My Favorite Bromances in Korean Drama

I love me a good bromance. There is something about a brotherhood that gets this drama fan’s fists pumping. While there are many great bromances in drama-land I have my favorites. Henceforth are my favorite male bondings of k-drama. Bromance fighting!

1. Yong Ha & Jae Shin (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)
Look up bromance in a dictionary (maybe an online dictionary, not sure about that dusty thing in the closet). You will see a picture of Yong Ha and Jae Shin. The. End.

2. Eye Candy (Shut Up Flower Boy Band)
Noble sacrifice is my drama Achilles heel. I hate it- unless it is done in a way that is emotionally and outwardly logical. Shut Up Flower Boy Band was one of the few cases of noble idiocy that made perfect sense, thematically it turned a show that started off with the appearance of a drama tailored around music to a show that turned out to really be about the bromance. Now shut up and run!

3. F4 (Boys Over Flowers)
There are not enough fur collars, lottery sports contests, or love triangles in the world to drive these boys apart. Enter the lonely son of a chairwoman, the lost artist, the estranged grandson of a doctor, and the son of a mob boss assembled in a rich clique that is named after a hot key. An unlikely band of brothers? Perhaps. An awesome moment in k-drama bromance? Indeed.

4. The Flower Boys (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop)
TVn knows how to bring the bromance. An assembled family that became one of the best families in k-drama land, the boys of the ramyun shop brought conflicting personalities to an adorable conclusion. I wish this bromance would last forever. Meaningful ramyun forever.

5.- TIE – Ji Heon & Moo Won (Protect the Boss), Jae Ha & Shi Kyung (King 2 Hearts)
I cannot pick between the boardroom-family-bromance and the protect-you-until-I-die-bromance. Ji Heon and Moo Won turned competitive family drama into a bromance as adorable as a basketful of kittens suddenly discovering a ball of pink sparkly yarn. While desiring the same things, whether the object of their collective desire was girls or jobs, this pair was ripe for the kind of k-drama makjang setup I hate. Yet they ended up doing what they did best- being a bromantic pair of awesomeness. Fighting!

Jae Ha and Shi Kyung were an ever evolving bromance. While Shi Kyung brought loyalty and ethically set behavior his character evolution was dependent on interacting with a character like Jae Ha. Shi Kyung needed to find out what his life really was, even if he stood by a rigid moral code in the face of betrayed loyalty. And all the while Jae Ha was on his serious path of discovery. Together- freaking awesome. I will embark on a journey of discovery with this bromance pair anytime. Fighting!


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Bromances in Korean Drama

  1. The Gaksital bromance was the main romance of that show, and IMO the best bromance of all time. It’ll rip your heart out.

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