Coming Soon to Drama Land: December

The October bonanza of dramas is about to come to an end, giving us Super December Multi Channel Drama Madness (like a Japanese game show)! Jeon Ji Hyun returns to drama land after 14 years, 70% of those who gave us Pasta apparently get together, and we have a Korean Sound of Music (minus, perhaps, the music) set to premiere this coming month. Here is a rundown on some early Christmas Presents. And remember, wave bye bye to the dramas that are soon to be leaving us.


Yes, this has been an excuse to use the preceding GIF. Cheers!

Warm Words

The Suspicious Housekeeper ends and gives you…Warm Words

SBS * Melodrama/ Thriller * Monday / Tuesday * Premiering December 2nd * Starring: Han Hye Jin, Ji Jin Hee, Kim Ji Soo, Lee Wang Woo

Plot: Two couples & an affair. Yes, this is a melodrama. A man and a woman embark upon a dangerous love affair – emotionally decimating two families in the process.

Thoughts: From the writer of Can We Got Married, the PD of Five Fingers, and the adorable little girl that wrenched my heart out in Two Weeks (Lee Chae Mi) this show promises to be melodramatic as melodramas come. Tissues anyone?

 Prime Minister and I

Marry Him if you Dare ends and gives you…The Prime Minister and I

KBS2 * Romantic Comedy * Monday / Tuesday * Premiering December 9th * Starring: Lee Bum Soo, Im Yoon Ah, Chae Jung Ahn, Yoon Shi Yoon

Plot: Time travel elevators give way to the Sound of Music. Yep, you have officially entered the land of K-dramas. KBS’s newest drama features an odd pairing of Lee Bum Soo and Yoon Ah in a premise straight out of the Julie Andrews classic. Yoon Ah plays the Julie Andrews character and Bum Soo is Christopher Plummer’s stand in.

Thoughts: Get ready, because even if this drama sucks it will most likely give viewers a whole lot to talk about (especially if they go all doe, deer, a female deer on us). The writers are of Winter Sonata fame, so there will probably be crying in between the Sound of Music like montages.

 Miss Korea

Medical Top Team ends and gives you…Miss Korea

MBC * Romantic Comedy * Wednesday / Thursday * Premiering December 18th * Starring: Lee Seon Kyung, Lee Yeon Hee, Lee Sung Min, Lee Mi Sook

Plot: A fun tale revolving around a gang of cosmetic company employees and their struggle to keep their workplace afloat financially. To save the company they embark on a mission to help create the next Miss Korea – out of one of their co-workers (a hapless elevator girl). Hilarity ensues!

Thoughts: Yep – sounds funny as heck. The writer, director, Lee Seon Kyung, and Lee Sung Min worked together on the drama Pasta. Call it a Pasta reunion. Call it Lore regretting she never finished Pasta. I want to watch this one, here is hoping I can find the time. Lee Yeon Hee, the heroine of this story, played Mam Gu in Gu Family Book earlier this year.

 You from another star

The Heirs ends and gives you…You From Another Star

SBS* Romantic Comedy * Wednesday / Thursday * Premiering December 18th * Starring: Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, Choi Min, Park Hae Jin, Yoo In Na

Plot: An alien lands on earth during the 17th century. In the present day he meets a spirited young celebrity – facilitating a change in his otherwise static way of life.

Thoughts: The writer is from You Who Rolled in unexpectedly, the PD is from Tree with Deep Roots, and our main stars worked together in the film Thieves. Jeon Ji Hyun returns to dramas for the first time in 14 years with this show (super, super excited about this)! I am intrigued by the Sci-Fi elements of the plot. I admit I am already committed to watching this one. I got the hubby to agree to watching whatever followed Heirs (and I can’t turn my husband’s new-found K-drama watching away)!

So, what will you be watching?


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