The Best Characters in K-Drama: Gu Mi ho, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Look in the mirror and recognize a fact- you are freakin’ awesome. At least you are if your name is synonymous with a supernatural creature that has witnessed a half-millennium of history. Hoi-hoi! Let’s celebrate everyone’s favorite carnivore, Gu Mi Ho.

Gu Mi Ho aka sweetest monster ever

Actor: Shin Min Ah

Drama: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (2010)

I love this character for a multitude of reasons-  for starters Gu Mi Ho is a supernatural being that is sweeter than a triple coated funnel cake dipped in chocolate. She is possessed with the most primal of urges (mate with me anyone?), motives that constantly act as a supporting oddity of a foil for her overall character development. She does what she feels, which makes all of her self sacrificial, loving actions speak louder than a hundred roses sent from Rain. Gu Mi Ho’s motives consistently reflect her basic feelings-  feelings which soon rub off on those around her. She influences everyone from the Ahjumma to the lazy rich kid, but takes as much knowledge from them in return.

This character also represents a dichotomy. She is simultaneously anciently wise all while acting simply foolish. It causes viewers to ask the question- would a few hundred years make us wiser? No. Not really according to this character. In fact a few hundred years make it all clearer- follow your heart and embrace the innocent sweetness we were all born with. Cherish your friends, confound your enemies, smile. Eat meat with abandon.

Lastly, I love this character because without a blink of the eye Gu Mi Ho was a monster, a foolish girl, a best friend, and a motivator. Such a feat is worthy of her supernatural status, and more than worthy of her final choice and fate. For this, I salute Gu Mi Ho. A great character indeed.

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