Running Man Headlines: Comic books, HaHa decorates, and a Monday Couple kiss?

Which Running Man cast member used to tend bar (hint: despite the hilarious mental image it is not Gwang Soo)? Why is this Sunday going to cause head explosions? What is this week’s parting clip? Read on for more good old Running Man headlines. Here is hoping you had a good week! Cheers!

Ratings: Episode 136

1. SBS Running Man 20.4 percent

2. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 14 percent

3. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 13 percent

Bartender- Drink Please!

I need a time machine so I can go to this pub. Well, I actually need a time machine for a variety of reasons which largely encompass a self serving drive to see how bad iced jeans and perms really looked, but hey that is for another day.

On the March 7th broadcast of Happy Together 3 it was revealed that the nation’s MC once worked at a pub. Comedian Kim Tae Kyun appeared on the episode, revealing that as a student he held a variety of part time jobs. One of Tae Kyun’s gigs was at a pub where he hired Yoo Jae Suk to bartend. This was before the nation’s MC hit it big but after he debuted. Can you imagine Jae Suk as a bartender? With his wit and quick on his feet comebacks I have a feeling the grasshopper owned this job in an amazing way. Time machine- looking for time machine! Will pay top dollar!

Haha decorates

Interior designer Haha- condolences to Byul

It is no secret that HaHa loves Reggae; this man has shown his love time and time again through his music and his personal style. So when it came time to decorate his newlywed house HaHa stuck with his passion and painted the walls green, yellow, black,  and red. In response HaHa’s wife Byul tweeted:

In the end, my husband.. did this…. to the… new house as well… Hahahahahaha;;;;;

I wonder what the nursery will look like…

What do you think of HaHa’s interior design?

Monday Couple Pepero Game

Breaking News: Mass head explosions predicted for Sunday 3/17

The world is waiting in baited breath for the next episode of Running Man. Episode 137 has promised a pepero game between the Monday Couple. Like the radio broadcast of War of the Worlds no one is sure what may happen- what is the reality and what is fiction? Mass panic is sure to ensue. Or just heavy sighing and more Monday Couple fan fiction. Either way we all win.

The next episode of Running Man features a game that I normally groan at- the princess/ queen/ carry-the-girl around challenge that has been played a handful of times. This week’s episode gives us UEE, Noh Sa Yeon, and Ji Hyo acting as princesses via a premise based on a Korean folktale. The story goes: there is a princess Pyungkang who gives her heart to a fool by the name of Ondal. Through their love Ondal becomes educated and rises to become a famous general. The male cast will play versions of the fool Ondal. The episode will feature games that attempt to make our fools into great men…which apparently includes the pepero game (which is a game played with pepero also known as pocky sticks. The sticks, which are chocolate covered biscuits, are shared between two people who bite down on the treat simultaneously as they inch closer and closer towards an inevitable kiss. The first person to let go of the pepero stick is the looser of the game).

All I can say is that I want Gary and Ji Hyo to win this one. Seriously, or I will go all Orson Welles panicked in the street. Which will probably embarrass the hubby and frighten the neighbors. Yet it is still worth it.


Yoo jae Suk- disprespectful?

Every major (note the word major) article I have read about this topic has one message- why is this even being discussed? I include this in Running Man headlines because it has been making the rounds in Korean media, so it constitutes a headline. For the record I think this is ridiculous criticism.

The lowdown- On the March 9th broadcast of MBC’s Infinite Challenge the cast spent a day acting as taxi drivers. At one point during the episode Yoo Jae Suk had his hands in his pockets while conversing with a real life taxi driver. The uproar around this action is that the taxi driver appeared older than Jae Suk, therefore the MC’s casual stance showed disrespect towards the man. The controversy started on the site Ilbe (a social site that is known for, how do I say this nicely, overly judgmental social commentary) and carried over into mainstream media. Most of the news articles from the mainstream press decried the fact that this was even brought up, citing the fact that the two were engaged in a casual conversation and Jae Suk was not showing disrespect. Grasshopper fighting!


HaHa vs. Kim Tae Woo

Hmmmm..former member of G.O.D. faces HaHa. Choices, choices. On a recent episode of HaHa’s 19TV Mutiny the former first generation idol faced off against Haroro in a five minute make over segment. The face-off started when Tae Woo, guesting on the show, had his looks made fun of by HaHa. Tae Woo gave as good as he got and let HaHa know that he should be the last person criticizing his attractiveness. The banter lead to the inevitable-with a time limit of five minutes the duo did their makeup and gave a choice to netizens to vote online for whom was the best looking.  Who do you think should win?

RM Comic 2

RM Comic 1

Faster than a speeding bullet. Savior of the galaxy. Running Man unite!

I admit it, I geeked out over the news that there was an official Running Man comic. Then I realized it was more of a do-good tale for the kiddies. Then I realized it did not matter- I would still buy it. Realizing things is fun.

The comic will be released in Korea on 3/25. The illustrated adventure follows the Running Man cast as they complete a mission- all while teaching children about the world of broadcasting and friendship. Running Man has a huge youth following in Korea so this is a no-brainer for the show. My only hesitant thought is- will we have betrayal? Cause that might not fit the whole friendship thing. But I would love it. Regardless sign me up. Already love the grasshopper and giraffe imagery.

Parting thoughts- because it makes me laugh

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