The Best Characters in K-Drama: Jun Pyo, Boys Over Flowers

Yes, I am prepared. Prepared that whatever I say in the next three paragraphs will most likely be ignored as the reader’s eyes remain fixated on Lee Min Ho. I get it. Totally get it. The dangers of the Lee Min Ho picture! Aisshhh. I guess I will just have to endure the pain of posting multiple pictures of LMH. Here it goes- ogle away. Let’s celebrate my favorite flower boy, Goo Jun Pyo.

Goo Jun Pyo aka Flower boy extraordinaire aka 38th strategy philosopher

Actor: Lee Min Ho

Drama: Boys Over Flowers (2009)

Jun Pyo was the perfect flower boy. Self involved with a hollow inside caused by painful memories and overwhelming loneliness he had the best reasons for his actions based on his logic, even if his acts were devoid of basic empathy. With a mother to rival Godzilla on his worst day and a deep dark twisted family secret, this kid had it bad. Not only did he spend his holidays with the staff as a young adult he has next to nothing in terms of emotional intelligence.

In retrospect I loved this character because of his potential, and most importantly how his potential depended on the exertion of outside influences. Jun Pyo, with his impersonal and distant upbringing eventually came to take his strength and emotional maturity from those around him, a huge shift in personality that reflects his overall character growth.

This character displayed a naïve worldview that evolved at a rapid pace once he started to care. His ability to change, even if it was at a snails pace at times, reflect a character that played the ultimate role. He was a jerk with a heart of gold, the man who had it all but family, a man who cared more than his tightly planned world would allow. For that I salute Goo Jun Pyo. A great character indeed.

8 thoughts on “The Best Characters in K-Drama: Jun Pyo, Boys Over Flowers

  1. Ah, my first k-drama hero! I still remember the moment in BOF that absolutely wrecked me. The rest of F4 is in Macao confronting Goo Jun Pyo on a basketball court. Asked how is it he’s changed so much, Jun Pyo reponds with 70,000, the number of lives for which he’s responsible in Shinhwa Corporation. Placing the welfare of those 70,000 above his personal desires showed that the boy had become a man, and that totally sold me on the character.

    • A powerful scene indeed. Confronted by his friends he took the responsibility that could too easily be shirked in the name of chaebol-care-free-ness. Thank you for bringing this up- it makes me smile and remember the character so fondly.

  2. I agree on this… ^ ^ actually I thought it how naive he was wen Jan di was showing a world of hatred and he was thinking of it as world of love… haha… but I felt really bad wen his friends realised that he is way to innocent on stuffs like this,, still didnt help him realise wat it was n just for fun they let Jan Di hurt him all the more…… it was in 2,3 & 4th episodes… wer they openly say u have given us lots of fun in our lives lately…. I was totally annoyed by that… hah nice series that i felt it ended way too soon..

  3. I love lee min ho….. ❤💕
    I am from sri lanka.
    Love you love you love you sooooooo much……
    My first lovely hero lee min ho
    You are very beautiful. I haven’t word. Super…… love you so much… legend of blue sea k drama is very are very luck. Love you soooo much. Love you

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