The Distractor’s Cut: Heirs Episode 3

Ekun back with more Distractor’s Cut: Heirs! Make sure you check out episode 4 at Unnichan’s site by clicking this link. This is just Unnichan and I watching the show in live time making our comments and questions as we go. Perhaps you have the same questions or thoughts. either way, enjoy!!


Unnichan: So why don’t I remember how episode two ended?

Ekun: Well it was boring episodes, so we didn’t care.

Unnichan: Oh that’s how it ended. Um, what movie is this? Where are they again?


Ekun: Don’t know the movie, but I was not looking at it either.

Unnichan: I was just asking cause it seems like some B-movie they’d play at the Library. Heh, that’s right he was rifling through her “Facebook” page. What was that? It wasn’t Kakao Talk. Aish. I’m sure they’ll PPL it again.

Ekun: Perhaps, but what does being in Hollywood have to do with anything Tan? I missed something, ne?


Unnichan: I like that she said, “No.” But his counter wasn’t that bad either. He was saying that Hollywood fantasies could come true, cause they’re in Hollywood. It was cute. And skirting the issue. He should just say, “I don’t like that girl, but you, maybe?” Sounds like a Carly Rae Jepsen song.

Ekun: Tan said “forget a phone number and just stay with him… FOREVER!”  He is a bit intense, ne?

Unnichan: Err, yea, that’s um, frightening! I told you that word scares me. Aww. Look at that face when she said she was leaving… Oh is he trying to be angry right now?


Ekun: Well he “likes” her so he probably is a little salty she trying to roll.

Unnichan: Somebody better give her this message from Chan Young!! TAN!


Ekun: I don’t trust Rachel to do that. She wants that girl to be lonely and a mess and Tan wants her around so…

Unnichan: Yuck! Hmm so is Daddy Yoon Team Tan? Interesting…And the plot thickens!


Ekun: It seems like Tan has some Hyung issues, like he really wants to be close to him but position and whatnot won’t allow for it and all. Tears are filling my eyes.

Unnichan: I think you’re right. He’s scared of him but he loves him. It’s a weird combo. It’s like he distances himself out of respect for the fact that Hyung doesn’t seem to like him. He’s still a little boy in that respect. Tan is precious my heart really does go out to him. Tears are forming… I think I might cry eventually, dealing with those two.

Unnichan: OMG! Bo Na is crazy. I think we need a mentally imbalanced name for her. But she was right about that… Only Won Bin is Ahjussi.


Ekun:  *Floated off to think of Won Bin as Ahjussi* I’m back, glad you have tears too because we know I am a crybaby.

Unnichan: Thanks Dongsaeng.

Ekun: Bo Na! You are not married to Chan Young yet! Get it together. LOL

Unnichan: Ha Neul!

Ekun: OOOOO! What we doing in the studio Hyo Shin?! *Eyes glazed over in excitement*


Unnichan: He’s living life. I like Hyo Shin a lot. He seems like a calm guy with tons on his plate. But why am I concerned those aren’t really vitamins? *side eye to Hyo Shin*



Unnichan: *shrugs* I calls like I’s sees ‘em. But I hope I’m wrong. Pfft. How’d I know you were going to try and get huffy, Tan? Though I admit I was thinking it too. You look great though. Um Jay… where’d you come from? Tan do NOT leave her alone with that fool.

Ekun: Tan? Take that tone down a few decibels… Jay? No!!!! Thanks Tan. Ah. The view is so nice! I wanna ride in a car with Min Ho… But I will drive.


Unnichan: Giving birth doesn’t change the fact that you committed adultery Mom! Why do we only encounter “bad” friends in drama?

Ekun: Exactly! It just makes you an adulterer who didn’t use birth control. I am tired of raggedy friends, for real though.


Unnichan: Kekekeke! Mom can hear!! I knew it! And she’s smart or should I say, savvy? Love her! Momma Han isn’t that sharp is she?

Ekun: That still seems like a grave inconsistency to me, but I am trying to let it go.

Unnichan: Did I miss something? Cause, it’s possible to be unable to speak (mute) or legally deaf without actually being “unable” to hear.


Ekun: You are right, it is possible, but most of the time it is inconsistent writing because the writer is not hard of hearing or deaf themselves. I honestly think it is the latter.

Unnichan: I’d agree if this wasn’t a mature writer like Kim Eun Sook. I’m positive she has reason and the backstory to boot for Mom and her condition. She’s a rather thorough scribe.

Ekun: Whatevs, whatevs,  I am trying to let it go.

Unnichan: What! Hyung. Was that a smile, a laugh and an agreement? I’m about to spin outta control! Aw Tan is so happy to see him! Shoot! A TEAR! I really do like this suit though.


Ekun: Ribs!!! Why did your smile disappear Hyung when you saw Tan?


Unnichan: Oh I can’t do this with Tan and Won. I’ma be a puddle. Won you gone make me say some censored words. If you cry Tan… Hajima Tan. HA-JI-MA!

Ekun: But Tan was so happy! Don’t do this to me Show!

Unnichan: Beautiful shot. Sprinkler shots are always so magical. And it water can mask those tears… Oh no Tan! I can’t! That was a bomb line though. Is this how I’m going to feel about you for the duration of the show? Are you going to say all the best things?


Ekun: Girl yea, I cried. Literally. I want to wrap him in blankets of hugs. It was a perfect scene for Mayer Hawthorne’s I wish it Would Rain.

Unnichan: Once again, all things in life come back to Mayer Hawthorne with you Ekun. I admit my heart aches a bit. Tan wants Hyung’s love so badly. Um Tan, you know people can “unseen” things right? But if she wants to forget…One summer’s night dream, huh? Why do I see Tan’s wheels turning?


Ekun: Why did he turn towards more rocks? There was no one coming on the other side. Why his plates say New Jersey?

Unnichan: People get jittery when things start going wrong give the kid some slack.. Geez. Wait, his plates say Jersey? What is going on Show? Heck yea we’ll be in trouble in the mountains, near rocks and dirt once it’s dark… There’s coyotes out there!


Ekun: They are probably renting the car, not all rental cars have state plates. It is the only conclusion I can think of. This ain’t a movie heifer! You all need to get moving! Balle!

Unnichan: At least she’s not trying to be dumb, no one wants to be the dead blonde. It looks cold. So he finally told her (about Chan Young) but all nonchalant, like he wasn’t trying to keep it from her. Tan’s kinda smooth. The heck? How is a Motel closed?

Ekun: Yea girl. How can you trust someone so quickly Tan? I think you are starving for intimacy. I can make you snacks…

Unnichan: Snacks won’t fill the Hyung size hole in his heart. Though peanut butter brownies might stop it up a bit. Tan what? Kekeke. I saw Eun Sang. You missed out. Min Ho is really tan, sun-kissed, you know. Looks good on him. But again, Eun Sang, you missed it, Sweets.


Ekun: Ara, still. Girl, that hotel owner don’t care what you up to as long as you can pay. Yea she did miss it, oh well. Kekeke.

Unnichan: I think I would’ve liked it if she’d fallen off the stool and he’d laughed. Don’t mind that he caught her cause the kid needs any excuse… Just saying. Ooh I want some pancakes. Gosh I could really go for some Roscoe’s right now. Girl, Tan is trying to kill us. He’s so precious.

Ekun: Hyung is the person you like most in the world?! Let her fall, she will be ok.


Unnichan: Tan! Let her sleep, what on earth?

Ekun: Right?! Ugh! We would fight, hard!


Unnichan: Naw cause then I’d fall asleep on top of him. That’s not a good look.

Ekun: I can’t guarantee pure thoughts Tan (not cause it is Min Ho either, I could care less about him. Tan is Bomb Diggity)…

Unnichan: Tan is pretty bomb for 18 (that’s why he’s the Korean Dawson). And my thoughts are always pure Tan. You can trust me. Ooh I think I like this song. The vocals being just a smidge above the score. That works for me.


Ekun: Aren’t you the best Unni-San? I like the tonality of his voice. IS IT HA NEUL?!

Unnichan: I don’t know. We need to find out. And yes I am, but I only share that with a choice few. CHAN YOUNG! Finally! Wait… are you scoffing Tan?


Ekun: Ha! Tan all mad and stuff. He is so transparent it kills me.

Unnichan: I know right. He practically broke into Jodeci.


Ekun: Oh! Jodeci… Which song? “Stay”?

Unnichan: Of course!! That’s my song.

Ekun: Girl, I can’t. Tan! I just want to hug you so much, so you won’t be lonely, and not even in a boo way, just friends.


Unnichan: Wait Chan Young, these photos are for personal use, right, cause Bo Na… Ha! She called. Eun Sang, I promise, you aren’t jealous of that crazy. Ooh Tan eats a lot of sandwiches. Love it! I’ve seen this house somewhere before. Pfft. Don’t fall Tan. Why did that anger look so really?!  LOL!

Ekun: Chan Young got me singing DrakeYou Da Best!” Bo Na is cray cray! That’s not cute! Its that Lee Joon from WGM (We Got Married)!


Unnichan: Lee Joon did scare me with his remarks about being possessive. Which track? The radio version or album? That’s your color right? Tan, are you toying with the Devil’s emotions?

Ekun: It has to be radio cuz I don’t own his albums (you know that) but Tan is wearing my favorite colors grey and blue!


Unnichan: Ara but there’s a distinct difference between both. Just checking the depth of your love, Dongsaeng. Eh… Obsolete Momma looks horrible. Like she’s living on the street. Goodness! And did Rachel’s mom just blow her spot on purpose?


Ekun: Obsolete always look a mess, she was looking tired as heck in SG (Secret Garden) too, Ha! Rachel skirt is cute, nice color for the fall season.

Unnichan: Young Do and this tennis ball! Myung Soo ah! What are we doing? I want pancakes and cantaloupe. Stop sorting pics and chop me some fruit. Myungsoo ah! You got me giggling like a piglet in here! In my pocket!

Ekun: Oh Myung soo goes in the pocket! Young Do is so pitiful and dark… I LOVE IT!


Unnichan: Is he dark? Don’t answer that Young Do. You answered. Yuck Daddy! Any excuse to make your son feel small, I see. He’s just violent. I usually like Judo scenes but this brings new meaning to child abuse.

Ekun: A little bit, doesn’t he seem a bit twisted and dark to you? That’s why Young Do is pitiful. I can make you snacks too-— no hugs, you seem like it could go either way and I am trying to be legit (Noona/ Dongsaeng) with you.


Unnichan: Dark is a little dark for me. I’m not willing to go there yet with him. And look I think you need to think about who you dishing out snacks to. All these kids are a pitiful ball of sadness and neglect. You could go bankrupt making them homemade nachos. *sigh* I don’t negate Daddy’s words but if he hadn’t hit him, I’d care more.

Ekun: Well they got money, they buy and I will make. Agreed, do you think daddy lives to make Young Do life miserable like Lady GaGa lives for the Applause?

Unnichan: Pretty much. Seems about right. I’m just pissed Daddy Doozy isn’t always wrong (in what he says). See Tan it just feels like you play games a bit with her. I don’t know if you’ve had “the talk” but it seems to be in order. I get why you hung out with her today but she doesn’t and you are still engaged so it’d be better if you treated her like Young Do does. Why are you boys so screwed up? Complete opposites; in feelings and actions.


Ekun: Rachel is tap dancing on my nerves and it is only ep 3! *spit on her face*

Unnichan: Rachel really is Beelzebub’s sister. Did she just mention class? And out an Ex? I can’t stand her.

Ekun: “Evil Wenches ‘R’ Us” President… Imma slap her, then we will talk about classes wench.


Unnichan: Lol. Thank god, cause somebody needs to slap this girl! Where’s Young Do’s Daddy? We can just paste a picture of his son on her.

Ekun: Rachel!!!!!!

Unnichan: Tan, I wish this little talk was good enough but you and I know it wasn’t.


Ekun: How I wish it made a difference, Lord knows I do.

Unnichan: Hyung, see I don’t like it that you are all kind and crap to the Devil but can’t put together two kind words for your brother. And you took her to see Mom? Hyung! Are you really that clueless? Yuck Rachel. Uh what happened between Daddy Yoon and Rachel’s Mom? Why is this pool so shallow? Oh you two are a mess. Love you, Yoon Appa! Kisses.


Ekun: Rachel totally sucks! Daddy Yoon and Rachel Momma used to have a “Ms. Jones” arrangement? Daddy Yoon boel?!


Unnichan: Chan Young’s a good guy. Pulls no punches. Tan, don’t wait all day, boo. Ugh, why are girls always trying to disappear! Writer-nim, you are clearly trying to give me Secret Garden flashbacks!! Am not in the mood.


Ekun: I think he gets it from his Daddy. And you know I have no idea why she rollin out like a phantom.


Unnichan: I think that boldness is on it’s way Tan. Yea, I see Tan being a guy I can respect. He didn’t hug Rachel, nor did he push her away, like he was making some mistake. When he saw Eun Sang… That works for me.


Ekun: Awwww hell… He took a sip of “boldness” and got bold; but at what cost? The wrath of Rachel is at hand.


Unnichan: I say Rachel can *censored* and *censored* and *censored.* So that was episode three. Still a yawn fest but whatevs. Hee Chul is supposed to be in episode 4 so it’ll all be worth it!

Ekun: It was boring but I have been talking about that since he said he was going to be in the show doing a cameo! It’s amazing, I liked him (Hee Chul)before he left for Military Service but now every time I see him I get mad angry!

Unnichan: Personally, I need more of everybody else. Which I’m sure we’ll get by default once we’re back in the homeland. I like that even though Won broke my heart this episode, we still were able to see a softer side of him in America. And hearing a little about his mother helped. However, more and more this drama feels like a sob story for rich people. Initially it puts a bad taste in my mouth but I suppose in a culture like Korea, perhaps its a story that needs to be told.


Ekun: I concur, Hyung did make me want to throw a stick at him because I want him to love Tan as much as Tan loves him. I definitely think this is a cultural matter show that needs to be told. Most people think the rich have it all because they have money, but money cannot go with you when you die and it does not make life worth living. Think of all the countless rich people who have committed suicide.

Unnichan: I don’t need Hyung to love Tan as much because someone always loves more, and it seems that lot has been given to Tan; but Hyung needs to set aside his issues. I like when we have the parallel of siblings because here, Cha Eun Suk totally sucks, but I don’t feel that about Hyung. Mostly because their relationships with their siblings originated and were nurtured from two totally different standpoints. Eun Sang and Eun Suk will be fine because there’s love between them even though Eun Suk is a selfish wench, whereas with the boys, they have such a long way to go. It’s crazy because I feel like Tan would walk the whole way if Hyung would just stay put, but even that is too hard for Won.


Ekun: Very true. What I find most fascinating is Hyung’s disdain even though they are both illegitimate. I would think he would be more understanding or something but clearly not. I cannot wait until we really get to the bottom of their issues as siblings. I get what you mean about the loving more point too. I just want Won to give some to Tan. It does not have to be equal or more, I was just using the expression because it sounded nice in my head. I just want them to love each other and have a healthy sibling relationship. Am I being too fruity to make such comments? Let me take a momo to discuss Rachel: I HATE THAT GIRL! She is just evil and wretched because she thinks she can be. I need her to get a life and stop being so treacherous. When her and Tan were shopping, I thought, “Oh, if she was like this I wouldn’t hate her so much.” But her spiteful (and unjustified I might add) attitude is toxic! I can’t with her.


Unnichan: I think Hyung’s mother was the legal wife. Then came Obsolete, now Momma Han. And my issue with Hyung has a skewed impression of Tan based on his own problems. I see that grating my nerves real quick. As for Rachel, I can’t help but think back to what Tan said about her. The girl he described was how he interpreted her in his head and though I can’t really separate the two in my mind, I find his reflection interesting. He gave her this pretty speech about not ruining herself and it felt wasted. Like it was coming from his heart but more for his benefit, than hers because, I’m not sure she was ever that girl. Given the look on her face, it was more that because she was awesome at “doing” things, he thought she was awesome at “being” as well, but now she’s proving this is all she amounts to. Don’t know, but I’m pissed already I have to sit through another 15 episodes of her being wretched wench.

Ekun: I hope that everything unfold semi- peacefully in the next few scenes of Episode 4, and that it moves along quicker!


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