Super Fun Chat Time: Pretty Man 5 & 6

Sorry this post is late gang! It has been a busy week and will continue to be busy for ExtraKun until January or so! I hope that everyone is enjoying the holiday season like I am. Stay safe and watch dramas!


Lore: So, Bel Ami. Socks, socks socks. And more socks.


ExtraKun: Not just socks… Cleaning Socks!‏

 Lore: How dare you disrespect socks like that!‏

ExtraKun: LOL! Cray cray Sock-nim! Every week the lessons Ma Te learn are so elementary but I am enjoying the episodes each week!‏ Lesson #2- “Find the Button”‏.


Lore: Agreed! They are rather face palm inducing with their simplicity, but this show has a certain kind of charm that makes such lessons endearing. ‏I loved it when Electric Fairy looked at Bo Tang and saw a ton of buttons. Haha!‏


ExtraKun: I know! It was great, though I am not quite sure what it meant. Does it mean she has a lot of buttons to push? I would think it is the opposite. She is really chill until it comes to Ma Te‏.

Lore: And true story- I used to have a boss that might as well have been looking for everyone’s button. He watched body language religiously. I hated that because I was always scared to cross my arms around him or something because he would think I was hostile. This episode gave me nervous flash backs!

ExtraKun: Oh no! Are you okay Unnie?‏

Lore: I will be. I am currently playing a Jang Woo camping slideshow. Everything is better with dirty hippy Jang Woo. ‏


ExtraKun: I love dirty hippie David (I mean Jang Woo)! It is like Jang Woo just comes to the job and plays himself‏.

Lore: It seriously is. I was wondering if that is his camping gear! ‏

ExtraKun: And Ma Te, any fool could see his button is Bo Tong! It took you that long to see that?‏ You need button glasses!


 Lore: I know, right. She is completely his button. And I think I hear an idea for a new product “Button glasses- for those who are button blind”‏


ExtraKun: I will draw up the paperwork and get on the phone with marketing as soon as you crunch the numbers…‏ but seriously, let’s really reflect on what is going on as far as the storyline is concerned.

Lore: Got it. Crunching will commence shortly. It was hilarious that Ma Te, as soon as he realized Bo Tong was Jang Woo’s button, started being extra intrusive about everything. The dislike between these two guys is great, I could watch it all day.‏ But maybe that is because Bo Tong in the middle of them is so likeable.‏ As far as the story is concerned, this is definitely a rom-com. The show has one big serious end goal, but the path to get there is all funny and sweet.‏

 ExtraKun: So far, Ma Te is trying to get his “birth right” from daddy at MG group who is married to the “Wicked Witch of Gangnam Hills” and he is working with Yu Ra a former daughter in law of MG group‏.


 Lore: Ah, yes. The plot. And Bo Tong is like a faithful puppy to Ma Te, helping him as much as she can to reach his goal. She just doesn’t know what that goal is.‏

ExtraKun:  Bo Tong ah! I just want her to run around with David all day! Seriously! ‏Though I do enjoy the animosity between David and Ma Te as well.‏ He (Ma Te) is now “seducing” women to accomplish this ultimate goal and picking up lessons along the way: 1st was what is money, 2nd was how to control people, and 3rd is networking.


Lore: Yep. David is David Choi, the Merchandising Director at MG’s Home Shopping network. Bo Tong and him hit it off like 2 twins separated at birth and have worked together to sell a warehouse full of socks for Ma Te. The only problem is that David likes Bo Tong, Bo Tong likes Ma Te, and Ma Te likes himself or whoever he is supposed to seduce to learn his next lesson. ‏


ExtraKun: That’s why show is pissing me off because Ma Te “likes” Bo Tong even though he doesn’t know it. Ugh! And K-drama rules dictate that since David and Bo Tong are just alike they cannot be more than friends. Rule #528‏ article 4 section 2.4.

Lore: Stupid rules! These two are great together. And the long road to Ma Te figuring out he likes Bo Tong – I have already started ignoring that road and paying more attention to how Jang Woo and Bo Tong are adorkable together. ‏

ExtraKun: I know right! This could easily be a show where the two main characters live as friends forever, but show is trying to force their “together at the end” into our brains every time Ma Te gets jealous! And if I see one more show where someone is rushed to the hospital over a scar (That’s right Suspicious Housekeeper, I am talking to you)!‏ So the end of episode 6 had me on pins and needles! Do you think they will meet the quota?‏


 Lore: I don’t know! I hope so, for everyone’s sake. They can’t lose now (it is episode 6)! But then again, they could lose and rebound. The anxiety! I wish I could call in and buy the freaking socks so I knew.

ExtraKun: HAhahahaha! I know right, I guess we will have to wait for next week. You know what character confuses me? Yu Ra, she seems harmless in one minute, then calculative in the next. Do you think she is really doing all this for her daughter or is there another end game?‏

 Lore: Honestly I think she is playing Ma Te for more than just her daughter’s sake. All of that fake crying….this is one creepy lady.‏


ExtraKun: This is why I say he is stupid; I knew she was faking when she was at the door. How is he going to make it through 7 more women!? Though, it seems he gets “smarter” with every lesson… that’s… I don’t know how to feel about that‏.

 Lore: Wow, it is 7 more women, isn’t it?! I have no idea. But I have to say, the more women he seduces, the more and more he looks like a d-bag. I mean, I was not an Electric Fairy fan but I felt bad for the girl. “Ahh, you can never see what your own button is” She fell for him, and then it ended with a hug and “thanks and all but I have some more women to seduce”‏


ExtraKun: But that is my question, is he really seducing them? Jackie I believe he did seduce, but Electric Fairy liked him because she liked him. I told you it was the genuine momo that made her like him. And he met and was not scared off by her “deaf” parents?! That was a game changer for her. I am not sure what is going to go down with Networking Ahjumma, but I think she wants more than kind words and business card holders…. *Shut eyes tight to not see*‏


Lore: You were spot on with Electric Fairy’s interest. But I still felt bad, even if this was a one sided situation (which it was). I honestly cannot see him seducing Networking Ahjumma, I could see him learning from her but as Ma Te was told she will not be easy to win over. *Shuts eyes tight too. * Let’s just shout lalalalala until we see Jang Woo and Bo Tong…..‏


ExtraKun: Right! Well, overall the story has picked up since we discussed quite a bit this week. Anything else before our final thoughts?‏

Lore: Nope, here they are: Bo Tong- I heart you. Jang Woo- I heart you. Ma Te- I just don’t know what in the heck you are doing, but I would like you to let Jang Woo and Bo Tong get together without your interference. Yoo Ra- You creep me out. Show- You are cute when you focus on socks, you are frustrating when you go too deep into the MG rightful place plot. *Pinches cheeks*‏


ExtraKun: Bo Tong ah- I hope you finally see Oppa for who he is and know that you deserve better. David- This girl will never know how you feel unless you open your mouth and take initiative *FIGHTING*!!! Ma Te- You are lucky you are played by one of the loves or my lives or this would be a done deal between you and I. Cray Cray Sock- nim- I would like to purchase the new socks you made to wear, not for cleaning. “Wicked Witch of Gangnam Hills”- Our agents have been calling you to arrange a schedule for the new show Real Housewives of Gangnam, your participation is much appreciated.‏


Lore: Hahaha! Love the real housewives!‏


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