Answer Me 1994: The Rundown

Once upon a time there was neon colors, Seo Taiji and the Boys, an amazing Korean Basketball team, and the deceptively repetitious feeling of growing up. Enter Answer Me 1994, the latest entry in tvN’s nostalgic Answer Me series. A different time period, a different feel, AM94 is a cousin to its predecessor AM97- but is thankfully an entirely different animal indeed.

lost in seoul

I have been eagerly watching the series (largely because I like to go all Mean Girls comparing shows in a series) and as of right now I am not hating it. I have my hang ups *cough same plot hook cough* but I am not discounting anything as of episode 2. So far, I like what I see. Go Ara’s performance is stellar and the similarities between AM94 and AM97 are the least of my worries – AM94 is carrying its own.

go ara

If you have been tuning into the latest tvN retro show be sure to check out Drama Fever’s Drama Club: Answer Me 1994. Yes, this is a shameless plug. But in all honesty I am participating in DC Answer Me 1994 with two bloggers, Shai and June, who have insightful and interesting opinions. So, in other words, check out our reviews as we make our way collectively through this 90’s retro romp. Join in our laughs, tears, and all around fangirl-sanity as we figure out who exactly wins in the end of this show.

You can find our first two posts here:

[1] [2]

More to come. Thank you for supporting us. Cheers!

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