We Got Married… Or My Favorite Forays into Fake Marriagedom

Awww…We Got Married. I do not remember feeling this addicted to something since I bought two pints of Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dream and marathoned Laguna Beach and The Hills. A candy coated addiction, perhaps, but all the sweeter.

We Got Married is a Korean reality show fixated on a simple yet strange premise- two stars are suddenly “married” , their life as spouses documented hilariously on the MBC Sunday night reality variety show. The married couple is filmed while they get to know their new spouse, move in with their significant other, and generally overcome the awkwardness of a silver screen arranged marriage. Alas, some of the couples have fallen flat while some have driven the fake marriage premise to new heights.

I love this show for its basic idea and not its star power; in fact I only vaguely knew of the celebrities that graced this television hit prior to viewing the episodes. However after watching the mixed up concept I found myself a fan, I will even admit I may have listened to a few of their songs. Henceforth is my vote for the three best couples from the MBC hit We Got Married…


1. Sweet Potato Couple

A couple defined by a code word for approval and ever representative of young love, the sweet potato couple has my vote as the best couple thus far on WGM.

It is widely accepted that scripting is a part of Korean Variety programs. Even with a scripting element this couple radiates an innocent look at “first like”. Seohyun, the youngest member of Girls Generation, shines as an intelligent, innocent and good hearted girl learning about what it means to be in a relationship. Yong-hwa, the leader of CN Blue, reluctantly comes off as the caring and quiet guy that he is. One of my first thoughts of this couple was awkwardness, however as the scenes ticked by a real affection brought by a quiet and artistic sensibility brought the two together in a powerful pairing that speaks to what it means to be young and in a relationship.


2. Adam Couple

This couple is freaking hilarious. Consisting of Jo Kwon of 2AM and Gain of Brown Eyed Girls, the beginning of the Adam Couple was less than luxurious. Starting out with a van as their first home, this diminutive fake married couple kept viewers laughing as they made their way upwards in the world, to their first non mobile home and a humorous married life. I love this couple for the laughter they bring- they make everything that they do look fun, including fake married life.

3. Khuntoria

A hyper drive combination of the beautiful Victoria from f(x) and the Thai member of 2PM Nichkhun, Khuntoria and its entire celebrity name mixing is perfect for the glamorous mom of f(x) and her husband. By far the most affectionate of WGM couples this pairing was never far apart and always ready to give each other a tender show of support. A big part of why this couple worked was their mutual identity as foreigners, Victoria is Chinese while Nichkhun is Thai. Throughout their touchy feely relationship this small fact seemed to be a foundation that they built upon much to a viewers delight. Never afraid to show affection, often in a sweet way, I find myself cheering on this couple and all of their fake married life.


2 thoughts on “We Got Married… Or My Favorite Forays into Fake Marriagedom

  1. I started watching Season 1, though I hear it’s very different from the later seasons. Mostly I’m fast-forwarding through my least favorite couples. Still, despite the concept and expecting to hate it, I found myself laughing uproariously at many scenes. I shall keep on…

    • I have found that this show can be extremely boring at its worst- even though at times I only realized how boring it is after watching an hour of one of the “less entertaining” couples (somehow I am a sucker for the progress that could happen). As long as I stick to the couple I find entertaining the show is a blast, once I stray I find myself with a million criticisms. We Got Married’s premise either works or it does not, but when it works it is pure viewing pleasure (at least to this viewer 🙂 ).

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