The Distractor’s Cut: Heirs Episode 8

Finally busy, busy, busy bee Ekun is post episode 8 of Distractor’s Cut: Heirs. Enjoy!


Ekun: I forgot to mention how I liked Tan’s coat at the end of episode 7. It looks quite warm for the winter season (though today was like 70 degrees outside).

Unnichan: Should he have said that and just walked away? I think it would’ve been more dramatic that way. Lol.

Ekun: See Tan, now that I have seen this conversation again I am still catatonic! But I agree with your options, roll or do what I say. I can deal with that….


Unnichan: Wow. I agree as an adult but as a teenager? I don’t know. I feel like Tan is grown (in some respects) and Eun Sang isn’t there yet.

Ekun: Wae? It’s honest and the only options we have over at “Den of Demons” High School. Tan ah! Did you take noona’s advice?! You go’n be aaaaaaaallllllll in her business?! I love it!


Unnichan: Girl I’m serious if you are trying to make this about a dern cellphone. Just answer this boy. There’s no need to cry. It’d different if he was really pressuring you. But then again, maybe you don’t want to lie. I can dig that.

Ekun: You know it wasn’t about that cellphone. That does remind me of my Gong Yoo Version of Payphone though…


Unnichan: Lol. I still think we need to lay that track. And I know it’s not about the phone but the deflection irritated me. I get what the purpose and I love Tan’s reaction but it still got a fat “NO” from me. Are you serious Momma Tan? This is why you aren’t his mother in public.

Ekun: She can go suck a– wait. That is how we ended up here, ne?

Unnichan: Oh no, girl! *shocked face* Did you go there? Momma Tan you harassing high school students?? This is too much.


Ekun: I went there, but I took the road back to where we were. Tell him Tan! Tell Daddy how wretched and a mess he is!


Unnichan: Ooh I do like this coat too. It’s my color. I’d drown in it though.

Ekun: Ara, I need the one in blue he had at the beginning of episode 7, it had a hood too, that’s so my style.

Unnichan: Yea I need a hood. Uh oh Tan, that boldness just oozes out all over the place I see.

Ekun: I need it to (the boldness to ooze). I love it! He is reminding me why I like him. Even though there is that devil Young Do out there. Girls need to end up with dudes like Tan ah…. When Young Do decides to get it together perhaps.


Unnichan: I’m torn cause logically, I know that the possibility of Young Do being the kind of man a woman really needs is slim to none and Tan is ultimately the better choice… But with my personality, I think I can handle a Young Do, if he was honest and transparent with me. It would just be a lot of work. And you know I’m love lazy. I like this skirt too Eun Sang. I thought she said don’t talk to her at the house. And she’s exhausted. Give her a moment.

Ekun: Girl please, logically and illogically I would chose a Young Do over Tan. If I didn’t, it would only be because Tan came first.  Oh, Tan don’t care about time….. He got to make up for the 2 days they were not together since he met her!

Unnichan: I know how glad you are but she’s just weary boo. She needs time. Do I know this song? Ali? No, I know this song though, ne? Where have I heard it?


Ekun: Ha! He at the school house saying he going to be in her face!? Good Job Tan ah.

Unnichan: Are you his coach? It’s cute he’s being straight up though. It’s too early in the morning for couple moments Tan. I ain’t doing this with you. And she knows how to do school Tan. She’s not 3. You’re precious though. You little intuitive Boo, you. Hyung! Gosh you are a total mess but I’m still always glad to see you.


Ekun: As a matter of fact, I am. I told you I am in it to win it– I don’t train losers. I know, right?! We back in the boardroom! Love to see men hard at work.

Unnichan: I like that Yoon is always shaping up to be a good man. And yes, you and the boardroom; I’m beginning to wonder what you think actually goes on in there.


Ekun: Yoon is great. I am glad he got ??’s in his eyes about what they are up to as well. They discuss business in the boardroom—it is just good to see.

Unnichan: I think Hyung like’s Yoon a lot. It’s cute.


Ekun: Momma Tan! Get your raggedy life together please….

Unnichan: I love Mom. She’s the best. Jingjung. Mom, Momma Tan is hood. Err, what is this moment about? Is it a film/drama reference I can’t place? Like the Housemaid a couple episodes back…

Ekun: Momma Tan, that is all you are. Fake like those chicken feathers.


Unnichan: Ha! I know that’s right.

Ekun: Bo Na is so crazy and delusional.


Unnichan: You eavesdropping? Did he wiretap her? Bo Na cracks me up.

Ekun: Tan is a total mess! I see why him and Young Do used to roll together.

Unnichan: They are the same person I tell you!


Ekun: Ara, ara! Chan Young, I really do believe you have her best interest at heart. You are a really good friend.

Unnichan: I don’t know how telling the truth will go down. Chan Young is the best. He’s so right. Bye, Joon Young. I will miss you. Live well.


Ekun: YOUNG DO!!!!! *Eyes lit up*

Unnichan: I love it! Crap! Dong-Kun Please…

Ekun: Wae, He makes me scream!


Unnichan: He makes me chuckle. I laugh every time, girl. And I shouldn’t. He just gives me the gigglies.

Ekun: Bo Na shut the F up! For one minute, please! Oh—he did get the note in Cali?

Unnichan: Yea girl he got it. I knew some twist of fate would occur.


Ekun: I guess. It will be the thing that make her want to be around him more? I guess. Yea she’s (Rachel) pissed Hyo Shin.


Unnichan: Those aren’t questions. But for you Tan, I guess they are. All these kids are a little cheeky, ne?

Ekun: I suppose, but that is their way of showing their “maturity.”

Unnichan: I’m serious! He’s sick dude.

Ekun: Hyo Shin?

Unnichan: I’m glad he (Tan) told her but what does that change? And why is Rachel even acting like it matters who he likes. It doesn’t change anything on her end either.


Ekun: Because as much as her Grinch cold heart can, she likes him…. I don’t care though. If she acted with the smallest fraction of consideration perhaps I would care.

Unnichan: Rachel, please. I’m tired of like half the cast at this point. Daddy Wontan being #1.

Ekun: He can *censored* and *censored* and *censored* and then *censored*!!! He so cruel and snobbish!

Unnichan: Why you screwing with teenagers Daddy? That’s what I don’t get. It makes no sense.


Ekun: Oh Daddy Yoon…. I am crying up in here.

Unnichan: Maybe Rachel and Chan Young will become family. Is it too irrational to hope for that?


Ekun: Look, it very well may be irrational but we will both be fools if we don’t have at least one hoop dream for this drama. Hyo Shin!!!!! You are adorable! You better back up!

Unnichan: Yea he is. Thinking a girl slurping ramen is cute. OMG! What was that? I think he’s playing games ‘cause he’s sick.


Ekun: Oh Lord, Daddy and Young Do doing Judo again… I can’t Unnichan.

Unnichan: I am tired of these child abuse scenes. Seriously I am. Ooh Daddy Dukes looks like a gangster with the specs off. Or a real Sensei, take your pick.


Ekun: He looks like a child beater. Uh oh…. Is he going to beat Daddy?! Daddy the hell!!!!???? He is a horrible person and father.

Unnichan: Daddy that ain’t Judo! That’s death! But like I said, this is child abuse, therefore, he must cheat. Dukes is outta pocket. He has a point but NO.


Ekun: Young Do, I know you lonely but this isn’t going to work.


Unnichan: No one should underestimate you Young Do ah, we know. Is this an MJ Thriller jacket Tan?

Ekun: It was a mistake to wear is for certain. You taking Daddy’s advice now Young Do?


Unnichan: And the pissing contest begins! Oh of course he is girl. It was good advice. That’s why these Daddies suck.

Ekun: TAN ah!!!!!! LOL! You know you should have had his bike towed, but all is fair in love and war… So I am told.


Unnichan: Girl please, this ain’t love and war– Pissing Contest I said!

Ekun: Won posted outside his boo’s residence?

Unnichan: The indignation Hyung!


Ekun: Oh no… please get your life together Won. You asking to sleep over Won? Lord.

Unnichan: I tell you, the problems of the rich. Why is everyone either depressed or begging in this show, Show?


Ekun: Girl, I am mad.

Unnichan: Ok this is 80’s fashion for sure… No!

Ekun: I think it is more 90’s. It looks like something Will Smith wore in Fresh Prince.


Unnichan: It’s ‘87-93, girl. Horrible. I could cry it’s so ugly. If I had tears and all. Tan there is no kissing in the champagne room.

Ekun: No kissing either? I thought it was only sex, but Lord knows I am fine with both being banned. Look at you Tan! This a Young Do momo for real! I promise they are like carbon copies!


Unnichan: Heh. Maybe. I keep saying. They are the same person. It’s like Batman’s Two Face or Jekyll and Hyde but not that deep. You gonna bug her during homework? Why don’t you have work to do? Young Do. You think she’ll have some sympathy for him, like we do?

Ekun: No, why would he have anything to do? He got his work done earlier. That is the problem… She will have sympathy for Young Do and it will get misconstrued by all.

Unnichan and Ekun: Myung Soo ah!!


Ekun: You are thinking awfully hard about Eun Sang, Young Do…

Unnichan: Aw, he’s daydreaming like a normal teenager… Precious Young Do. We all know he’s interested, but Myung Soo’s reaction is priceless. There are no ships being erected here, I just think it’s true. This Myung Soo dance is too cute.


Ekun: As long as you are not asking her like she has the answers Young Do it will be ok.

Unnichan: Is Young Do going to start asking her nonsensical questions too? Please Lord…

Ekun: OH THE DEVIL IS FULL OF LIES!!!!!!! I said NO Woo Binnie! Who this ho?


Unnichan: He is a model. Young Do is priceless. I knew he had a plan. Did she just rip off these pearls?!

Ekun: That’s right Young Do! That is how you play the game with Daddy Dukes.


Unnichan: Hehehehehe. No lipbiting Woo Bin. Noona won’t stand for that now.

Ekun: What is she giving you Young Do?! Please tell me it is shares, stocks, something but “that”.

Unnichan: Girl please. I’m scared of what he will want when he’s ready to cash in this second time. I doubt it’s “that” he has in mind, but intentions change and that’s 9/10 of the Law.


Ekun: Tan!!! I have screamed your name too much in this episode!

Unnichan: That is true. We need to keep that down to a minimum. Wait, I gotta pay upfront? No. Young Do! I don’t like to hear these musings, truly I don’t. What bothers me is that I know it’s true.

Ekun: Young Do please! At least Bo Na appreciates when Tan and Chan Young come and help this girl out.

Unnichan: That is true. I like her more with each episode.

Ekun: I do, she is a mess but not evil and a mess.

Unnichan: This is where things get ugly ‘cause he really wanted to just eat together, ne? Why is this show becoming the Young Do Chronicles?!


Ekun: Look, it is the only thing we care about that’s why. Kim Woo Binnie is burning up the screen!

Unnichan: Why does he have to explain his plans to you, Rachel? As long as you get what you want why should you care? And Young Do has a point. I hate that Eun Sang is so scared. Young Do should be feared, but in her case it needs to be a different type of frightened.

Ekun: *GASP*!!!!!!!!!!!


Unnichan: Love is (takes) the moment!!!

Ekun: I guess… I am certainly not convinced that statement is true.

Unnichan: Young Do was calling to smooth things over wasn’t he? Aigoo.


Ekun: Girl I don’t know. He really is random in how he goes about things.

Unnichan: I think it’s more he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, so it appears to be random. He’s a bully so that’s all he knows how to do— throw his weight around; whether he likes or loathes you. And I think his signals get crossed a lot because everything looks like loathing on the surface. Just like in this last scene with Eun Sang. I’m serious, he’s beginning to be the only thing that I care about at the school house. ‘Cause we don’t see enough of Hyo Shin or Myung Soo.


Ekun: I agree, but I am glad that there is a female that we can tolerate in the school house. Seriously, Bo Na has really made so strides in the last 2 episodes. Rachel is the B**** she always wanted to grow up and be, and sorry Eun Sang, I still do not care about you like that. Kim Woo Binnie mentioned how great Sung Joon’s acting was in Style Log; but Noona is going to throw the compliment back at you! I just think it is really fascinating how we have Tan and Young Do executing the same moves but they are so different. Either way, though I love Tan so very much I would be totally lying if I did not say how enamored I am by Young Do. If this was a competition like WIN (except it would be WIN-H Who is the Next Heir), Young Do would have that crown propped on his head immediately ( Please note, we can no longer trust ExtraKun judgement when it comes to Young Do)!

Unnichan: Oh I don’t trust you. I’s learned your ways. But with any competition, what is the deciding factor for me, is who really wants it and for what means. So for now, if those two are my only options, I’ll pass. As for Tan and Young Do being different, I’m not there yet either. They haven’t proven to be different enough for me. And, I’m greatly enjoying Woo Bin’s Young Do and believe he’s living up to what we’ve said at least every week, he’s like fire. Hot, mesmerizing and dangerous.

Ekun: Oh, the boys are not different. It is the way it looks that makes it different. While Tan’s stunts are seen as adorable and he gets the “green light”; Young Do essentially is doing the same thing, gets stop signs, caution lights, HAZMAT signals, red lights, and the railroad cross poles dropped!

Unnichan: Pfft. As long as it’s clear. Tan and Young Do are the same. That’s why they were friends in the first place. Tan realized their similarities and tried to comfort Young Do but got a personal slap that still stings. Now, Young Do covers his embarrassment and hurt with snide remarks, evil taunting and emotional cruelty. I suspect, Tan knows all this but chooses to hate Young Do instead, because for now, it’s easier. Just to take everything at face value but since Tan is our hero, most likely, he’ll be the first to break or create a window for Young Do to come back and pick up where they left off.

Ekun: I know this happened in episode 7 but I did want to make mention of it now that I am thinking about the two. Is it possible that Young Do is not only mad over what Tan saw, but the essence of his being like Hyung? Why are so many people mad at that this child is walking the face of the earth!? He could no more help that then we can help the sky being blue, the sun rising in the east, or fat kids loving cake!

Unnichan: Absolutely. That’s what I thought. That he’s pissed that his BFF (whom he adores) is the equivalent of boy he hates; the being, the presence, the embodiment. He can’t be friends with him because then, it means he’d have to be understanding and forgiving of his Daddy and his son and he ain’t having that. In a way, it’s respectable cause he’s being consistent but he should’ve just stopped being Tan’s friend. Not become his enemy. Though like Hyung, he thinks he’s justified and it’s easier this way.

Ekun: Well I will say this, this is the first week I felt like the storyline was moving and it wasn’t all just setup to get to the crux of the matter. Episode 7 and 8 were very much enjoyable and I give that all over to Young Do. I am always wanting to know what the heck he is up to!

Unnichan: It’s definitely this slice of life high school melodrama. And since I had no expectations, any time I laugh or understand a character for a second or two, I’m pleased. However, I won’t say that having little to no expectations actually helps me enjoy this drama anymore but it does leave me without a sense of indifference or dislike, and that’s good.


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