This is a Mi Rae’s Choice Rant

Show – did you just do that? Seriously?! Really. I mean, I have been okay with this show so far; this drama is not amazing, but it does not completely suck either. It has been so-so, watchable- not memorable but not at the point I want to gauge my own eyes out either.Rant intermission here:


And now it goes and makes Oppa have cancer on top of a time traveler and Yong Hwa acting like a creep?! Huh? I just lost a lot of respect for you Marry Him if You Dare (Mi Rae’s Choice).Cancer 1

So, my main beef comes with the plot twist that Oppa, dear Oppa, has cancer. Why is this even a plot element at this point? Don’t we have 4 episodes left! Can you seriously tell me (with a time traveling plot) that we HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO TALK ABOUT FOR 4 EPISODES!

I get that future Mi Rae has a major emotional scar from her Oppa not talking to her for 20 years, and I understand that the real reason behind that may be because he died from cancer. But that fact alone makes me dislike this plot twist. So MI Rae’s only family dies? And she doesn’t know about it?! She never once tries to find her brother in that 20 year time span? I don’t buy it. Seriously. I cannot see Oppa passing away and her never finding out, especially with her inquisitive nature. Poorly planned. Poorly planned indeed.

Decisions 1
Oppa having cancer is not my only problem with this show. Nope – there have been little things that have annoyed me which finally came to fruition in the last 2 episodes. Such as Mi Rae (present Mi Rae that is) being jerked around by everyone and her brother. So her future self came back to save her. Why, oh why, is she informing everyone other than Mi Rae about why she cannot do certain things?

I mean, come on, future Mi Rae is telling future hubby, Oppa, and everyone else the reasons that Mi Rae cannot marry Kim Shin. How about telling the woman herself? I am pretty sure if future and past Mi Rae had a heart to heart culminating in “Your son dies, oh and there is something more terrible that happens” the girl may rethink her life choices. But no, no. That apparently never seems logical in Marry Him if You Dare land. Nope – that would be too easy.

Decisions 2

What I want to see is Mi Rae learning how not to make the same mistakes; or in other words finding super maturity from her future self. Not being left in the dark to be yanked around by everyone around her. It is a disservice that her future self thinks so little of her present self; or a direct reflection of how little confidence Mi Rae has had at any point in time.

So, I will wrap it up here, or I will likely go on all night. Whenever one episode of a drama gets to me like this I know that I have become somewhat emotionally invested in it. While Marry Him if You Dare is a low-key show in terms of ratings and story, it is that mediocre plotline you kind of look at with feigned boredom. But when you do look at it, especially of late, it becomes something you wish you could stop paying attention to. OPPA HAS CANCER! REALLY! Alright, Lore out *drops microphone*

2 thoughts on “This is a Mi Rae’s Choice Rant

  1. What frustrates me is that Shin’s reaction is to cruelly push Mirae away. Couldn’t he just think “well, now that I know that will happen, I’ll just make sure it doesn’t”? Problem solved. Why does everyone think the only way to change things is by not getting Mirae and Shin together in the first place? Mirae isn’t the same as future Mirae, and she’s not the kind of person to watch her son walk into traffic, lol

    Oppa having cancer, they alluded to that last week but it’s a big thing to bring in so close to the end. And whatever happened to Time Cop? We didn’t see him at all this week.

    This is a really good way to describe this show, it’s exactly how I feel – “It has been so-so, watchable- not memorable but not at the point I want to gauge my own eyes out either”.

  2. I’ve always been a fan of Yoon Eun Hye since Princess Hours days. I’ve also liked Dong Gun from Lovers in Paris and although his acting really sucks, I still love Yong Hwa. I had high expectations for this drama since all my favorites are in here and the time travel story plot made me curious. But hello? I agree that future mi rae should tell present mi rae directly that her son died. I also don’t have this *thump *thump feeling whenever there’s a kim shin-mi rae moments. The plot’s flat. I’m so disappointed with this drama. And I hope Eun Hye would pop her rom-com bubble and maybe switch to melodramas (She was good in missing you) or try action (I really want her to pair with lee min ho *can’t imagine if they’ll have a kissing scene) Anyways, maybe I’ll like this drama more if she’ll end up with Se Joo. Srsly, what’s the point of coming back from the future if you’ll still marry Kim Shin? 4 episodes to go. Just watching this because of Eun Hye

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