Running Man Headlines: Monday Couple, MC Nice Guy, and Sparta’s List

Monday Couple speculation, the announcement of the Commander’s what-he-wants-in-a-woman list, and Jae Suk’s domination of the trending topics on Nate made for a week of, um, Running Man headlines! Read on to find out where Running Man landed in the ratings, details on the Ace’s new drama and further proof that Jae Suk is such a nice guy. Cheers.

Ratings Episode 135

1. SBS Running Man 19.0 percent

2. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 15.6 percent

3. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 12.4 percent

Monday Couple

Monday Couple stands a chance?

A certain Kpop news site which will remain nameless posted a spoiler entry complete with blaring headlines of a possible real Monday Couple relationship.  Like the deluded fangirl I am I shouted yay! I embarked upon my species instinctive behavior and viewed the article a bazillion times and read the discussion posts a few times more.

Needless to say the Monday Couple has a big enough fan base to make the Tuesday couple nervous. Okay, there is no Tuesday couple. I made that up. But it sounded okay, no? The cause of the article was an exchange between Gary and Ji Hyo during episode 135’s phone bomb game (like hot potato but with cell phones and Jackie Chan):

Suk Jin: Ji Hyo, do you have thoughts on dating Gary?

Ji Hyo: I will think about it later

Gary: No, not later. Tell me now with an O or an X. Now that the topic has been raised tell me.

Ji Hyo: If you give me the 3 carat diamond ring from Macao I will think about it. If you give me the 3- (Ji Hyo was then eliminated when the phone bomb went off, forever making Monday Couple fans wonder what she was about to say)

My favorite response to this article (and major credit to the artist):



Yoo Jae Suk celebrates comedy

Gag Concert’s recent episode focused on the history of Korean comedy, complete with an appearance from our favorite MC. Jae Suk appeared on the show presenting a tribute to the late Kim Hyung Gon (a dominating presence in 1990’s Korean comedy). The grasshopper, in all of his super awesome nice-guyness respect-others generally-great-human-beingness, said:

“Sunbaenim, it’s me. I still remember what you said about how laughter should always bring strength. I will work hard to make sure your dream comes true. I miss you.”

Mandate of Heaven

Song Ji Hyo currently filming drama Mandate of Heaven

Our Ace is starring in a new KBS drama titled “Mandate of Heaven”. The show is billed as a saguek thriller drama and stars Song Ji Hyo and Lee Dong Wook. Ji Hyo plays the assistant of Dong Wook’s physician turned fugitive character. Having starred in a few past saguek’s  (Frozen Flower, Gye Baek) I am happy to see Ji Hyo back in this genre. Mandate of Heaven will premier in April, following the conclusion of Iris 2’s marathon CF premise.

Yoo Jae Suk dominates Nate’s trending topics list

Nate is the parent company of Cyworld, Korea’s social networking site of choice. This past month saw our grasshopper topping the trending topics list on Nate, via his mega fear of heights. To round off the top five we had over criticism of WGM’s newest bride (seriously?!), Ki Woo Hyun’s passing, a query of where Yeeun placed in high school, and more Park Shi Hoo drama (which is an everyday occurrence anymore):

1. Yoo Jae Suk’s explosive tears (over heights)

2. Go Jun Hee’s stomach fat
3. Min Ki Woo Hyun’s death
4. Yeeun high school rank #8
5. Park Shi Hoo’s scandal witness

Jae Suk’s fear of heights is legendary (and shared with HaHa and Gwang Soo). Never mind his tears, I think I cried watching him face the Macau tower.


Sparta looking for love?

So what would make up an ideal date for the Commander? KJK’s friend Jang Hyuk appeared on Entertainment Relay and gave his friend’s girlfriend-to-be-checklist:

“She has to be someone who likes spending a lot of time at the gym and loves protein as well as chicken breast meat”

Even if I was not married I would be out at the word gym. Guess it was never meant to be (insert sarcastic sigh here). And how is this guy so perfect?

Parting thoughts (because it makes me laugh)- cheers!

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