Love is a Contact Sport…or The Five Best Moves from Korean Drama

1. The wrist grab

If there is a gesture that says “I love you-stay with me!” it is the classic wrist grab. Everyone does it, young or old, and the message resonates. Stay with me…after all I have captured an important bone structure and muscular rotation device in my grasp.

2. The awkward hug

I like you so much (really, really, really, really like you). In fact I like you so much I will hug you closely while you stand there with your arms hanging awkwardly, trying to figure out what in the hell just happened.

3. The carry

Why do the stars continuously align in such a way that the handsome gent is always carrying the girl? I have no clue; I am a little weak on my astrology. However it is a fact that great K-dramas feature “the carry” moment, a sure sign that love is afoot.

4. The unfortunate coincidence

Let’s face it- it sucks being trapped in an unfortunate circumstance where physical contact is unavoidable. Fortunately it makes for great story progress and leaves viewers with a flutter in their heart.

5. The screw-the-world PDA

It is hard to be a couple- especially when everyone is against the love you are feeling (including the universe). When the entire world is against you it is time to tell the truth and face each other-in a public place with only one possible outcome: adorable PDA. Awwwwwwww.

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