The Distractor’s Cut: Heirs Episode 16

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Unnichan: I’m afraid of this “different from Europe and America.” That worries me. Is he taking her to his home? Hell?


Ekun: Daddy and his ultimatums… *Barf* Girl, probably to a 3rd world country or a place so close to Tan but far at the same time. He is that cruel.

Unnichan: True, that was what he intended in the beginning, getting her into school and all. But that backfired so we can only pray this will bounce back as well.

Ekun: Momma Tan please! We got more important things to worry about up in here today!


Unnichan: So that’s what’s up. Aigoo. WonTan is rotten but does what he must to close all opportunities for escape. He didn’t even let her choose. He took choice away from her. This is why people can’t be gods.

Ekun: Daddy. *Barf*

Unnichan: Every time I see it, this smile is too wide to be believed. Only Shin Hye smiles that big. That is NOT EUN SANG, Tan. Back away slowly. If this was a sci-fi or espionage drama we’d so need to be wary of body and face snatchers.


Ekun: You know I love me a good Sci-fi flix or show! Why is everything about money! Don’t people know the love of money is the root of all evil?

Unnichan: Girl you should say, “Me too.”

Ekun: Oh Tan ah…


Unnichan: I’m glad that in the end, this drama might be worth my time.

Ekun: Perhaps, it is not a complete waste like other dramas we have watched; I’m going to be kind enough not to name them. Daddy Yoon and Hyung! So that is what you were worried about Hyung? Yea again as the oldest, I felt you could have prevented this.

Unnichan: At least Yoon is honest. Of course, Hyung is incorrect. He should’ve shielded himself but taught Tan and guided him instead of being hostile.


Ekun: Daddy Yoon is only caring about little Yoon and Momma Rae.

Unnichan: OMG! Little Yoon?

Ekun:  Chan Youngie! His kid…

Unnichan: Oh, I was scared I’d missed something. Tehehe. I’m serious Myung Soo’s future is journalism. And this hair flip… OPPA?!


Ekun: Young Do and Myung Soo!!!! I love theses fools.

Unnichan: Yuck, you know I hate that word.


Ekun: What word? Do it Young Do! Why does he bring out the vengeful side of me? I would let him do it because those wenches deserve it.


Unnichan: The B-word. It’s so classless. You should never call someone that. Ever. Yea. Tha’t’s true Eun Sang, I hate waste too.

Ekun: Oh ok, I am not above using it but it has limited since my High School days. I do hate waste, but I would not be able to resist Young Do solicitation. Eun Sang you are giving too many clues… Aww! Little Chan Youngie!


Unnichan: Adorable. Min Hyukkie.

Ekun: He is. He is.

Unnichan: I need snacks Yoon. You can always bring me beef, Hot Tamales and Cheetos. Oh and gingerale.


Ekun: How is beef a snack? That is a meal, ne? I need a sip of Gingerale.

Unnichan: It’s whatever I make it. If it’s bite size, it’s a snack. This is the real mind of a fat kid.

Ekun: Girl, you know I am a fat kid club member too.

Unnichan: Min Ho, that’s friendly?

Ekun: Uh oh… He decided to do what he wants against daddy?


Unnichan: What is going on up in here TAN!  UGH.

Ekun: Obsolete! You all are too much like Crown J and In Young!


Unnichan: This is why I said to tell him Eun Sang. To at least say something.

Ekun: She is not going to tell him because she thinks it will hurt him more than he is already hurting. And this is where she and I might part ways. That kind of thinking, but she is 18 and I am 2* so…


Unnichan: Daddy, is this the only way you can get your kids together? You’re pathetic.


Ekun: We already established that daddy is lower than scum. His tactics in this is not surprising but none the less upsetting as usual.

Unnichan: Hyung I wish I could feel bad for you. You deserve this. It’s sad that Daddy had to do this, that no one speaks in this drama and this is what happens as the result.

Ekun: Yea, it is a mess but this is why I said Hyung should have done different and better.


Unnichan: Yoon is that sticky stuff that all dreams in candyland are made of. He’s a great man. Momma Rae missed it all.

Ekun: She knows that, that is why she continues to have those dreams *Eyes shut in memory as if I was her*

Unnichan: Aw, Young Do is always giving great advice. I love this kid.


Ekun:♫ If this world were mine… I would give you the… how does that line end?

Unnichan: Depends on the verse but the first one is ♫ I’d give you the flowers, the birds and the bees… If this were mine, I’d give you anything♫

Ekun: Thanks! That is my song for Young Do. *Wink Wink Blows Kiss*


Unnichan:Young Do alone makes me sad. His uncomfortable grimace at Tan’s thankfulness is priceless. Their love story is a wonderful one.

Ekun: You know a bromance makes a show worth watching. I need more shows where the romance takes a back seat to the bromance.

Unnichan: That would be nice. This is all I ever dream about. A drama that puts friendship above romance.


Ekun: I love Tan and Young Do being together. Momma Tan, this is unacceptable. Daddy is a total and utter mess! Why is your second child having to scold you about how to live like a human being.

Unnichan: She is though. But Tan good taking up for your mother. She’s not some piece of property or a doll. I’m tired. She’s not anyone’s woman.


Ekun: Hyung, I am not in the mood for this. You need to explain and not make demands.

Unnichan: See I can’t. Hyung you don’t get to throw your weight around here. I ain’t going anywhere. Not to just be with you. So you can get married on her?  No! Hyun Joo!


Ekun: This kind of thing… isn’t this why you are in this current predicament, ne?

Unnichan: You confiscating IDs! These Kim boys are not doing the things I need from them today…

Ekun: Why is he talking her passport! You think that will stop Daddy Tan ah? Auniya.


Unnichan: Oh wait…Now THIS might work.


Ekun: Girl! This is why I am always scared.

Unnichan: It’s a good kind of scared though. Ugh! *throws up arms* Shin Hye is just going to look scared. There’s nothing we can do.

Ekun: *GASP* Shin Hye… Girl you look like he hurting you or raping you! Min Ho is giving all he got and you looking violated. Just melt into the momo.


Unnichan: No, no, NOOOOO! What is with Gatsby this year?! They are truly trying to ruin that book with these shoddy misinterpretations!

Ekun: You know I almost turned this off because of that damn mention of GATSBY!!!!!

Unnichan: HAHAHAHA! My lord. Tan is not Gatsby. Rachel is so stupid. She doesn’t know what or who she really wants. Look at her.


Ekun: She doesn’t want to lose to the likes of Eun Sang, but she would have lost anyway. Oh, what is this Hyo Shin ah? Are you feeling for the wicked witch Rachel?


Unnichan: Look, they were always friends, now they’ve shared their first kiss. It’s kind of inevitable. And I promise I wouldn’t care if she weren’t Satan’s biological sister. Ooooh, I lurve this orange Momma Rae. Will she dump Dukes if Yoon becomes Prez? Can’t that happen for a day or two? Like a fake out?

Ekun: I hope mom dumps him even if Daddy Yoon doesn’t become Prez. But Momma Rae will always do what is in her best interest.

Unnichan: Hyung. HYUNG. Hyung. He just exhausts me. When was the last time I was this exhausted over a dude?


Ekun: Ano… I don’t think you have had any this year but that Little brother over in When a Man Loves got to me… really he did.

Unnichan: Myung Soo is precious beyond words. He’s such a good friend. But Young Do and this bandaid!

Ekun: It is his keepsake because he will never get the girl and he knows that. Perhaps all my boo needed was a friend. He seems content with just shooting the breeze with Eun Sang, ne?


Unnichan: I think so. She definitely his first crush but he had a Tan shaped hole and what not. Aw, see this is your spot, Young Do. The Kismet Connection.

Ekun: Ha! If I go to that spot can I find him there? Can we make a connection?


Unnichan: Not in the same spot Dongkun. That seems kinda icky. Aw, it’s never too late. Young Do is so quick, this why I have to love him.

Ekun: Yea, he is kind of awesome. I love it about him *wink wink kiss*


Unnichan: NOOOO TAN! Don’t put your eggs in anyone’s basket but your own boo. Ugh. Hyung looks hurt but it’s good enough.


Ekun: Hyung! Shut up! Ugh! Tan? The love is over? Why does Won look so sad and pathetic in this moment?  How is this her fault daddy! Kiss my A**! Why you following them Young Do? Stalker much?

Unnichan: Couple kicks? So Kim Tan.

Ekun: I don’t like these shoes. We need to stick with non-pink shoes please, and not because men don’t wear pink, but because pink sucks!


Unnichan: I’m pissed cause I know Eun Sang is still going to bounce, or at least try to. I think she understands but thinks he’ll be ok. But she’s wrong. Tan won’t be okay. See when she smiles too big, I get scared.


Ekun: Eun Sang, this is where you and I part ways my dear. Doesn’t this remind you of BOF!? They had a date and then Jan Di rolled on Jun Pyo!? The best cry in the street I have seen. I cried a lot over that!

Unnichan: That’s the way it always happens.

Ekun: Don’t let her out your sight Tan ah… Take her tail to the meeting!


Unnichan: Oops. Asaddy is the bane.

Ekun: I am not in the mood! But I love the new word Asaddy!!  I knew he would do this! 95%? Daddy is a cruel bastard!


Unnichan: Eun Sang *sigh* I still want to believe in her though. That somehow she gets it. That she won’t contribute to Tan becoming a monster.

Ekun: I am hoping for the same thing Nee-chan but I don’t know. I am just at a loss of words and emotions right now.

Unnichan: No Tan! I can’t. This scene girl. My heart…Min Ho got me in here believing!


Ekun: Always, always. It is why I continue to have hope in his acting career.

Unnichan: So we sang a little bit, we were pissed a little more and Min Ho made my heart log in my throat. I truly hate that Eun Sang has done this. I think dramas always make me question my priorities and beliefs and this is why I continue to watch. In this instance, I don’t agree with Eun Sang’s decision, because mainly I don’t see it helping anyone. I know her loyalties can’t be toward Tan exclusively and if they were, I probably wouldn’t like her. But even with that said, I wish I’d felt that she understood the magnitude leaving may take on him. Isn’t it about time that she reflects the changes the dreamcatcher has made and be his strength? I’m not saying to believe wholeheartedly in him, he’s a kid but I don’t think disappearing is ever the answer. Especially since in K-drama fashion noble idiots always appear again in 5 years and cry and say “I love you. I never wanted to leave. Let’s pick up where we left off.”


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