Ekun’s Thanksgiving Bonanza #4

Here we are again! Another sprout of Ekun’s thankfulness to go around—let’s get right to it! T.O.P has dropped a new single “Doom Dada”! Even though I am not in love with the majority of the song, I am thankful he is giving me a reason to drop it like it’s hot (and pick it up like it is lukewarm… things don’t spring up like they used to… Darn Twenty********) and to say Doom Dada to everything!  Make sure that you check out his video on YG’s youtube page right here. It is also for sell on itunes.


Sleep! I work cray cray bonkers hours at my job, so when I am able to get a solid 8 hours of sleep, I am extremely thankful! Enough said, ne?


Last but not least, I am thankful for all the people who drop by and read our post here at Stone Cities! We work really hard to share our crazy about dramas, variety, and k-pop (and others) with you all! We love to do it and hope that you all enjoy reading it and have a moment when you say, “OMG! I felt the same way when I watched that drama!” I humbly thank you.


Tis’ all for this edition of Ekun’s Thanksgiving Bonanza. Don’t forget to enter the “Stone Cities Giveaway: What are you thankful for?” Contest. Sayonara and Doom Dada!

One thought on “Ekun’s Thanksgiving Bonanza #4

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