Rainbows and Unicorns Keep Dancing in My Head…or the Latest Project from tvN

You will find me painting unicorns and rainbows in my mind -tvN has recently announced the 3rd installment in their “Oh Boy” series. I am so freaking excited for the third installment in this solid parade of eye candy and great storytelling that I will be fan-girl screaming until its premier. The newest installment gives us an exciting premise yet still  sets itself apart from the last two dramas. Flower Boy Next Door is the name and Yoon Shi Yoon and Park Shin Hye are the confirmed couple. Color me super freaking excited.

The first two entries in the “Oh boy” series were drama crack, a surprising fact given the generalized premise of the series to appeal to a “young audience”. The dramas under this banner could have gone terribly wrong. Thankfully they did not. “Oh Boy” started with Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, a humorous tale of love and eccentricity that made me want to knit scarves and make emotional ramyun until the end of time. I loved this show for all of its kookiness and heart, a well played comedic portrait of relationships, both loving and friendly. Despite the flower boy setup the story set this apart from similar dramas, a theme that continued in the next entry in this series.

A coming of age story to rival the best, Shut Up Flower Boy Band marked the second tvN foray in the “Oh Boy” lineup. A tale of a band with a Mersey side Beatles feel, enough angst was delivered in the right way to give a rough punk edge to what could have otherwise been a ho-hum tale of a muse and those she inspired. Raw, with the perfect emotional pitch to represent what it means to grow up; this was my crack for its entire run.

Enter the new story. I have high hopes for this show just hearing its premise: Park Shin Hye is a modern day Rapunzel, secured in her urban tower. Interested in her neighbor she slyly watches him, only to be discovered by Shi Yoon’s character, with the awesomely hilarious name of Enrique Geum. Romance and what is hopefully a great plot ensues. Flower Boy Next Door with all of its hopeful potential will debut 1/7/2013. I am anticipating a great one-rainbow and unicorn anticipating….damn you unicorn, dance dance!


4 thoughts on “Rainbows and Unicorns Keep Dancing in My Head…or the Latest Project from tvN

  1. I still haven’t seen Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. I think I should rectify this before the new one comes out – of which I am super excited, and also dancing in circles for. It better be good.. It just Has to be good…

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