Best Characters in K-Drama: Kim Sam Soon, MNKSS

Have you watched a Korean drama created after 2005? Send your thank you cards to Kim Sam Soon, also known as the rom-com heroine that sets the standard for k-drama leads everywhere. Let’s celebrate everyone’s favorite pastry chef- Kim Sam Soon

Kim Sam Soon aka best pastry chef ever
Actor: Kim Sun Ah
Drama: My Name is Kim Sam Soon (2005)

Sam soon. Such an ugly name. Third martyr, old fashioned. Overweight. Unemployed. Best. Heroine. Ever. Sam Soon brought it in the spunky girl k-drama awesomeness department. She was outspoken, heartfelt, and above all she was real. You can look at a character like Kim Sam Soon and see a little bit of yourself. She is the every person’s hero. From her embarrassing moments to her moments of sheer kick-assery she delivered on the potential that we all have.

Kim Sam Soon gives viewers hope. She is ordinary in the most un-ordinary way, a fact that plays out through the drama and gives each of us a sliver of pride in our quirky and anti social behavior. So, we eat too much. So, we are honest without a fault. So…Kim Sam Soon is too. And she represents the journey that is available to all of us, be yourself and amazing things will happen.

Sam soon had her moments of poor life decisions (contract relationship anyone) yet she was able to learn from her mistakes. Sam soon is a person, a person that can make mistakes like the rest of us. Not a fairy tale princess or melodramatic victim of circumstance, Sam soon is everyone. She is the “like me or hate me, take me as I am” that a certain heir had been waiting for. A k-drama testament that all of us cannot help but have a happy ending based on our own eccentric traits and tendencies, this character struggles and fist pumps with all of us. For that I salute Sam soon, she can bake me a cake any day. A great character indeed.

5 thoughts on “Best Characters in K-Drama: Kim Sam Soon, MNKSS

  1. I’m watching this and My Princess at the moment and it’s like watching two opposite versions of kdrama heroines. I’m not sure I’ll mentally be able to finish watching My Princess (I just keep screaming at my screen), but I will definitely keep on watching My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

    • I hear you-Lee Seoul and Sam Soon are opposites on the k-drama heroine scale. I appreciated Lee Seol’s character in relation to the drama that featured her character, it was definitely not a MNKSS in terms of plot tightness so I guess I excused the character for that reason. But if Seol and Sam Soon ever went head-to-head in drama land I am behind Sam Soon all the way, even if Seol has some of the cutest shoes ever 🙂

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