drama – see E-Kun I remember) takes on his first drama role since last year’s Gold Rainbow. The writer previously worked on King’s Dream and Dae Mul, neither of which I am familiar with. Let’s be honest, I am going to watch this for Jung Il Woo. And ghosts. But mainly because of Jung Il Woo.

three musketeers

The Three Musketeers!

tvN* Historical, Action * Sunday* Premiering: August 17th * Starring: Lee Jin Wook, Jung Yong Hwa, Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Dong Geun, Jung Hae In

Plot: Crown Prince Sohyeon and his duo of warriors do hero stuff, while being cool.

Thoughts: This show is set for 12 episodes – the word on the street is that this will be a multi season drama. This is tvN’s first drama to air on Sunday, which means it is competing with the network’s variety Sundays. Time will tell if tvN has found a show to steal some of the variety mainstay’s ratings. The writer and director are something to look forward to, their last two dramas were Nine and Queen In Hyun’s Man. Yep, I be tuning in.

discovery of love

Trot Lovers sings off into the sunset and gives us …Discovery of Love

KBS* Romantic Comedy * Monday/Tuesday* Premiering: August 18th  * Starring: Jung Yoo Mi, Eric, Sung Joon

Plot: A furniture designer and the president of an interior design company reconnect after a past relationship- will love appear the second time around?

Thoughts: Jung Yoo Mi and Eric were co-stars in 2007’s Que Sera Sera (which was critically acclaimed), unfortunately I have never had a chance to check that drama out. For those who have, how is a reunion of these two in your books? The writer is from I Need Romance fame (I have heard that INR3 was less than amazing, but again I have never seen it so I cannot really judge).

My secret hotel

High School King of Savvy goes off to college and gives us …My Secret Hotel

tvN* Romantic Comedy, Mystery * Monday/Tuesday* Premiering: August 18th * Starring: Yoo In Na, Jin Yi Han, Nam Goong Min, Lee Young Eun, Choi Jung Won

Plot: A murder mystery sucks in a divorced couple- one working at a hotel’s wedding planning department and the other preparing to remarry. Will murder be the one thing that brings these two former lovebirds back together? How much can disaster repair a relationship?

Thoughts: One strange premise. So far I have heard the tagline “Killing romance” which…um…is interesting. I am intrigued to see how this plays out and I am an admitted sucker for anything Yoo In Na is in so it is a good bet that I will be tuning into this one (unless I am stuck in drama overload land).

Plus Nine

Marriage not dating presumably reconciles its relationship and gives us …Plus Nine Boys

tvN* Romance* Friday/ Saturday* Premiering: August 29th * Starring: Kim Young Kwang, Kyung Soo Jin, Oh Jung Se, Yoo Da In, Lee Chae Mi, Choi Ro Woon

Plot: As four guys (well, men and boys) face a new decade of life they stare down a common belief that the ninth year of any decade of age is fraught with disaster. Will they be able to break the curse or is the ninth year really twelve months of mayhem?

Thoughts: This show sounds really cute- we have four male characters, aged 9, 19, 29, and 39 battling a supposed age curse. I am interested to see how this story plays out and excited to see, with such diverse age ranges, how everything comes together.

As always- what will you be watching? I personally felt drama watching success in June because I actually picked some decent dramas to live watch (feels like the first time this year)- August don’t kill my sudden winning streak!



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