95 Reasons to Appreciate Korean Drama…or My Favorite Cliches from Drama Land

1.    Jeju Island should be visited at least once a month (and always at a critical point in a relationship / emotional issue)
2.    Wear heels. Always.
3.    There are three things they test for on Korean driving examinations: pulling to the side of the road quickly, making a u-turn, and running over pedestrians.
4.    Grandma is right. 100% of the time.
5.    Periodically stop what you are doing and remember random things. Music will play.
6.    The same music always plays. It usually has the words love, girl, or paradise in the chorus (Note- look for Lore in Stone Cities debut song: Girl Paradise Love Remember Melody).
7.    Cross-dressing is the key to getting the hot guy you have lusted after for years (or days).
8.    The three biggest health crises in Korea are amnesia, discovering you have human emotions, and long drawn out mystery illnesses requiring a humidifier.
9.    If you are going to discuss a secret with another person make sure you do it where it can be overheard.
10.    When overhearing a secret, always assume the logical explanation is the most outlandish and emotionally damaging theory possible. It is always best to misunderstand.

11.    Mother and Father in laws hate the wife / husband of their child.
12.    Korean Mother in laws would scare Godzilla back to Monster Island.
13.    Rich Korean men are always pining after their lost loves, who are inevitably an actress, ballerina, or generally perfect specimens of fashionable popularity.
14.    While dating and marriage contracts are wrong they almost always end up in a happy story. Who would have thunk.

15.    Phones should have dangly things attached.
16.    Phones should also be lost as much as possible, preferably in places where your arch-rival can find it.
17.    Being the King of Korea is hard.
18.    Being the Queen of Korea is harder.
19.    Being the heir to the throne of Korea is almost impossible.
20.    Body swapping can happen at any time; best to carry around a change of clothes just in case.
21.    Body swapping often leads to lifelong love. After all, there is not much left to reveal to another person once their soul directed your physical form around in your birthday suit.
22.    If you body swap best to lay low. I am sure no one will notice (giggles quietly in anticipation)
23.    Rock star= best job ever. Except 70% of the time (30% of it you are performing to vast crowds and being worshiped. Go you!)
24.    Meat and ramyun = soul food.
25.    Always refer to the following word when you are sad- Fighting!
26.    Kimchi brings families closer together.
27.    If he grabs your wrist, he loves you.
28.    If you live in America for any period of time you can speak perfect English

29.    Drunk singing cures all.
30.    Chaebol’s have secret softer sides. Unless they are the evil Chaebol guy…he has nothing but bitterness and an inclination towards revenge.
31.    If a guy takes you to the mall and gives you a forced makeover he really likes you. Even if he makes offensive comments and calls you ugly while doing so.
32.    Korean guys are in their prime when they belong to a social clique of rich Korean men. Korean guys are even better when said group of friends refer to themselves with the name of a hot-key.
33.    Supernatural beings are all around us. Some of them spend their days as a veterinarian.
34.    The best families are the ones that you assemble yourself.

35.    Stuffed animal represent the entire emotional spectrum of humanity. Just ask Curios George or Paddington Bear. And that meat thing from MGIAG.
36.    Love always involves a triangle.
37.    The greatest love involves a quadrangle (or is it a square…not sure. The only certainty of this rule is the four peeps lusting, fighting, and chasing after each other).
38.    If you meet a guy and hit it off, his ex will magically return to Korea within a week to reconcile.
39.    Time travel happens often.
40.    Time travel has no set rules or logic- despite the obvious dependence on scientific theory.
41.    Time travel can end in 3 ways: heartbreak, lasting love, or lasting love then heartbreak.
42.    Pranks in Korean schools can be brutal. Like scary arson, beating, vandalism type brutal. Hire a liaison officer already!
43.    For every quirky girl running around Korea there is an aesthetically perfect girl just waiting to be her rival.
44.    Inevitably the quirky girl and perfect girl like the same guy.
45.    Inevitably said guy will end up with the quirky girl- but only after 7 episodes of confusing emotional exchanges with the perfect girl.
46.    The easiest way to forget socioeconomic prejudice is amnesia.
47.    The easiest way to reinforce socioeconomic prejudice is amnesia.

48.    90% of chaebol heirs have phobias. Most phobias are related to germs or crowds.
49.    Karaoke turns a bad day into the best day ever.
50.    When you are forced to perform karaoke in front of a group give it your all. Hell, dance-dance!
51.    Dreaded illnesses. That’s all.
52.    You probably have secret siblings. Apparently at least 60% of the population has an unknown brother or sister. Ask for a DNA test before you start dating someone.
53.    Rich people like to beat their children in the elevators of their hotel / business.
54.    A truly dedicated secretary will do their best to cover up domestic abuse (see 52)
55.    If a guy you like gives you jewelry, don’t misplace it. The entire universe is working on having you lose your new token of love.
56.    Finger guns rock.
57.    The measure of a Korean Chaebol’s success is how many magazine covers of Borbes (seriously, look at BOF screenshots) or Time they appear on.

58.    If you have a dog it should be tied up neatly to its dog house at all times. Its food bowl should be right next to the dog house, placed in an orderly fashion.
59.    At some point you will be lost in the woods or the mountains.
60.    Sometimes you will get lost in the woods and wander to a mountain.
61.    The guy you like will always find you when you are lost in the woods / mountains.
62.    You can get pregnant by sleeping with someone once.
63.    You will probably get pregnant if you sleep in the same bed.
64.    There is a slight chance you will get pregnant if you hold hands.
65.    If you are trying to get pregnant in order to gain your boyfriend’s mother’s approval you will never get pregnant. Best to breakup and go back to holding hands- then viola!
66.    Seoul is super small. You will always run into someone you know.
67.    If you have something serious to discuss go to a coffee shop or park your car by a body of water.
68.    Bad things usually happen near a body of water.
69.    If you are trying to avoid that guy you like you will always end up trapped with him in a confined space.
70.    Roommates are awesome. Especially time traveling ones.
71.    If you cannot choose between two guys do the obvious- suggest they compete in a lottery sports contest.

72.    If you end up living with a guy due to a wacky sequence of events, call your Mom. You will be married within a year, trust me.
73.    If you end up sobbing in the mens room great things will happen.
74.    He loves you if he gives you a piggyback ride.
75.    He loves you if he goes to an amusement park with you.
76.    He loves you if he buys you ice-cream.
77.    His love may be more brotherly than romantic. Worst case scenario it is actually brotherly (reference sibling cliche)
78.    If you sit under a cherry tree the cherry blossoms will start to fall- even if it is not the season for falling-cherry-blossoms. Music will play.
79.    You should get drunk, wasted sloppy drunk, with that guy you just met a few episodes days ago. Throwing up on him is not a bad idea either. You will end up in love despite his ruined clothes.
80.    You will wake up in a strange room with a headache at least once.
81.    If you wake up with a headache in a strange place it will be the apartment of that guy you just met.
82.    When you wake up that guy you recently met will be: bringing you breakfast, stepping out of the shower in nothing but a towel, or sleeping on the floor next to you.
83.    You know he loves you when he calls you fat, dumb, ugly, or fat dumb and ugly.
84.    Chaebol’s are almost always afraid of taking a bus.
85.    If you are dating a chairwoman’s son she will do the following (in exact order): try to ruin your life, try to ruin your friend’s and family’s lives, and try to ruin your boyfriend’s life.
86.    If you remodel an apartment you can expand it to triple the size without any apparent structural deficiency.
87.    At some point you will show up criminally under-dressed (fashionably or literally) to an event.
88.    When you show up criminally under-dressed everyone will make fun of you.

89.    Everyone cries. A lot. Especially after showing up to an event criminally under-dressed
90.    Your parents are: dead, bankrupt, angels, or evil. There is no gray area.
91.    Awkward spa scenes occur often.
92.    The most awkward spa scenes occur after body swapping or with members of your significant others family
93.    You will end up being stranded somewhere at least once.
94.    Ointment that you buy at your local corner shop should be used for bruises, cuts, and hurt egos.
95.    If you return to Korea from overseas redecorate the apartment that magically remained yours despite your long absence. Spend hours wandering your redecorated apartment reminiscing of loves gone by.

11 thoughts on “95 Reasons to Appreciate Korean Drama…or My Favorite Cliches from Drama Land

  1. I think number 10 and 27 apply to all the kdramas I have watched so far. Makes me wonder how I still enjoy watching them so much…

    • I know…I wonder how K-dramas keep me coming back for more (mostly after the 17th contract relationship this month, or lately the sixth time travel). Then I watch the drama that gives the cliche a face lift (while still playing out the dramatic points that make me scream as if Lee Seung Gi appeared in my living room). Makes me love drama all over again! And yes, despite 95 patterns I still find myself after episode 1 saying “That is why I love K drama so much!” 🙂 That is, unless it is something like Creating Destiny. Or the end of Bad Guy. Just saying.

  2. Thanks, I needed a good laugh, and 17-19 were just perfect. I think the only missing thing on this hilariously comprehensive list might be (politely put): At some point, passing gas will be featured. Okay, so, not exactly a favorite topic, but I continue to be amazed at how the writers always manage to work it in somewhere.

  3. If you get beaten with heavy clubs to within an inch of your life, in the next scene you will be walking around with just a band-aid on your forehead. If you get caught out in the rain, or fall asleep anywhere without a cover, you will end up in the hospital.

  4. I absolutely love this list. Not sure why though, but I think 59 and 60 are my favorites.. why on earth, when you get lost, do you decide to wander up to a mountain? Maybe because it’s higher up and so there’s a better chance of being found? Kdrama logic.. who knows.

    • I am still trying to figure out the I-am-lost so I should climb a mountain logic. So far I have zero idea of why…but I have to admit it makes for good drama. I love the cliches of k-drama for that reason (and others)…sometimes they make no sense at all- yet they are pure viewing pleasure.

  5. OMG just discovered your space here and I love it! I’ve so many entry faves but this or just takes the cake- hilarioussss! So happy I found your space. I’ll be around 🙂

  6. AHAHHAAHHAHAA. this post is so damaging true and funny. tho many of us hopes that we could live just like the heroines in the dramas, getting all wrong, yet will end up with a very hot guy and a happy ever after life.

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