Coming Soon to Drama Land: July is for one night stands and Gong Hyo Jin

Bust out the calendar, check your schedules, and hope time freezes (other than drama watching time that is) because there are some promising shows premiering next month. Time for a peek into what Drama Land in July looks like. Cheers!

Fated to Love You

A New Leaf wraps things up and gives us …Fated to Love You

MBC * Romantic Comedy * Wednesday/Thursday* Premiering: July 2nd  * Starring: Jang Hyuk, Jang Na Ra, Choi Jin Hyuk, Wang Ji Won

Plot: Kim Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) is a rather ordinary person. It takes one night for her world to go from ho-hum to chaos when she ends up having a one night stand with a wealthy heir (Jang Hyuk). When Mi Young discovers she is pregnant her life changes forever.

Thoughts: This sounds like a show that I would be sucked into easily. Not to mention Fated to Love You is a remake of a 2008 hit Taiwanese drama which I have been eying for a while now. Chances are pretty good I am going to watch this one eventually. Fun fact: this is a reunion for Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk (they costarred in the 2002 drama Successful Story of a Bright Girl).


Doctor Stranger finally stops that stupid surgery competition and gives us…Temptation

SBS * Melodrama * Monday/Tuesday* Premiering: July 14th * Starring: Kwon Sang Woo, Choi Ji Woo, Lee Jung Jin, Park Ha Sun

Plot: Seok Hoon (Kang Sang Woo) is in debt and in desperate need of funds. He finds a savior in Yoo Se Young (Choi Ji Woo) who pays his debt. Their relationship becomes complicated as Se Young uses his debt as a means to order his submission- a tangled situation that jeopardizes Seok Hoon’s marriage.

Thoughts: From the writer of Dr. Jin. But also the writer of Time Between Dog and Wolf (which I have always heard wonderful things about, sad to say I have never watched this one). Not sure how this drama is going to go; because with the writer’s past works it could be great or it could be the most unwatchable pile of crap to appear on television this year (though it will have to work REALLY hard to wrestle that title from Age of Feeling). I am interested in Choi Ji Woo, seeing as how I only watched her in a couple of episodes of the Suspicious Housekeeper. In other words, probably going to read the reviews and go from there.

It's Okay Thats Love

You’re All Surrounded sees the rookie cops become grown up big boy and girl cops giving us…It’s Okay, That’s Love

SBS* Romantic Comedy/ Medical * Wednesday/ Thursday* Premiering: July 23rd  * Starring: Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, Sung Dong Il, Yoon Jin Yi

Plot: Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin) is undergoing her first year fellowship in psychiatry. Jang Jae Yeol (Jo In Sung) is a writer of mysteries and a radio DJ who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. When Hae Soo meets Jae Yeol, they start a relationship based on healing each other’s deep seated wounds.

Thoughts: Folks, this is a That Winter the Wind Blows reunion. The writer, director, and lead actor are all from TWTWB, and I could not be more excited to see what they will do with this show. Gong Hyo Jin is a huge draw, this being her return to drama-land after 2013’s Hong Sisters hit Master’s Sun. The supporting actors are nothing to laugh at either- Sung Dong Il, Yoon Jin Yi, and Lee Kwang Soo (among others) round out this cast of psychological misfits and psychiatric professionals. I can’t freaking wait.

Night Watchman

Triangle works out the family drama and gives us…The Night Watchman

MBC * Historical* Monday / Tuesday* Premiering: July 28th * Starring: Jung Il Woo, Go Sung Hee, Jung Yoon Ho, Seo Ye Ji

Plot: A special team of night watchman patrol the streets in Joseon times. Are they out to catch thieves, lowlifes, and murderers? No, this group of watchman patrol the mean streets looking for ghosts (word is out on if these are thieving, murdering ghosts or just regular ghosts). Jung Il Woo plays a ghost seeing bastard prince (can I get a collective yaaaassssss), while Yunho is a fellow night ghost catcher, Go Sung Hee can communicate with nature, and Yoon Tae Young is the head of the ghost catchers.

Thoughts: Yes, please. Jung Il Woo (who I am constantly forgetting is not in the army and in fact is in this drama – see E-Kun I remember) takes on his first drama role since last year’s Gold Rainbow. The writer previously worked on King’s Dream and Dae Mul, neither of which I am familiar with. Let’s be honest, I am going to watch this for Jung Il Woo. And ghosts. But mainly because of Jung Il Woo.

What will you be watching? Are you as excited for It’s Okay, That’s Love as I am? Say yes, so we can fan-girl together!

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