Running Man Headlines: Stress, Kids, and Taiwan

Happy Friday the 13th! Haircuts, second kids, and Taiwan is in your future….if you read on. Cheers!

RM Ep 175

Ratings Episode 175

1. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 15.8

2. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 13.8

3. SBS Running Man 13.2

1N2D got all new cast on everybody, driving their ratings to the top. But the big news in my mind is that Real Men is now underperforming compared to Running Man. Yep, I am all happy inside. Sorry, my bias towards Running Man made me do it.

Next Week on Running Man….

Jang Ki Ha (Musician, Jang Ki Ha and the Faces), Jun Hyun Moo (MC), Kim Kwang Kyu (Actor, IHYV), Lee Juck (Singer Songwriter), and Muzie (Singer) are appearing as guests in this yearend special. Per the preview this episode is hosted by MC Song Ji Hyo (boo for not having her participate in the games) and revolves around the question “Who can make the hearts of women ages of 10 and 50 flutter the most?” It looks funny, but I need some confirmation that Miss Mong’s talents are not wasted in this episode to be totally on board. The preview and pics from the episode are below.

ep 176 7 ep 176 5 ep 176 4 ep 176 3 ep 176 2 ep 176

Yoo Jae Suk: Wants a second Jae Suk Jr. and continues his nice guy attitude (no shocker there)

On a recent episode of KBS2’s show Human Condition Yoo Jae Suk was consulted by one of the cast members. Why? Well, cast member Heo Kyung Hwan was challenged to live without stress. Who else should he visit but Mr. Cheery Super Nice Guy Yoo Jae Suk?

Yoo Jae Suk imparted his words of stress relieving wisdom to Kyung Hwan – apparently the nation’s MC relieves stress by appearing on shows that make him laugh. Why do I suddenly hope that Yoo Jae Suk has stress for a long time? Maybe because I would hate to see the world of K-variety without him.


Maybe another kid will add to his stress? Apparently Yoo Jae Suk and his wife (announcer Na Kyung Eun) are hoping to have a second child soon. This tidbit of information came out on the December 13th episode of YJS’s KBS show Happy Together. Lee Hwi Jae appeared on the episode (he is close with YJS) and mentioned that he had heard a rumor that the grasshopper was trying for another little Jae Suk. The Nation’s MC was surprised that his friend knew this bit of information but confirmed it none the less.

To once again solidify Yoo Jae Suk’s super nice guy image we turn to the December 7th episode of Infinity Challenge (HaHa and Jae Suk’s Saturday Night Variety Show). During the episode the cast turned towards encouraging students that had recently taken the college entrance exams with a heavy dose of their own memories. Because I could not explain this any better, I look towards the source of this news story for the explanation:

“Noh Hong Chul mentions that Park Myung Soo and Yoo Jae Suk have told him many things over the years that have had a positive and profound effect on his life. As an example he mentions a recent example he heard from Yoo Jae Suk while they were travelling together in a car. Hong Chul states that Yoo Jae Suk told him that “I think giving up something we like one at a time is the definition of growing older.” Hong Chul mentions that this statement had a deep profound effect on him.


Jung Hyung Don also mentions that he heard something from Yoo Jae Suk a long time ago, but he still remembers exactly what he was told, right down to the number of words. He goes back to 2006, when Jung Hyung Don was still trying to acclimatize to variety shows, which caused him to get scolded a lot and made him feel down spirited. He had just moved into variety shows after several years of working as a comedian on a purely comedy skit show. The differences in how comedy shows and variety shows were run was causing Jung Hyung Don a lot of difficulties in adjusting.


It was during these days when Yoo Jae Suk sternly told him “Hey, do you think anyone can become a star?” This statement caused Jung Hyung Don a lot of sadness. However, as he turned around, Yoo Jae Suk quietly told him “Hey, but there is nothing to say you can’t be that star.” Jung Hyung Don states that this gave him a lot of strength. 


Meanwhile later in the show, Yoo Jae Suk was answering questions submitted by students. One of these questions was about what sort of personality is the most popular in college and what they need to do to become popular. Yoo Jae Suk immediately starts off by saying “If you want to be popular with friends, then you yourself needs to (sincerely) like your friends.” He explains further about how if you swear a lot, then your ability to swear improves, and if you like eating, then you eat a lot. He continues by saying that it is best to approach new friends first and talk to them first, find out what their interests are, what they like, etc. He then states how it’s nice to have a friend that listens to what their friends have to say and a friend that laughs with you even if it wasn’t very funny. 

Yoo Jae Suk then talks about how during his schooling years, he really enjoyed making his friends laugh, going to the extent of purposely getting questions wrong just so his friends could have a laugh. He finishes off by saying that if you work hard to try and understand what they are feeling and what they want, then they can’t help but to like you.”

Gary, Gary – Where you going to?

Taiwan! Which leaves me brushing away tears because I was 8 months too late. Why, oh why could you not have visited in April?! My sorrow aside Gary posted a peaceful looking picture on his twitter account with the caption:

“Taiwan! See you tomorrow!”

Gary Taiwan

Bonus Pics: The Unexpected Winner Arrives in Taipei

Gary arrives2Gary arrives

Ji Hyo cries, gets a haircut, and looks pretty – I want to be her when I grow up

Running Man’s Ace made tearful waves with her recent appearance in Hip Hop duo Freestyle’s MV “Winter Song”. Now-when is she going to appear in a LeeSsang MV? Is that too much for my delusional Monday Couple shipper self to ask? Probably. Check out the Winter Song MV below:

After all of the tears Ji Hyo got herself a haircut. On December 11th pictures were released showing Miss Mong at the airport (flying to Hong Kong yet again) with a much shorter and redder hair do. As usual, she looks terrific (but I admit I like her hair longer).


Recently Mongji’s recent photo-shoot for Benefits Cosmetics (she is a long time spokesperson) was released, showing a gussied up version of the often barefaced heroine we see on Running Man. Again, beautiful. I am completely serious that I want to be her….when I grow up in my next life.

JiHyo Benefits Cosmetics 1

JiHyo Benefits Cosmetics 2

Casting finalized for Lee Kwang Soo’s film Good Friends

Good Friends

I am super excited to see Lee Kwang Soo take on the role of a kindhearted and naïve small business owner in this noir film. Of course I am pretty excited for his costars in the film (Ji Sung and Jo Ji Hoon) as well. Unfortunately it looks like Jung Woo is out of the film. Still, I am plenty happy to see Kwang Soo take on a somewhat serious role. Giraffe fighting!

LeeSsang Unites- On Running Man!


Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy! I am that excited. Gil, Gary’s partner in crime in LeeSsang, is set to appear on the Christmas episode of Running Man. I love Gil for both his music and his stint on Infinity Challenge (also featuring Yoo Jae Suk and HaHa), so I am pretty much marking off the days until this episode airs. The episode’s theme is The Nighmare Before Christmas. Did I say yaaaaaaay already? Yay!

Parting Thoughts


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    I hope Gil hits on Ji Hyo a lot and Gary gets jealous. Did I say that out loud?

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