200+ Hours of Fake Marriages: Happy Anniversary We Got Married!

Holy fake marriages Batman! I completely missed the fact that the December 14th episode of We Got Married marked the 200th entry in this arranged marriage bonanza. Once Park Mi Sun announced the milestone I was kind of amazed- 200 episodes already!

the originals

As I thought back to the last 200 episodes I started to reminisce – yunno, staring off into space as “Almost Paradise” played in the background. Unfortunately Lee Min Ho did not suddenly appear, fortunately I dredged up some of the best moments of We Got Married (in my humble opinion) thus far. What else would I do but post a list of my memories?! Besides indulging in some more Exo Variety show stalking? Nothing, nothing at all. Cheers!

Note: This list, by far, is not a complete collection of the best moments of WGM. There is a whole lot I have not included (trying to narrow down my all time favs was hard)!

Season 1

Like a brand new shiny contract marriage – all nice and flowery and confusing and forced and new, We Got Married started its first season on March 16th 2008. The couples had no precedence and neither did the PDs and writers, so everything was game. Welcome to a new world.

Wash the feet up, yeah wash the feet up

Shin Ae (Actress) and Alex (Clazziquai) were dubbed the romantic couple for a reason. These two were cute, and adorable, and for lack of a better term romantic. Which explains why, when Alex washed Shin Ae’s feet in season 1, he earned the ire of all WGM husbands to follow. How can you live up to that?!

ShinAe Alex1ShinAe Alex2

In the 1st season you could get married a couple times

Just ask Jung Hyung Don – he had a two wives on the program (not at the same time) and a stint as a roommate in between marriages. I am a huge fan of Jung Hyung Don, but as a potential romantic partner- not so much. However he is freaking hilarious being the lazy funny guy that he is, generally annoying his spouse (Saori and then Taeyeon). I can’t pick just one moment of this guy’s appearances, so I pick them all as favorite moments. Too bad G-Dragon couldn’t have made the third wife…..

Jung Hyung Don 2Jung Hyung Don 1

Sassy and Cute

Ant couple (Crown J and In Young) are a particular favorite of mine. While I have not seen every one of their episodes, the ones I have seen have made me a fan. These two bicker and then get all freaking cute and sassy. If I had to pick a favorite moment I have seen, the following video gets my vote.

Season 2

We gotz some experience now! I imagine that was what the writers and PDs drunkenly shouted at the season 2 kickoff party. The power couples of WGM lore (Khuntoria, Adam couple, Sweet Potato couple) call this season home, making this a bit of a legendary season in WGM history.

I have never seen someone so happy over a sweet potato field

Confession: the reason I started watching We Got Married was this couple. CNBlue’s Jong Yong hwa and SNSD’s maknae Seohyun made for a beyond adorable couple with the youth, and the power careers, and the music, and the sweet potatoes. Yep, I said it- sweet potatoes. Seohyun has a thing for them and used this code word to indicate to her Unnie’s whether she was pleased with her husband in episode 1. Yong Hwa got the sweet potato vote and later on gave his wife a present that only a sweet potato fanatic would appreciate – her very own sweet potato field (well, a portion of a field). Love it.

Sweet Potato Field

The moment the MCs and I became 1

The Adam couple, Jo Kwon (2AM) and Gain (BEG), still have a huge fan base even though it has been a few years since they played house. This couple had a really odd dynamic in the beginning that blossomed into a fake relationship that could make the fakest fake marriages jealous. My favorite moment of this couple – the moment the MCs and I had the same reaction at the same time. The force is strong with Lore and WGM’s MCs, it is.

General confusion

The third couple to round out the trio of powerful shipping delulu fan inducing hysteria mongers, Khuntoria (Nichkhun from 2PM and Victoria from fX) had a lot of good moments during their WGM run. But for some odd reason, my favorite moment involves only the hubby in this relationship. A large part of that is because of his general confusion and forced politeness during a certain occurrence.

In the first episode this couple appeared in Nichkhun took a bus to find his wife. WGM trolled him by making him think his wifey was none other than actress Kim Nayoung. The forced nicety on Nichkhun’s part (I mean, he can’t really say “Oh, f**k”) made it that much sweeter when he met his actual wife Victoria. Still laughing.

Season 3

Khuntoria continued in this season and was joined by Mr. Camping superstar Jang Woo and his pre-everyone-hates-T-ara wife Eunjung (some of my personal favorites in all of WGM). Kim Won Joon and Park So Hyun joined forces, and SuJu’s leader and Kang Sora romanced it up.

The goodbye to top all goodbyes

With army duty days away, Leeteuk’s fake married life had to come to an end. And what an ending it was. They kissed. Yep. Actress Kang Sora and SuJu’s leader Leeteuk had a lot of cute moments, but this one still resonates with me. Maybe it was Kang Sora’s sobbing, maybe it was the kiss. Heck, I don’t know, but I will remember this scene for many moons.

Live in a RV down by the river

Actor Jang Woo and T-ara’s Eunjung made for one affectionate couple. My favorite moment starring these two does not include skinship however, it involves the reveal of their first home. MBC, you trolls! Yep, these two were given a camper. But hey, Jang Woo is a camping guy anyway so it kind of fits. But that look on Eunjung’s face…

down by the river

The event to top all events

Leeteuk gave Kang Sora a huge surprise at Super Show 4 but singling her out during a performance of She. He pulled his imaginary lady love from the audience, gave her a rose, and then a ring. Um, yep, good job there leader.

Season 4

Currently airing (kind of at a loss why we are not in season 5 yet) this season has seen the likes of Julien Kang and Cherry, the oddly endearing pairing of Sunhwa and Kwang Hee, the scandalous pairing of Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo, a smattering of Noona romances and a real life couple. I am out of breath just imagining saying all of that.

Cherry meet Shoulders, world swoon

I am a huge fan of the introduction of this couple, because it hit all of the WGM sweet spots. A beautiful actress (Yoon Se Ah) and a handsome, capable and strong man (Julien Kang). Thanks WGM casting directors – you know what 20 something women obsessed with romance want.

cherry and shoulders ep 1

Wedding Photo Shoot for people like them

This couple were made to have pictures taken of them. Jinwoon (2PM) and Go Jun Hee (actress) are the couple average peeps dislike, because they look great doing pretty much anything. So when it came time for these two to have a wedding photo shoot they did not disappoint. I have a soft spot for this Noona younger man couple, I found them entertaining and endearing. And I loved their wedding pics.

-Jung-Jinwoon-Go-Jun-Hee-2am-35096213-500-229 jinwoon and go jun hee 2 go jun hee jinwoon

The bride is glowing…like a man?!

And is a man. Color this confusing at first glance, but if you watched Jung In (Singer) and Jo Jung Chi (musician) interact this totally makes sense. The duo is an actual couple, just recently married. Their time on WGM was candid, no more so than when they gender swapped for a wedding photo shoot. And that is why I love these two.

Jung Chi wedding dressJungchi the way it is

So what are your most memorable couples and occurrences from the last 200 episodes? Let me know, cause I love to chat about this show.

2 thoughts on “200+ Hours of Fake Marriages: Happy Anniversary We Got Married!

  1. This is a series that has been on my radar for some time now, but I haven’t actually taken the plunge. I’ve been on the fence about it, not really sure that it was for me. However, now I think I might just have to dig around and find a place to watch this. Thanks for tipping the scales in favor of such a cute show!

  2. I stopped watching wgm after the shoulder/cherry couple left but my most favorite couple of all time would have to be the lettuce couple. They were just so adorable with each other and I’ve watched their part in the show like 10 times,lol He who told hwang bo that he didn’t like saying corny stuff like he would bring down a star for her taped a start on himself for her. How can you not love that couple?,lol But I think my favorite seasons are the first two after that it’s been up and downs.

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