It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta…or Life Lessons from Haeundae Lovers

Oh Haeundae Lover’s- you bring the cute and the funny in an adorable package of cutarity (yeah- I just made up a word. Got a problem with that?). I learned so much from watching Uncle Hello Kitty chop up fish, so much I feel like opening up a fishery in Busan.

Henceforth are the precious tidbits of reason I learned from the rom-com delight Haeundae Lover’s…


1. You can survive a hard blow to the head, being dumped in the ocean, and floating partially submerged for hours, maybe days with no physical injuries other than a cut to the forehead.

I used to be afraid of going on a cruise. Now I think it is the way to go- after all you can survive anything that ends up with you floating comatose in the ocean!

Life lesson: There is no reason for a coast guard. None. Drowning is totally a myth. The only thing the ocean can do to you is give you amnesia.

2. If you are a gangster you have to wear black and always listen to your Hyung.

Seriously. Have you ever watched the Godfather?

Life lesson: Being a gangster is hard core. What if your Hyung told you to jump off a bridge? Would you do it? Probably not, but you should. After all- you’re a gangster.


3. Waiter hair is funny- and a clever disguise.

Sorry, still laughing.

Life lesson: No one will recognize you if you slick back your hair in an awful Gomez like disaster of a hair-do. If you are ever hiding from the police buy some hair gel and style away. It is as good of a tactic as an elven cloak of invisibility + 9.


4. Hello Kitty makes a badass tattoo.

After a lifetime hating Hello Kitty I think I have been taken to the other side. Hello Kitty? Yes, thank you.

Life lesson: Never would have guessed it but it is a truth. Take that adorable cartoon cat and mark your body with its cute image. You will suddenly become the biggest bad-ass in Korea. And a great hair stylist.

5. Amnesia and 95% of clichés from Korean drama encapsulated in a rom-com can be funny- sometimes

Okay. I admit there were moments when the humor of this drama could not cover up some of the annoying makjang elements that crept in. But the moments where the comedic timing rushed over the melodramatic plot points? Pure daebak.

Life lesson: 40% of Korean dramas should at least attempt this. I like my drama with some laughter. However I am excluding any dramas staring Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi, and Kim Ji Hoon. I love these drama’s just the way they are- no matter what way that is (insert fan girl blush here).


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