Thankfulling Month Part 2!

Thankfulling month continues as we inch ever closer to the date when thankfulling (yep, totally made up this word) becomes the theme of the day. You know what I mean. The day you spend time with your gangster uncles and wife while you suffer from amnesia (oh, and you are a police officer). Wait! Your life is not a drama?! Well, than I wish you the best of luck with the coming holiday, with all of its mundane non drama antics (thankfully!) Cheers!

So, in the spirit of our Thankful Theme this month in Stone Cities here are some random things I find myself thankful for. Don’t forget to let us know what you are thankful for (there are some cool prizes to win)!


Princess’s Man

Seriously, this is a strong contender for the best drama that I have ever seen (but in the wise words of Sensei e-Kun: It is impossible to pick a favorite drama, it is like picking a favorite child. Agreed!). It certainly weighed heavily on the scale of memorable shows, and it resonates. I still find myself comparing those hazy saguek genre dramas to this one. I love this show, for so many reasons Such as:

Siwon King of Drama GIFS

I really do not have to say anything here.

siwon_5_zps36aa9fd4 siwon_6_zpsa8ecc445 siwon_11_zps3823f394 siwon_14_zps33b4281b siwon_16_zpsff327b6c siwon_21_zpsa4b4424e siwon_22_zpsca4b356b siwon_37_zps0be169cf siwon_42_zpscbb0a0eb siwon_51_zpsf3afe81dtumblr_motxg7lZlb1rrihcso1_250 tumblr_mkqcg9u3mu1qfla88o1_500 tumblr_mgp2apyl4h1rm3dcpo3_250 tumblr_mjmuivO9qa1qbs1pto1_250 tumblr_mjmuivO9qa1qbs1pto2_250 tumblr_mj7epkQ9iu1qediclo8_250 tumblr_mgp2apyl4h1rm3dcpo6_250

Homework being done

Seriously, grad school is killing me. Okay, not literally, but the homework load is a bit much on top of a 50+ hour a week job. I just finished my last final of the semester today so I am beyond thankful for that. One more year to go! Now…time to catch up on some dramas!



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