Things that are worse than Level 7 Civil Servant (hint: there are not many)

I made it out alive. I watched all twenty episodes of Level 7 Civil Servant, a terrible, terrible, terrible, horrible, nonsensical mess that goes beyond the fun of mocking it. Did I mention it was awful? I liked this show as of the halfway point (as long as I took it with a grain of salt); unfortunately the last ten episodes took a nose dive right into utter absurdity that ceased to be ha-ha funny and instead became just painfully misguided and pathetic.

But I will try to stay positive. I have spent the last twenty four hours trying to think of things that are worse than this show. I came up with four. And that took a long time. A really long time. I need a drink.


1. A meteor hitting the earth

Because extinction and utter destruction is worse than Joo Won appearing in this show. But just barely.

Super Babies

2. Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2

The plot: A group of smart-talking toddlers find themselves at the center of a media mogul’s experiment to crack the code to baby talk. The toddlers must race against time for the sake of babies everywhere.


3. Being killed by Bigfoot

Because you would have the moment of “Oh my god, big foot is real!” but before you could tell anyone or prove it he would eat you. I think that is slightly worse than this show. But not by much.


4. Sharing an apartment with a rabid opossum

It has rabies. Note: this situation is only worse than Level 7 Civil Servant if the opossum bites you.

11 thoughts on “Things that are worse than Level 7 Civil Servant (hint: there are not many)

  1. I just knew when I saw the cast that this wasn’t gonna be a good drama especially since this too is based loosely on a kmovie, koreans are bad at remakes*in my opinion*.

    • So true. What other Korean movies-made into dramas have you watched? I am curious, I feel like TWTWB and L7CS are the only ones that come to mind for me (note- I have the memory of a fish. Five seconds and then it is gone). I need to know what to avoid 🙂

      • I think those are it…I just hope it’s not gonna become a trend of making kmovies into kdramas =/ But If i do remember of another kmovie turned kdrama or hear of one i’ll let you know,lol

      • ooh i just found out of another movie turned kdrama I don’t think it has aired yet and If i’m not wrong it’s gonna start when Nine:Nine Time Travels end. It’s called Dating Agency:Cyrano and if you’ve seen the movie then you can guess it comes from the movie Cyrano Dating Agency. Didn’t really like the movie so i’m not sure if to watch it’s drama when it airs.

      • Thanks for letting me know. I have not watched the movie, how is it? I heard horrible whispers that they were taking the flower boy series towards a movie remake….I shudder to think what may happen but I hold my breath at the possible awesomeness based on the previous entries in this series.

      • I found it boring it had like potential but i’m not sure what happened. It started good but then I sorta lost interest half way into the movie. So maybe the drama will be different but I seriously doubt it. I hope they don’t if they make a disaster*in my opinion* of a drama based on a movie I don’t even wanna think how it would be the other way around. Though now i’m wondering if there are movies based on dramas,lol

      • I’m just gonna watch the first episode or like my brother does with his movies give it the 20 min test, because who knows it may end surprising me.

  2. Hahhaha.. tell us how you really feel now 😉
    I was never in danger of really wanting to watch this, not being a huge Joo Won fan, but now I’m super glad that I didn’t. Opossums scare me.

    • Opossums are scary, almost as scary as this drama. To make it more frightening they need to be infected with rabies to bridge the gap between this drama and regular opossum scary…further evidence that this show belongs in opossum rabies horrid land.

  3. Well ^^ I am happy that I dropped it at the 10th Episode 😀
    I knew that the next half wouldn’t better… The plot was … and the lead actors chemistry wasn’t good.

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