Running Man Cast Clips: Part 2

Back in the waiting game. Back to the cast clips. Henceforth are more of the vids I cannot get enough of. When a girl needs Running Man she needs Running Man. Cheers!

New Years Special- Complete with Hanbok Gary and Ji Hyo

Gary and Ji Hyo interview- 2012 SBS Awards

Maybe I am Monday Couple fan girling a little bit today? Yeah- there is a few second clip of the two playing the peporo game going around. I can’t help it, I will take what I can get.

The Giraffe wins SBS new variety star 2011

Adorkably awkward  when giving a speech, I heart you giraffe!

Kim Jong Sook gives a lecture- and phones a friend

Professor Kim Jong Kook gave a lecture at a university and gave props to his RM cast mates by phoning them into the lecture. Daebak!

Call to Ji Hyo:

Call to Gary:

HaHa Byul Wedding Photo Shoot

Beyond Daebak. Check out Gwang Soo, Leessang’s photo bomb, and the commander vs. the grasshopper. Did I mention the couple is super freaking adorable? After all HaHa met his last love!



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