A Dish Best Served Hot…or Life Lessons From Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Aishhhhhh. This one made me happy all over. Thank you metaphors- and more importantly thank you new found motivation to own a ramyun shop!

Henceforth are important life lessons I learned from the delicious Flower Boy Ramyun Shop…

1. Ramyun- it’s more than a meal

Curly, nice. Representing the important people in your life- go ramyun!

Life lesson: I made ramyun with whiskey and tears today and gave it to my boss. That’s right- I am totally on this one! Next up I am making ramyun with cinnamon and cough drops for my Mom and raymun with pipe tobacco and eggs for my Dad. Best daughter ever. My siblings are going to be totally jealous I figured it out first- Love=ramyun

2. A plunger is more powerful than (s)words

My husband wants me to carry pepper spray- he is not in on the real weapon that arms a woman to become a warrior. The mystical and all powerful plunger.

Life lesson: This. Kicked. Ass. The. End.

3. Lazy guy you have never met that shows up at your house and calls you his wife = best. day. ever.

Or a trespassing charge- you choose.

Life lesson: If you suddenly find an ultra lazy, hot, nice guy in your house let him hire whoever he wants to work at the ramyun shop. After all- your pseudo family is well worth it- even if he appears to have an undiagnosed case of narcolepsy. You will thank me in the end.

4. Human emotion is hard.

Seriously- I hate when water appears in my eyes. Water is for Elephants.

Life lesson: Wealthy people have no emotions at all. It is best to remember this when associating with them. If you are going to create any kind of emotional impact in their lives do it slowly. Try 12 steps- it seems to work for other things.

5. Makjang <> Makjang

How did you blow my mind with this comedic turn? Ohhhh…because you are awesome show!

Life lesson: Innovative interpretations on reoccurring plot points are welcomed. If anyone ever tells me they are secret siblings I am going to respond with a “so what, let’s cuddle”.

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