I Should have just conned her! Life lessons from That Winter


Yes, Soo you should have just conned her. You really failed to achieve your goal with this one. Dedication! Where was your dedication! Aish! In related ramblings…That Winter the Wind Blows will end its 16 episode run next week. It amazes me that we are already at the finish line; it feels like just yesterday when I was thinking “Ha. So she sends him to prison cause she loves him? Is she related to the girl from Nice Guy?”.

In honor of the series coming to an end let’s take a step back and look at the gems of knowledge gleaned thus far. Henceforth are the life lessons gained from watching my new favorite conman-blind girl-Kim Bum-tree and wind melodrama. Cheers!

The pill

1. Get rid of the suicide pill!

A pill capable of almost instant death is not a keepsake. It should not go in your scrapbook and should definitely not be kept in your dresser.

Life lesson: If someone gives you a suicide pill, please dispose of it. And not by taking it. Or giving it to the blind girl that you live with. Suicide pills make bad things happen.

 Winter Wind

2. Snow is jealous, it just falls

Who knew that the winter wind is a musically talented element that gives people photographic memory!

Life lesson: Winter is the new summer. Embrace the winter and remember- you too can create a symphony with trees, ice, and wind. Somehow. Trust me, I saw it on tv.

Black sheep

3. The Black Sheep

I still wonder which one was most unlike the rest of the family…

Life lesson: For every murdering crook there is a highly educated power surgeon waiting to call them brother-skip judging a book by its cover, its related volume may be the only one that can save your true love. .  

 Memory Room

4. Memory Rooms

No-not panic rooms. Memory rooms, where you go to …um…remember.

Life lesson: Dedicate one room in your house to becoming a memory room. Every time anything painful happens in your life go into your memory room and record a video. If you do this long enough you will be granted the super power to see the past events that occurred in the room. Magic.

 real brother

5. Destiny?

Your roommate has the same name as you. They may be an heir to a fortune. They tragically die. Is this fate?

Life lesson: The world works in mysterious ways, seize unexpected opportunities when they come your way. Especially if you owe a mob boss millions. Just be prepared to meet your victims, you should just con them. None of that love business.


3 thoughts on “I Should have just conned her! Life lessons from That Winter

  1. I watch a bit of this drama on tv before I miss you starts*well started since it finished this week* on mbc, and it didn’t really catch my attention. In my opinion I think this is what happens when you try making a movie into a drama.

  2. Haha.. at your “skip judging a book by its cover, its related volume may be the only one that can save your true love. . ” xD
    So many weird connections in Dramaland.. this one may be the most silly.

    • This was pretty ridiculous, especially because they were all kids from the neighborhood turned to crime except for our super brain surgeon. But I guess…she fit the story….or at least the story need. Sigh, I give up.

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