The Distractor’s Cut: Heirs Episode 15

We’re baaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure you catch episodes 13 & 14 on Unnichan’s website. Lord knows we are excited to be almost done with Heirs… Love the eye candy- tired of the drama.


Unnichan: This reminds me of my middle school dances.

Ekun: The panty dropping forehead kiss!


Unnichan: Yuck! You know I hate forehead kisses. They make my stomach turn.

Ekun: Ara, but I couldn’t resist saying it. Young Do’s mad! He giving you one more warning Rachel.

Unnichan: I love that he’s a total mess.


Ekun: These little wenches from school talking trash! I don’t have time for this. Hyo Shin! He didn’t take the exam? Good job Hyo Shin *Pats– no noona can’t with you…*


Unnichan: Myung Soo ah! Him faking an upset stomach is the BEST.

Ekun: He is too funny!

Unnichan: I hate Rachel. I don’t like the way she was talking to Hyo Shin.


Ekun: Why is Momma Tan in daddy’s study?! Ugh! Mom is MacGyver! LOL!

Unnichan: I know right?! What on earth is this woman up to? I feel like we’re supposed to be glad she’s finally growing some cajones but I don’t care.


Ekun: Girl you know I don’t care what she is up to. Too little too late. It has been 18 years…

Unnichan: Mom’s been watching Ocean’s Eleven! Yuck Momma Tan, you know that man loved that woman! Get it together.

Ekun: Oh my song! ♫Bulletproof nothing to lose! Fire away fire away!♫

Unnichan: What on earth did she see? Shoot I’m pissed I wanna know.


Ekun: Prob Tan and Eun Sang? Won and Hee Joo…. Daddy Yoon and Momma Rae??

Unnichan: There’s no telling giving the spying WonTan’s been doing. Bo Na. OMG. Ooh this is my song Myung Soo!

Ekun: Rachel the FFFFFF!!!!!!!!! *GASP*

Unnichan: I KNEW IT! *CENSORRED!!!* I told you I hate this girl!


Ekun: Hyo Shin!!!!!!!!!!! Are they going to end up together Unnichan? No!


Unnichan: Aigoo, kids using each other…. some reason I love it! Bo Na cracks me up. And yea, I think they may. Don’t love it but it works.

Ekun: Be mad Bo Na, I am!


Unnichan: That juice was spiked dude.

Ekun: Myung Soo did it! She is seducing you Tan ah! She drunk and hot… nothing more– never mind. She is saying too much now…

Unnichan: HA! Drunk Eun Sang is kinda the best Eun Sang. That’s a bad thing, you know for Tan.


Ekun: Perhaps, but why was I scared in that momo? Like a Young Do “scared”. I think Tan ah would– I can’t say it Nee-chan!

Unnichan: Don’t say it. Girls forget that all boys are undercover werewolf boys. Uh… Momma Tan you can’t come up with plans. At least not fool proof plans. Your brain can’t hold that much.


Ekun: See Momma Tan, we been saying this all along.

Unnichan: These are questions you ask Tan. Though I’m sure you don’t wanna know the answers. Uh Oh… I hear my song…


Ekun: Hyo Shin! I am really scared Unni… What if he really kills himself?


Unnichan: *censored* Hyo Shin, mian. I don’t want him to and hopefully that isn’t this drama but I am tired just watching. Imagine living.

Ekun: Tan, why are you talking to Sunbae any kind of way? Hyo Shin who were you showing your kiss to? Hyun Joo? She not thinking about you like that boo.

Unnichan: These boys being in love with each other is just a running gag, ne? First Myung Soo saying Tan was Young Do’s first love, now Tan and Hyo Shin.


Ekun: These harpies at the school! Young Do!!! YAY!!!


Unnichan: I don’t see why people have to go around tormenting people and crap. Just ignore her and live your life.

Ekun: Wenches can’t talk to you Young Do? I love you even more! I need help.

Unnichan: Kekekeke. What are they going to say? They aren’t as quick as he.

Ekun: Eun Sang, you cannot be ‘cool’ with Young Do!

Unnichan: She can but it’s dangerous girl. Tres dangereaux.

Ekun: Hyung and Daddy??! I am scared! Too many scary things *Eyes Shut Tight*


Unnichan: It’s the look they gave these two.

Ekun: Daddy Dukes I hate agreeing with you… I just want you to know how much it turns my stomach when I do.

Unnichan: NOOOOOO! Obsolete throwing them under the bus!

Ekun: Hyung is hilarious! 100th?

Unnichan: Hyung is beyond indignant. Tan talking about he doesn’t do things halfway… I just can’t.


Ekun: Girl, he did what he can do Hyun Joo, I don’t think it is enough but he is working it out.

Unnichan: Every little thing Hyung does is like the sun, girl. I just can’t with Tan.


Ekun: The meeting of the Momma’s…


Unnichan: Hyung is breaking my heart. I hate all these men playing with my emotions. No, I hate I’m letting them affect me. Bastards!

Ekun: Momma Tan, too little too late….

Unnichan: Jojo! So that’s what she saw. Mmmmhmmm. That’s why she’s meeting her. Lol.



Unnichan: Girl he told Yoon, so we knew they existed.

Ekun: The engagement is OVA! Woot Woot! *POP* popping bottles!

Unnichan: Don’t pop anything. I don’t trust Momma Tan’s brain.

Ekun: Young Do! Suzy and HyunA?! This is why Tan wins…

Unnichan: OMG! What kinda study group is this?


Ekun: I feel the cusp of a bromance being restored…

Unnichan: Aw, they’re on a date. Where they don’t watch the movie. This is insane. These two.

Ekun: BOYS! This ho is at the job, be cool!

Unnichan: They doing too much. Do your work! She not gonna love either one of you for helping her fail classes.

Ekun: Daddy sent guards?! He is a mess!


Unnichan: I’m mad manager is so nosy. Young Do is such a pushover. He’s the perfect high school boyfriend— besides the bullying thing.

Ekun: Girl, I just noticed that this is Young Do’s new hairstyle… Does this mean a character shift? No more slick up doo?


Unnichan: I think so. I think it’s drama’s way of reflecting his transition visually. We even saw it from last episode, his attitude shift.

Ekun: Daddy!!! *Censored* *Censored* *CENSORED* *CENSORED*!!!!!!!!!!

Unnichan: WonTan raised this cane girl. How is he in here threatening Eun Sang like he rules the world?


Ekun: Tan in here preaching from the gospel of reality that daddy don’t want to hear… Why is he putting him on lockdown? This man is wretched.

Unnichan: That’s because his gospel only exists in his bank account. Ridiculous.

Ekun: Show is really trying to soften Momma Tan’s image and I ain’t hearing it. Despite how many good things you do it is too little too late.


Unnichan: You gonna make me sing. Rachel please. These tears mean nothing to me.

Ekun: Rachel crying?! Girl, people in hell just got ice water?


Unnichan: Yep her brother is chilling the champagne for her return. Momma Rae does what she has to. I like that.

Ekun: Momma Rae is really trying to help you Rachel… In this momo I really believe she was even if she was blackmailed into doing it.

Unnichan: Rachel, I’m sure you have problems with your mother and I honestly get that but —- Boo.


Ekun: Oh, I will put my hands in your pocket Young Do…. It’s cold out here.

Unnichan: It’s snowing. Young Do has new hair… He’s griping about girls not fondling him. It’s a beautiful day.


Ekun: LOL! Young Do is really something. *Wink Wink Kiss*

Unnichan: I think I’m in love with him. There’s just something about that kid.


Ekun: No! Girl! Don’t text! AHH!

Unnichan: Oh no… She’s texting! Ahjussi is going to see and intercept.


Ekun: Daddy! You are ruining lives! Is this what you do for a living?

Unnichan: He volunteers his services to the gatekeepers of Hell. Ugh. Now you trying to manage another marriage? Why does this man spend me everytime? Leave the house Momma Tan. I would.


Ekun: You trying to fire Daddy Yoon?! *CENSORED*

Unnichan: Aigoo. I knew it was coming. WonTan didn’t get where he is for nothing girl. Ugly.

Ekun: Calm down Chan Youngie. Daddy will be fine. Daddy should marry Momma Rae! Problems solved!


Unnichan: I’m glad Yoon knows what he did and doesn’t feel bad about doing what he felt was right. But he and Momma Rae are a no-go. She’s too practical to blow her life for love. Though she is strung out on him. BIG TIME.

Ekun: Aww, Tan in thought is an attractive Tan. It is what made me like him.

Unnichan: I think Tan’s stylist heard our cries! He matches the dreamcatcher though. I guess they wanted to make it clear what he is. Momma, skipping one meal won’t kill him.


Ekun: My Boo! Young Do!!!! That’s right, you ain’t friends with her Young Do. *Kiss*

Unnichan: Young Do making these kind of threats, I love. Wait or are they promises?


Ekun: My hope is it is as serious as a heart attack! Daddy is the worst thing I have laid my eyes on this morning! You kick him out then you bring him back and put him on lock down and tell the guards they can inflict harm as long as he is not dead? What. The. HELL!

Unnichan: Because he loves to wield his power and unfortunately he has it. It’s despicable. It’s like Tan is his property. You’d think it was a hundred years ago, Tan was adopted and WonTan is Japanese.


Ekun: Tan and Yoon fun hours!!!


Unnichan: YAY! I wanna play with Yoon too! And I mean that innocently, of course.

Ekun: Nee- chan we can’t. Women are not safe from the Yoon gene whip appeal…

Unnichan: CRAP! I meant it as Oppa-Dongsaeng! But you’re right. Yoon has that whip…


Ekun: So this is why Hyung was is in the street over you? It’s a mess but makes sense. He thought you meant something else.

Unnichan: It is what it is. I get it and it snapped Hyung into reality. At least Tan knows where the rift began.

Ekun: Oh no! Word is out about Tan at school. Is Young Do going to see him *Eyes glazed with excitement*

Unnichan: He’s going to break him out.


Ekun: Daddy! The F!! I love a good business maneuver but this is bonkers and relentless!

Unnichan: Look you know I hate this business foolishness because people always compromise their morals and toy with peoples’ lives. It sickens me. This is a prime example.


Ekun: Young Do! I love it!

Unnichan: I love the YAKUZA~

Ekun: It’s beautiful girl.


Unnichan: This is true. Boys have to fight their Daddies and win. Especially if he’s against you.

Ekun: ♫Reunited and it feels so good! Reunited cuz we understood… We both are so excited cuz we’re reunited hey, hey!♫


Unnichan: Oldest trick in the book. LOVE IT!

Ekun: I know right! Guards should be smarter than to fall for foolishness like that.


Unnichan: Girl I saw this pic where Woo Bin had his fanmeeting and he was squeezing the girls’ hands and looking into their eyes as he spoke to them… It warmed my cold brittle heart. I love seeing crap like that.

Ekun: That is great… But I don’t want to hear that right now! Tell me after I finished the show and Young Do is a memory to me…

Unnichan: This is true Hyung. This is what needs to happen. Listen. Talk. Agree. Disagree. Fight. Cry.


Ekun: Hyung? Why are you trying to exile him again?! Don’t you understand at this point it is daddy’s knife at your throat not Tan’s?

Unnichan: Hyung, why did you just squander this prime opportunity. Why does it feel their relationship is permanently broken?


Ekun: Now you got Tan in here talking foolishness, my heart really breaks for Tan ah.

Unnichan:  *sigh* I need a minute. I might breakdown in here. I knew it was coming. It had to. But hyung are why you always pushing… ?!


Ekun: Eun Sang? Girl I would be scared in there too. The extent of how low this man is has no limits.


Unnichan: Look at Tan, now Eun Sang. It’s becoming a big bad ball of destructive sadness again Dongkun.


Ekun: Daddy in here talking S***!

Unnichan: LENA! Min Ho is selling this scene for me. It’s official: WonTan and I are done.

Ekun: Girl the tears! Do people really live their lives this way? With no peace? Always gunning at each others’ throat?


Unnichan: Peace? There is no peace with the foolishness you are up to! How can he say this Dongkun?

Ekun: Daddy is a heartless *Censored*! I cannot do this! I hate him so much!

Unnichan: Ugh. Weren’t we just talking about what’s the most important thing in life— the things you want for yourself or what you believe? This is where the rubber meets. Family(the people you love/love you), is more important than a company. More important than your reputation and at times more important than yourself. I’m sick, that some invisible crown is supposed to matter more than anything else. I get we all have our crosses but naw, I’m not down for this at all.

Ekun: Now he’s giving this ultimatum to this child!? He is the ultimate abuser! I need a moment. I am sick to my stomach thinking about him.


Unnichan: WonTan is the bane of all life forms everywhere. I think I could write a dissertation on the abusive nature of these parents in this drama. Their twisted idea of love. This is my SONG!!! Tan you know there’s something wrong, she’s smiling too much.

Ekun: I am so tired I don’t even care about this ending. How can one man exasperate me into becoming physically sick. Daddy WonTan is just a power hungry *Censored* and doesn’t care how many lives he ruins in the process. He is like the poisoned Midas– every life he touches he ruins. Hyung has disappointed me even further (even though I knew he would act out) because when you found out daddy was giving Tan shares, you should have been making a plan. Not one to inflict harm or wield power, but a plan to protect what is important to you. You know just as the sky is blue, you cannot trust your father. How awful is that to say or think? Not being able to trust your daddy?! Girl, I am so worked up I cannot even get to the things I actually liked about the episode (Young Do, bromance, Chan Young, etc).

Unnichan: I wasn’t surprised by Hyung because though I always have a smidgen of hope he’ll say what Tan and I long to hear, I knew we had to get that “Forget you” point for Tan. He gives and gives and waits and smiles but all the while his heart breaks and his pieces come together harder and harder each time. How many times was he going to pick his heart out of the gutter? And when he told Hyung how he really felt?! I admit I feel and have always felt that both of them needed to look at things from a different angle but more so I’ve felt that Hyung needed to be straight up and talk. Show a little vulnerability but he can’t cause he’s too scared, a coward. A proud, frightened man, who is now too old to even think about changing. The words won’t even form. He’d rather push everyone out, than crack the door for someone to peek in. And though I get it, I can’t accept it. He’s determined to be like WonTan and that pains me. I was actually just thinking that most people start out like Tan and end up like WonTan. I suppose Hyung is that middle ground. I was trying to get into WonTan’s head this episode because I just couldn’t reconcile why or how he could do this to his children but I realized that this is all he is, this is all he has; his boys and his business. To him he’s doing what he thinks is best for both of them but in the end, it benefits neither. Ahjussi really has come to the point where he believes nothing else matters and it’s disheartening to watch.

Ekun: I just think that it is a scary world where you believe that this kind of behavior is going to make your children better people or even that you think this is your way of loving them. I agree that most start like Tan and end like WonTan, but Hyung? This is an opportunity to break a vicious cycle that can ruin the things you want in life! Why is it that no one is ever willing to break the cycle? I understand that conformity is the norm, easy, and comfortable. But why is no one thinking about the long run?

Unnichan: Because everyone thinks “I’ll be different.” It’s the audacity of humanity. The pompous reality of who we are.


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