Running Man Headlines: Guests Galore and Gil Kidnaps Gary

Gil kidnaps Gary. Yes, I have circled Sunday with a big freaking red marker – because I am that excited. Oh, and there are other headlines. But Gil kidnaps Gary! Did I mention that?!

ep 176

Ratings Episode 176

1. MBC Real Man 16.1

2. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 13.9

3. SBS Running Man 13.3

Shiznaut, variety ratings on Sunday’s have entered volatile territory. 1N2D has seen a major comeback with the new cast, while DWAWG dropped and Real Men could go either way. Come on Running Man, I believe in you!

Next Week on Running Man….

One of the greatest things to ever happen in the annals of Running Man- Gil (Gary’s partner in crime in LeeSsang) up and kidnaps Gary. I can’t capture in words how excited I am for this episode. The cast are given a mad dash challenge to find Gary before time runs out; helping or hindering them along the way are Dynamic Duo, A Pink, and Jung In. Check out the preview below:

Upcoming Guests

Get excited, there are some awesome guests that are set to appear on Running Man in the coming weeks. First up, guesting in Episode 179, are Sunggyu (Infinite) and Lee Dong Wook (Mandate of Heaven) among others. Check out the BTS pics:


Appearing in episode 180 are the trio of Park Bo Young, Le Se Young, and Lee Jong Suk (soon to be appearing in the film Hot Blooded Youth). Park Bo Young is one of my favorite Running Man guests going way waaaayyy back to episode 25. Lee Jong Suk is just awesome in general so I am pretty excited for this episode. Queue the BTS pics:

Lee Jong Suk

Ji Hyo at Coach Hong Kong plus Drama Teaser BTS Pics

On December 12th Miss Mong, looking fabulous as always, made an appearance in Hong Kong at a Coach Store opening. Ji Hyo is a fan of the higher end brand and has worn Coach Items many times in the past. And yes, her suede trench in the pic is from Coach. I have spent far too much time on Coach’s website fawning over things I want, but can’t justify buying. Ji Hyo Unnie, you are my hero once again.

Ji Hyo Coach

In other Ji Hyo news, the teaser for her new tvN drama has revealed BTS pics. The new show, titled Emergency Couple stars Choi Jin Hyuk and Ji Hyo as a divorced couple who reconnect as they work in the same operating room. Ooookay….if this show starred anyone other than Ji Hyo and Jin Hyuk I would likely have to pass. The two look adorable in the pics, here is hoping my apprehension regarding the plot of this drama is misplaced.


Lee Kwang Soo at Dinosaur Adventure 3D Fan Event

On December 18th Running Man’s maknae made an appearance at a VIP fan event for his latest voice dubbing project, Dinosaur Adventure 3D. Judging by the pics there were plenty of fans that have imagined Lee Kwang Soo walking amidst falling flower petals. Or something like that. I just think he looks hilarious, no matter what he does. Oh, and I love his pics with the T-Rex.

Dino 3d

Gallup Poll results are in: Yoo Jae Suk is the funniest comedian of 2013

A recent gallup poll asked the question “Which comedian had the brightest year in 2013”? 1,704 poll takers voted Yoo Jae Suk as the brightest shining comedian of 2013 with a whopping 34.6% of the votes. This is nothing new for the nation’s MC as he has topped the poll from 2005 to 2009, finished second in 2010 and 2011, and regained the top spot in 2012 and again this year.

Yoo Jae Suk

Coming in second in the poll is Shin Bora (Gag Concert), third went to Kim Joon Hyun (Gag Concert), fourth to Kim Ho Dong (Star King, Our Neighborhood Sports), and rounding out the fifth spot Kim Jun Ho (1N2D). Congrats Yoo Jae Suk!!!!!

Parting Thoughts- Because Gary is easy to kidnap

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