Running Man Headlines: High Fashion HaHa, Ugly Gary, and Ji Hyo vs. Ji Hyo

Grab some ramyun, warn the neighbors of possible hyena like laughter, and prepare for some guest packed episodes of Running Man. Judging the quality of the next two episodes based on the guest list leaves me apprehensively joyful. Episode 138 will feature Kim Su Ro (A Gentleman’s Dignity), Kim Woo Bin (School 2013), CN Blue’s Lee Jong Hyun, Lee Jong Suk (School 2013),and Min Hyo Rin (The Grand Heist) in a school themed jaunt. Episode 139 has Go Ah Ra (Snow Flower) and Lee Yeon Hee (Ghost) guesting. Episode 137’s surprising awesomeness has me intrigued in regards to the next couple of episodes. I hope Running Man keeps it up. Now on to the headlines!

Ratings: Episode 137

1. SBS Running Man 18.4 percent

2. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 16.1 percent

3. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 14.2 percent


Yoo Jae Suk- A whole lot of headlines

Where to start…this past week has brought a bevy of tame headlines about the nation’s MC, the majority of which focused on his nice guy nice guyness. While they are not necessarily the most shocking or newsworthy of stories I still want to share some of what is being said about RM’s grasshopper:

Infinite Challenge: Weaknesses and the Brits

On the March 16th episode of Yoo Jae Suk’s other variety hit Infinite Challenge the cast had their stress levels measured. As part of the test each cast member was asked about their strengths and weaknesses. Jae Suk listed his strengths as always doing his best and laughing a lot. As far as his weaknesses he mentioned his tendency to nag others to do well and be indecisive. In other words his weakness is that he will cheer on his friends. Seriously! I will say it time and time again- what a nice guy.

Britain’s TV Channel 4 recently filmed a segment on Infinite Challenge for the documentary program “The Greatest Shows on Earth”. Infinite Challenge is extremely popular in Korea which led the show to be featured in the UK program. The objective of the documentary is to showcase interesting and popular shows from around the globe.

Beware Fake Yoo Jae Suks!

If Jae Suk friends you on facebook beware. Apparently the nation’s MC is not a user of the popular SNS but is plagued by fake accounts under his name that friend people, respond to messages, and keep up the fake-celebrity act. Recent articles warned netizens to beware the fake grasshopper.


Ugly Gary sends Ji Hyo a message

Gary appeared on an episode of  SBS’s One Night of TV Entertainment in response to his recent top ranking on online polls. Gary was voted the:

-Celebrity that would be nice to his girlfriend

-Charming Ugly Man

-Star discovered through variety programming

In response to his first place win in the charming ugly man poll Kang Gary gave hope to ugly guys everywhere by saying:

I admit I’m ugly. People told me they got more popular because they look like me. I’d like men who look like me to gain hope through me.

When not busy inspiring plain men everywhere (note- Lore in Stone Cities does not think Gary is ugly. End note) Gary spent time filming a video shout out to his Monday Couple partner Ji Hyo. His message followed the announcement that the pair topped the online poll of stars that could have been married in a past life:

“I decided not to get close to you. Because it seems like in love, the more I try to get closer, the farther you get. So will you just stay as you are in that place right now?”



HaHas Mutiny for Elle

HaHa’s 19TV Mutiny for Elle

In the April edition of Elle Korea the cast of MBCs Haha’s 19tv Mutiny appear in an energetic photo spread. The magazine interviewed HaHa on the details of  HaHa’s 19tv Mutiny (which, as the title implies, is a show he MCs) and his various characters in variety programming. HaHa’s 19tv Mutiny premiered on September 4, 2012 and features talk segments and comedic bits starring the panel of co-hosts. The show recently went through a segment overhaul, including a set change.

Ji Hyo versus Ji Hyo

Actress Ji Hyo vs Ace Ji Hyo

Miss Mong is an actress starring in several ad campaigns. She also regularly appears on Running Man sans makeup. The past week has seen pictures circulating online comparing CF Ji Hyo to Ace Ji Hyo via similarly setup photos. In one picture Ji Hyo is gracefully spraying her face. In the second photo the Running Man’s ace is misting with a rather ungraceful expression on her face -all of which is further proof that this girl can go from pretty to practical in a split second. Did I mention that I want to be her when I grow up?

Gary Kicks

Kicks for Gary

The mouthful of an event Puma Future Suede Launching Party occurred March 21st in Seoul. Several stars showed up for the event including RM’s Kang Gary. Also in attendance were Kim Young Kwang, Lee Kyun, Hoo Ni Hoon, Joo Suk, Soul Dive, Jewelry, and B1A4. Puma used the event to showcase their three new suede sneakers. Check out Gary’s red kicks in the above photo. Sponsored shoes fighting!

Parting Thoughts (fondly remembering framer Gwang Soo)


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