The Distractor’s Cut: Heirs Episode 2

ExtraKun aka Ekun aka Eboni here with another edition of the Distractor’s Cut with my dear friend Unnichan! Make sure you read episode 1 on her website here! I hope you all enjoy– and now presenting: The Distractor’s Cut: Heirs!


Unnichan: Oh yea, I like that him inviting her over is suggestive too. Cause they are still high school students so it’s nothing, but usually girls get all crazy and stuff. They seem to be playing with that a bit.

Ekun: I am mad he drove up on the wrong side of the road…


Unnichan: Oh you caught that? I mean we all do it when we picking folks up. Lol. And Tan’s place is kinda hot.

Ekun: I’m throwing a big “Heck NO!” to his sandals, but his place is sweet.


Unnichan: Heh. I was thinking I like his style. Not necessarily the sandals but what they are suppose to convey about his character. But seriously, I need to stay Tan’s next time I’m in town. Is it safe to put canned foods in the refrigerator?


Ekun: I know some people do once they are open, but I really don’t think it is safe unless it is a soda, etc. How you getting to Tan’s place to stay? Min Ho, we discussed these looks way back when in BOFK (Boys Over Flowers Korea)!

Unnichan: Oh, I have my ways. Girl we need those looks! That’s the only way we’ll be able to make it through 20 episodes! Wait, this show is 20 eps right?


Ekun: Yea girl. It is 20 episodes. I promise I am thinking, “Lord why 20” and we are only on episode 2.

Unnichan: Oh I love Daddy and Hyung!!! Hearts in my eyes everywhere!

Ekun:I do! I do! come here, I want to tell you something Daddy and Hyung…


Unnichan: Oh, so Daddy is still married to Hyung’s mom? Nasty! But pretty ballsy of Mom. What do you think? Would you do the same?


Ekun: I don’t share my (censored word) with other women, I am rolling and taking my kid! What are they Mormons? He got more than one wife and stuff?

Unnichan: Mormons and Muslims do the multiples. I don’t see how men think they can handle that. Don’t they know the only way that crap works is if the women are cool with it? Men are so silly sometimes. And she’s not his mother it seems. She just said she doesn’t have a kid! Oh this is some cray cray sticky family mess right here.

Ekun: Girl I am in the street! Can someone untangle this web of “WHO DADDY SCREWED” and who the babies (Hyung and Tan) mommas?!


Unnichan: Lol. Girl I am speechless! This woman is a step-mom that didn’t love Hyung, that I’m pretty sure Daddy cheated with, then he cheated on her again and had another kid, that they shipped to another country, for what seems like no reason at all. It’s got my eyes trying to twitch. This mess is borderline makjang. At least no one’s screaming… Yet.

Ekun: I feel for Tan and Ji Hyuk (what is his name in the show, have they said it?), this not the way life i.e. parents and whatnot are supposed to be. How sad.


Unnichan: Yea Tan’s Mom just said it, Won. But I’ma call him Hyung for now. I think I may feel for him, just a little. Daddy uses both of them.

Ekun: You right, Won… UUUMMM, mom (Eun Sang’s) is deaf. How is she suppose to understand what you are saying over the phone? You know I am cray cray about those things because I wanted to be an interpreter.


Unnichan: I’m sure they have special phones. And maybe she can hear, she just can’t speak. She hears/understands everything Momma Han says.

Ekun: I think she is lip reading when Momma Han and everyone else talks. I am not convinced, but I will let it go.

Unnichan: Dream catchers bringing girls. Is that an implication that he hopes his dreams come true?


Ekun: I would like my dream catcher to bring forth Kang Ha Neul at this point… I am getting weary waiting.

Unnichan: Yea not much is happening, I could even deal with a Woo Bin side eye right now.

Ekun: Woo Binnie! Young Do? That is his characters name, ne?

Unnichan: Sounds right. But truly, I have no clue. I wasn’t listening much in episode one.The instrumental crescendo of blossoming love… Cute. Felt like a Beauty and the Beast moment. Oh Tan, you are precious.


Ekun: I hope they paid for the rights to this song… I totally thought it was something else before they started singing. He is as precious as a baby’s bottom! Wait…

Unnichan: You think the saddest word was “Goodbye?” Or “forever?” Oh wait, he didn’t say “scariest word” did he?

Ekun: No, he said the most beautiful word was “Mother” and never said what the saddest word was. I think “Goodbye” could be. Many people don’t like to say it– when I hang up the phone I do not tell people goodbye. Where did this Eun Sang run off to?

Unnichan: Well, “forever” can sound pretty in other languages but the reality will always be the scariest thing to me. “Goodbye,” I’m actually cool with, it’s alot like “No” in my book but I definitely think that’s the implication in the scene. Ugh! I told you Eun Suk was the world’s worst! She’s stealing from everyone! See Eun Sang has the right idea. Those fools are chubsters. Now see Rachel, I told you it would be this way.


Ekun: Ok, where are the other characters?! Young Do? Where are you boo, because I am really over this US adventure we are having here.


Unnichan: Hehehe. Patience grasshopper. Patience. We may not see them until we get back to Korea for school. I’m quite annoyed with Woo Bin though. I get it but he gets a “No.”

Ekun: UH! You right, remember on style Log when Soo Hyuk was like they all went to K- Con without Woo Binnie! LOL!

Unnichan: There he is!!! Oh but he seems so pitiful. I feel horrible for him already. Poor Hyo Jin.


Ekun: My BOOO!!!!!! Kang Ha Neul! Kang Ha Neul! *Ekun’s chant of excitement*

Unnichan: Have I spotted another bromance?! This might be the best part of this show. Now all I need to see is my little Hyukie.


Ekun: You know I get weak in the knees over a bromance! It is what I live for in a drama; bromance over a romance any day of the week!

Unnichan: I’m glad Eun Sang and Chan Young are ace boon coons. No issues. Me like. Just hope that doesn’t change. Why is Tan so nosy!!! I hate that stuff. But I suppose it’s suppose to be cute. And he is adorable. Perhaps he’s an aspiring writer/director and he needs subjects.

Ekun: Adorable, yes. Nosy, yes. They crazy– this ain’t Seoul where you can takes cabs all the time. People don’t do that in CA, it is too expensive.


Unnichan: He is rich. And people with cash in LA aren’t into public. Believe me.

Ekun: You right, but I am not leaving my car at campus unless I can’t drive at all either. Different strokes for different folks.

Unnichan: Sikkie!!!!!! *squeals and waves* I like him already. You’d think I listen to K-pop given how much I love these little jokers.


Ekun: Why is he (Tan) all up in her “facebook”?


Unnichan: Chan Young is great but Bo Na (Krystal) is crazy!


Ekun: I didn’t know Myung Soo! Chopsticks and curves! Hilarious! Of course Bo Na is crazy! She gotta deal with all the curves in the US. HA!

Unnichan: Mmk they’re all 18. I foresee a time jump. Or at least I’m praying for one. Drama gods… *Cling Bells*

Ekun: I knew they were older, we can’t have Min Ho play an age too much younger.

Unnichan: See now, we’re through Rachel. Never getting love from me. We would rumble. I can’t with her. But I guess Eun Sang was so flabbergasted she just wanted to get out of there.


Ekun: Rachel feet look fat. Those shoes are a no go! She just got the “B” word from me! UGH!

Unnichan: You know I hate that word. Why must women be boxed into such characterizations. Young Do! Lol. How did I know you were going to go there. Oh I love me some Myung Soo. Can we just have a show with the boys? Please?


Ekun: The boys are always great. They need a young version of AGD (A Gentleman’s Dignity) … without the crazy women. And I know you hate that word, but she is acting out and acting like a Bia.

Unnichan: I hated that show. That’s why Writer-nim and I are on thin ice with drama. Ouch.That was cold Tan but true, so I ain’t mad.

Ekun: I don’t think it was cold, I was like well…Why is Rachel so damn evil!?


Unnichan: Me and Rachel are going to have a very hard time with full headache inducing side-eyes over the course of this show. I don’t get why it’s impossible to be kind to strangers.

Ekun: Look Rachel, I am not against you having your “gun”, but you need to ask questions first and shoot later (if there is a reason to shoot)! This is why Tan can’t “fools” with you. So does Young Do have a crush on her? It that why he so salty she went to the US?

Unnichan: She was asking questions but she didn’t care about the answers. It’s clear that she likes him and takes this engagement seriously but I need her to step back. And get her life together. It’s clear to me and you (Rachel) that he’s … wait for it… “not that into you.”

Ekun: She asked questions, but not the right questions and never gave Eun Sang a momo to speak! I can’t deal with stuff like that. He is SO not into you girl. Let that go, I am certain you can find another rich sap who will love you for you treacherous ways.


Unnichan: She doesn’t have to look anywhere. I know you saw Woo Bin’s I mean, Young Do’s face when Myung Soo said she’s was in that 미국 running after Tan. It’s that Cruel Intentions. Perhaps that’s why he’s against the marriage?

Ekun: You right. I was just thinking if he was being facetious at the dinner table with the parents, but I guess he was really serious about “sister” being his type. Aigoo.

Unnichan: So this must be “they’re” song, courtesy of FT Island. And all I can say is Tan, why you asking me? How is she supposed to know? I think I should be glad it hasn’t taken 10 episodes to come to this juncture or that you didn’t just journal about it, but this girl was just crying over trash in the street. I’m pretty sure she hasn’t had time to think about whether you are into her or not. Anyone in their right mind would just be grateful.

Ekun: I agree, but I think his character is one who is constantly in “think mode” that if he were to do this for 10 episodes we would be ready to slit our wrist!


Unnichan: After two episodes what are you thinking of The Heirs?

Ekun: I am very pleased with the show overall in the first 2 episodes. They are moving a bit slow for my taste, but we have to make this last for 20 episodes. We have great characters, questionable characters, WTF characters, and characters we are going to love to hate. All in all I think this could be a show that can pleasantly surprise me in the end– I am not getting my hopes up because that would be stupid, but it is not the total train wreck I thought it to be off the back. Kang Ha Neul! I think it is funny you are playing everyone’s sunbae when you are younger than them. But in a Korean drama, age is thrown out the window, ne? I want a Salted Caramel White Chocolate Mocha.

Unnichan: Age of an actor is always up for debate. It depends on who can carry the role and I think Kang Ha-neul certainly can. And I agree we have a smorgasbord of characters. My favorite being the cutie pie Myungsoo. I want him in my pocket. And if I wasn’t fairly certain that Young-do was feening over Rachel, I’d say there was possibility for a boy-boy relationship somewhere on the horizon. But we’ll have to wait and see, cause I could be right. But as far as the show goes, this couplet could’ve have easily been one episode. What transpired between the leads didn’t warrant two full hours, regardless of how many characters we have swimming in this tank. Especially since, we spent the bulk of our time looking at Tan and Eun Sang do nothing. I want to believe drastic editing could fix my qualms but I feel it’s the dialogue as well. We’ve both seen Kim Eun-sook dramas and it’s rather odd that this one is missing that zip the others have had. I admit that her dramas lean toward pretension but this (drama) was so off kilter for me, I couldn’t even snark. I think it may all even out once we get everyone back to Korea though, so I’m just going to wait. With that said, though, I’m enjoying all the characters, (even Rachel, though I hate her) and look forward to seeing how their stories pan out. I’m highly intrigued by Hyung, Hyo Jin and Young Do, but I chalk Young Do up to being portrayed by Kim Woo Bin, whom I always seem to appreciate regardless of my impression of his characters. But with that said, I still don’t get why there’s this misconception that he’s “physically” attractive. He oozes confidence and dare I say, sex appeal but good looking, he is not.


Ekun: I agree, the show is missing that “Kim Eun Sook” touch that we are accustomed to in her writing. I find it interesting that we are drawn by the same characters Unnichan, most of the time we find interest in completely different characters. However, I am glad we are both looking at Hyung (Won), Young Do, and Hyo Jin. I am adding Tan to my list because he is incredibly intriguing to me as well. I would really like to see more of his character as time goes by. Here is hoping that episode 3 & 4 pick up the pace, Eun Sang doesn’t lose my “favor”, and that I see more of Kang Ha Neul (I don’t know who Unnichan is looking for so I made it personal to what I am watching the show for)!


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