Adorable Creative: An American’s Guide to Kdrama

AC Interview

I have to admit to being extremely humbled by every visit this site gets. I remember when the average site views were 6 visitors per day and there were 2 comments that called this blog home. I was thankful than and I am thankful now. Sorry – what I am getting at is that E-Kun and I are fans that enjoy talking about our passion for dramas, and are thankful for anyone that likes to join in on the fun that is Stone Cities. Therefore we feel a lot of gratitude towards Michelle, from Adorable Creative.

than you

Who is Michelle and what am I talking about? Well, in the last month E-Kun and I have been working with Michelle on “An American’s Guide to Korean Dramas”. Michelle works for Adorable Creative, a Texas based Production Company (check out their site here). Our guide is a short introductory post that offers a handy starter’s guide to the world of Korean Dramas. Short and sweet, we are have enjoyed working with Michelle on this undertaking.

You can check out the guide below (and thank you for your continued readership!):

An American’s Guide to KDramas


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