Running Man Headlines: Martial Arts, Advertisements, and a Chauffeur

Lore in Stone Cities hath returned from her long journey. After a week of some insane moments and awesome times in Taiwan I am ready to return to “normal”, in other words time for some Running Man headlines:

ep 140

Ratings: Episode 140

1. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 18.0

2. SBS Running Man 16.6

3. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 13.0

ep 141

Ratings: Episode 141

1. SBS Running Man 18.1

2. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 14.2

3. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 13.5


Gary: Master of fan service?

April 11th marked a dream come true for any fan of Kang Gary– a shout out from the star himself to meet in person. The conversation started on twitter when Gary offered the following shout out:

For those who are having a hard time in life and need someone to talk to, whoever replies first, let’s meet up and talk”

A lucky female fan snatched the prize by replying with a simple: “Me!”

Gary responded: “Let’s meet next week. I will send you a private message about the time and place.

The fan could not help but tweet back in excitement: “Daebak! I don’t think I will be able to sleep. Wheeee,

Gary boxer

Gary: Master of martial arts?

A recent broadcast found Gary being introduced as nothing less than a Korean Chuck Norris. His past achievements were announced as: Attended bodyguard school, 8th degree black belt in taekwando, 8th degree black belt in hapkido, and a skilled boxer.

Humble Gary took to twitter in regards to the broadcast:

“Hul~ Now I’ve become a fight master. I’m embarrassed because it seems like a lie. Am I that impressive? My friends will poke fun at me about my supposed fighting ability again… Oh well~~~ I’m going to go eat pho now.”

The news of Gary’s martial arts past is no secret, while appearing on Yoo Jae Suk’s talk show Come to Play in 2009 he commented on his fighting ability. While I cannot say for certain if all of the accolades are true I would like to think that they are- because that makes his persona on Running Man all that much more endearing.

Running Man cast goes commercial

As in CF that is. The cast has been appearing solo in various advertisements released over the past few weeks. Here are some highlights:

Yoo Jae Suk for Coke

The nation’s MC and his fellow cast members of Infinite Challenge were selected to appear in commercials for Coca Cola. Check out the ad below:

Lee Gwang Soo goes orange

Does anyone else think he looks like a 1970’s pimp in this? Check out the giraffe’s CF for Fanta below:

Song Ji Hyo goes Audrey Hepburn for pizza

Running Man’s ace was recently selected to be the new face of Mr Pizza, appearing in an advertisement wearing an outfit donned by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Check out the CF below:

Movie Video to sweep the world?

Psy’s new MV has been released. Titled Gentleman the video features appearances from the members of the show Infinite Challenge, including Yoo Jae Suk and Haha. While not a commercial, still a media-rific appearance from two members of the RM Cast. Check it out below

Driver YJS

Lee Jung Jae reveals Yoo Jae Suk was his driver

On a recent episode of Healing Camp, actor Lee Jung Jae (New World) revealed details about his past with Yoo Jae Suk, saying:

“Yoo Jae Suk basically carried me on his back and raised me.”

The actor also noted that the nation’s MC used to work as his driver. Add chauffeur to the list of Yoo Jae Suk’s past jobs, which among other things include a stint as a bartender.




9 thoughts on “Running Man Headlines: Martial Arts, Advertisements, and a Chauffeur

  1. now i’m craving pizza,lol and you can really tell it’s ji hyo that’s singing in the cf and you’re right kwangsoo does look like pimp,lol
    p.s glad your back =)

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