Running Man Cast Clips Part 1

This post is totally random, but it is Sunday after all. I am patiently waiting for the new Running Man episode to be subbed. And by patiently waiting I mean I am watching my favorite Running Man cast vids. From interviews to clips there are some tidbits of moving pictures I cannot seem to get enough of. Pure fangirl, I know, but I thought I would share my favorites links. Cheers!

2011 SBS Awards

Kim Jong Kook and Haha peform Rosa

Love Gwang Soo and Jae Suk’s dancing:

Gary and Kim Jong Kook cameo in Gwang Soo’s movie “Wonderful Radio”

And then they were actors:

Kim Jong Kook- Words I Want to Say to You (featuring HaHa and Gary)

Nuff said

Running Man Dance Party

Black cat! Ji Hyo clapping like a fan girl! Couple wave!

HaHa Black Cat

Haroro Black Cats it up almost as well as the Commander. From the X-Man days this clip gives us much younger versions of the tiger, grasshopper, and everyone’s favorite perpetual child.

Running Man PD Cho Hyo Jin’s Interview

Because reality and the guys behind the scenes are the ones to cheer for.

HaHa interview

Gary can sleep anywhere

This is from Infinite Challenge, Gil’s variety arena.

Gary vs. Lee Seung Gi: 2010 SBS Awards

Guess who wins. Hint- Gary. Fighting Oppa!

Monday couple live!

Song Ji Hyo on stage with Gary during a performance of Turn Off the TV. Sigh.


Ji Suk Jin. Out!

Seriously hilarious. Let the games begin!

Yoo Hyuk is born!

The origins of our dance club president.

Monday Couple Compilation

Still on-board this ship.

Gwang Soo Style

Cheesy, overdone, I know. But still freaking hilarious when it features the Giraffe. Oppa Gwang Soo style!

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