Why My Life Can’t Be a K-Drama: Trot Lovers

New feature! New feature! Ever watch a show that you love (or hate) and think to yourself, “Now see, this wouldn’t even be able to happen in real life.” and proceed to talk out how the real scenario would play out in your life? Well this is a feature for you!

In the last week’s of Trot Lovers (adored by me at the momo) Joon Hyun mentions how Choon Hee has bad taste because of a barrette (hair pin) she wanted to buy.


If this was real life, I would say, “Well you don’t have to wear it now do you?” *hands ahjumma cash*


And this is why my life can’t happen like a Romantic Comedy or K- Drama…


One thought on “Why My Life Can’t Be a K-Drama: Trot Lovers

  1. Yep, I could see that playing out that way. One of my favorite things to do is to say “Hubby, which one looks better (purse, shirt, necklace, whatever)?” and then I usually pick the opposite of what he says. Haha! I am so mean…

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