Running Man Headlines: Singapore Fan Meet Part 2

Running Man’s Singapore fan meeting did not disappoint – Ji Hyo even said “I love you Gary”. Sorry, I just fainted. More from the Singapore fan meet straight ahead. Drive carefully while listening to the latest tune thought up by big nose hyung.

RM Ep 168

Ratings Episode 168

1. MBC Real Man 18.1

2. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 15.3

3. SBS Running Man 12.6

Next week on Running Man…

Guest starring Joo Sang Wook and Yang Dong Guen, episode 169 promises to show what happens when the cast of Running Man has bicycle helmets locked to their heads. Seriously, that appears to be the concept. Am I the only one that thinks back to the X-men being trapped on Slave Island? Please tell me no. You can check out the preview below:

This week in Running Man news:

The Singapore fan meeting was a doozy. Seriously, the cast (less Kwang Soo and Jae Suk, who had scheduling conflicts) killed it with this fan meeting.  So much so that there really is not much to say this week other than I wish I had been there!

The Rundown (credit to Soompi )

The host of the night Danny Yeo congratulated Suk Jin on his first individual win (during Ep 165) on Running Man, coming three years after the show premiered. Kim Jong Kook said, “I’m very generous; I always want to let them win” when asked about this thoughts on Ji Suk Jin’s first victory. Hahaha.

Gary was then asked to describe what he thinks of Song Ji Hyo. He said, “Pretty, sexy, and rich,” drawing laughter from around. Song Ji Hyo then stated what she thought of Gary: “Sexy, sings well, good looking”.

A video played while the members changed into their Running Man uniforms. A few lucky fans were welcomed on stage to play the first game – charades. They were split into two teams: team A (Gary, Ji Suk Jin) and team B (Haha, Kim Jong Kook) while Song Ji Hyo is an Ace, playing on both teams. The first team member has to act out the word on screen for the second member in line to imitate to the next member and so on. The last team member has to guess the word from the gestures. Pictures of animals were flashed on screen, and all of them had a hard time guessing. Gary even took the opportunity to show a heart to Song Ji Hyo, again to the delight of the fans!

Team A only managed to get a correct answer when their time was up. Before Team B started playing, Kim Jong Kook said, “I don’t want to win; I just want to make you guys happy.” In the end, Team B won with two correct guesses! Looks like the Commander is good at Charades as well!

For the third game, the members each picked three ticket stubs from a bowl. The 15 fans chosen had to dance to Gangnam Style! Ji Suk Jin and Gary were asked to demonstrate the dance to the fans, to which Gary said they didn’t do it well enough and asked Haha and Kim Jong Kook to show off their dance as well. Gary probably regretted it immediatly when Haha and Kim Jong Kook danced around Song Ji Hyo, drawing out the jealousy from Gary.

The host responded to the site by pointing out to Gary: “She’s betraying you!”. Song Ji Hyo immediately responded with “No, no, no, no, I love you!” professing her love for Gary for the very first time!

The Pics

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Source: [1]

Parting thoughts – Cause I want to and will replay this a bazillion times before I am sick of it

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