Time Jumping Shenanigans…or Life Lessons from Queen In Hyun’s Man


How I enjoyed this weekend. My plate was thankfully empty, empty enough to revel in the hours that accommodated a marathon of Queen In Hyun’s Man. I was mesmerized by my first watching of QIHM, I am proud to admit that the second time through I found myself equally enthralled. In the spirit of experiencing a story the second time around let’s look at the life lessons that the best time travel drama of 2012 can teach us…

Script Mod

1. It is obvious when the past is changed by a time traveler

After all- when the past is modified all books, scripts, music, and poems relying on historical context change as well. And to highlight this fact the editor, scriptwriter, and lackey will come up and hand you the latest version. Just do not ask them about the changes- that is crazy talk.

Life lesson: Time travel that results in complete rewritings of the past may seem scary. But do not fear, such changes are always apparent. As soon as you get the revised script realize that the rewrites are not from the writer, they are from new history.


2. Entertainment Manager Job Description: Frustrating

Having to explain your clients wacko behavior- beyond impossible

Life lesson: Managers should be paid based on the number of episodic breakdowns their clients have per year (extra for possible hallucinations and sudden client abandonment of promotional events).

Culture Shock

3. MENSA members are immune to culture shock

Super intelligent humans have no boundaries; as long as they observe and research they can face anything.

Life lesson: Intelligence rules. Just think, if really, really intelligent individuals were featured in the Twilight Zone Episode “To Serve Man” those aliens would have been screwed- and super hungry.


4. Priceless Sword = Audis

Every girl dreams of nice things. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your boyfriend sold his ancient family sword to buy you a car?

Life lesson: If you date a time traveler he should be willing to part ways with his possessions, after all they are antiques that buy sweet rides and expensive jewelry. Get with the now!

Time Traveler Changin History

5. Time Travel, Creating Great Things Since…um…who knows?

So- you are a time traveler from the past? I would recommend moseying on over to the library and figuring out what happened in your “time”- the bad and the good. Then, use your super powerful talisman to randomly travel back and forth and change history to suit your needs.

Life lesson: Time travel is freaking awesome- especially when you can travel with an unlimited time jumping talisman. Do not question purposely changing the past to fit your wishes, after all what harm could you possibly do by completely rewriting history? I am sure it will all be fine. Really (note tone of sarcasm and anxious giggles).

4 thoughts on “Time Jumping Shenanigans…or Life Lessons from Queen In Hyun’s Man

  1. I loved this drama, too — it’s in my top five watched so far — but these are all very relevant observations. Some of them *may* have crossed my mind while watching, but I was too enthralled by the story to pay much attention. 🙂

  2. One of most favorite dramas. 🙂 But I agree with CherryCordial — your list is awesome. Another side affect of MENSA membership? Super-amazing haircutting skills. From main-of-glory to flower-boy chic with a few minutes in the mens’ room and a pair of drug-store scissors. (Such a clever boy. ;))

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