Super Fun Drama Chat Time: You’re All Surrounded 19 & 20 (Finale)

‘Ello Love! Lore and I have concluded yet another edition of Super Fun Drama Chat Time with You Are All Surrounded! So basically this show was about (once again) the almighty won, deception, and unnecessary deaths. Luckily, we were able to wrap this show up with a bow and an awkward kiss!


Ekun: So You Are All Surrounded is over!‏ *Happy dance when a drama is completed*

Lore: Yes, it is! And I can sum up my reaction to the last two episodes in five words- What the f**k was that?!‏

Ekun: LOL!!! This is why the drama should have only been 16 episodes. Everything in these last 2 episodes was like a circus and circle of the stuff we already knew! They just added more drama to it which was total boo boo‏.

Lore: I had a thought while I was face palming and wondering what the heck I was watching in episode 17 and 18- and that was the fact that if the writers had thrown these obstacles in the way of our detectives sooner, the show would have been more interesting. If instead of saving every dramatic plot twist for the end I think they could have moved them to earlier in the story and it would have worked in the drama’s favor. For example- If shady Suk had made her exit a few episodes back and the prosecutors had taken over the case for more than 20 minutes, her entire “We need investigative rights” would have made a lot more sense. At least it would in my opinion.‏

Ekun: You are right, you are right. I was just so frustrated and wtfing all over the place in these last episodes, it really is enough to make a person say this show sucked (It really didn’t suck. The ending was just so freaking upsetting)!‏

Lore: Yeah, that is the horrible thing with endings like this. It is the last thing you see so it has a tendency to color the perception of the entire series. The ending debacle takes me back to God’s Gift 14 Days- which was a pretty strong drama in retrospect but the ending blew. ‏


Ekun: I have yet to see that! But I heard similar thoughts on it. So, the final verdicts was Daddy Yoo swapped Dae Gu’s DNA test to prove positive to get Yoo Ae Yun to be upset, leave her husband, and give him her inheritance from her mother. But Yoo Ae Yun, being unstable, went to Dae Gu’s house to confront his mother and ended up attempting to kill her.‏ I would tear everything up too Dae Gu! *Censored*!‏

Lore: I couldn’t blame the kid for grabbing a baseball bat and going to town. I admire his reserve because I probably would not have stopped when he did. Yeah- so Dae Gu’s Mom was then killed by Choi (was that his name?) who was ordered to clean everything up by Daddy Yoo. What Daddy Yoo didn’t know is Choi had recorded all of the orders on his cell phone. So basically Mom died because Assemblyman Yoo is a greedy bastard that plays his own kid against her spouse in order to win the money his dead wife didn’t want him to have. I think this family may have needed family therapy, I don’t know……30 YEARS AGO!‏

Ekun: Oh, if I was Dae Gu, we would be singing, “I set fire to the police station! Watched it burn as it touched prosecutors face!” It is just ridiculous how selfish Daddy Yoo was. Just when you think you have seen the most low down rat bastard daddy in the world, Kdrama can multiply it by 10! Who constantly uses their child for status and power like that?! I was sick to my stomach.‏


Lore: Yeah, Yoo is not taking home a Father of the year award EVER. What surprised me (and knowing me I probably just missed this somewhere in the story) was that Yoo was relying on his daughter for money. I had assumed he was independently wealthy. It seems like the police should have figured out this angle sooner – if he was relying on his daughter for everything once she became a target of investigation it would seem logical they would use her financial position to get to her Dad. ‏

Ekun: They were throwing so much other stuff at us that I really didn’t think of it either. I do not think they were aware he was using his daughter’s money either. It was just a cluster *censored*, and I am glad it is over. Too many people died for nonsensical reasons.‏

Lore: That they did. But amidst all of the death and nonsense I did think the last ten minutes were pretty adorable. I found myself laughing at Papa Cop and his “Case of the missing chickens” moment (complete with Mama Cop joining in on the chase). It is moments like those that I really enjoyed about the show.‏


Ekun: ME TOO! I was still questioning why they did not have wedding rings on, but as long as they were together I should be satisfied, ne? Was it just me or was Seung Gi and Ara kiss pretty awkward at the end?‏

Lore: Yes! She looked so tense! These two did not have great chemistry, as much as I adore them as individuals (and was it super weird of me to think “I wonder if Go Ara is awkward kissing LSG because she is at the same company as Yoona?”). I mean, I know they are all professionals but you can’t tell that wouldn’t be a little weird. Like you drop by your company building, run into your labelmate and are like “Hey, I was kissing your boyfriend earlier today” Or maybe I just have way too much time on my hands to dissect the lack of chemistry between drama actors. Either one.‏


Ekun: No, I was thinking the same thing. They are friends and that has to be a mess to kiss your friend’s boyfriend… even on a professional level.‏

Lore: Good, then I was not alone! It was cute that Ji Gook found love as well and Tae Il found his passion in forensic science. ‏


Ekun: I was so excited for those two! More than anything else in the show, Ji Gookie’s girlfriend was cute giving him love notes at work. Tae Il was still single because he was waiting for me… that was a given. :P‏

Lore: Wait! What! I disagree! Tae Il was waiting for me! It was me!!!!!!!‏

Ekun: We don’t have to fight about this now, once we board the “I Love Master” jet, Pablo has all sorts of houses for us to visit. Tae Il will seem like a distant memory… Final thoughts?‏

Lore: Distant memory schmistant memory. I am not forgetting that adorable creature! Final Thoughts: I liked you show, I just didn’t love you. What started off cute turned into cute plus some poor pacing where the main conflict is concerned. I will add this to my list of 2014 dramas I liked, but weren’t amazing (which seems to be most dramas this year). Oh, and thanks for giving us Tae Il, I appreciate ‏it.

Ekun: Show, if only we had stuck it out with consistency until the end… It wasn’t me, it was definitely you! But thanks for Tae Il.‏ That’s a wrap! Thanks for sharing in all the fun. Peace!



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