The 38th Strategy is Running Away…or Life Lessons From Boys Over Flowers

There are Korean Dramas- and then there are Korean Dramas. Boys Before Flowers, even being the hot mess that it is, captures the character archetypes, melodrama, and bizarre plot twists that make it one of the aforementioned- a great Korean Drama.While the plot was a little patchy it was addicting. While the cast was fraught with accidents and tragedy the actors delivered engaging and fun performances (if sometimes spotty). And best of all….F4!Henceforth are the life lessons I learned from indulging in the Korean Drama Boys Before Flowers….

1. The four hottest and richest guys in your school should form a group- and name it after a hot key.

This should always be true; hot guys are better in groups. F4 has forever tainted my perception of what men in Korean Drama should be. Their friendship and struggles have made me stare at my F4 key longingly…seriously; it is starting to scare my coworkers.

Life lesson: Four is better than one. Wherever you may find yourself hope that there is a group of four friends with unlimited resources, perfect features, and the need to befriend the unique girl who stands up to them.


2. If someone gives you something, more specifically a piece of jewelry symbolizing their love, do not loose it.

He likes you, he gives you an anklet. He loves you; he gives you a necklace with symbolism that created a collective sigh of awe and admiration. And then you lose it. You drop it, someone takes it, and bottom line is that the token of his affection is long gone.

Life lesson: Super glue works wonders. It will only itch for a little while, plus think of the benefit of never having to admit “I don’t know where it went! I swear it was right here….”

3. That horrible song that keeps playing will eventually grow on you. Hell- you may even download it (but never, ever, ever let anyone see the song you renamed “FDR Fireside Chats 1” on your laptop)

It plays. It plays again. It keeps playing. After you have stopped watching you hear it creep up anytime you are remembering something, smiling, having a good time, or doing pretty much anything.

Life lesson: If you hear something enough times it somehow transforms into a great song. Even if you know it really sucks. Maybe that is why Justin Bieber has fans.


4. If all else fails, throw yourself in a pool.

When nothing is going right you sometimes need to take drastic measures. Like jumping into a pool and preparing to drown. Love makes people do foolish things.

Life lesson: If he fears heights and has amnesia, do not throw yourself from a building to jog his memory. Instead have his rich friends hire better specialists. But if he is afraid of swimming feel free to throw yourself in a pool. There is a 99% chance this will cure his painful amnesia.

5. Being a Mother is hard…being an evil controlling chairwoman is apparently much easier.

Momma Kang, Momma Kang. Her parenting skills are horrible but her manipulative and conniving attitude is at top form.

Life lesson: If you cannot be a good mother, be a good business woman that controls your children’s lives. In the long run you will feel some sort of remorse for meddling, but it is a lot easier than that so called “parenting” task.

One thought on “The 38th Strategy is Running Away…or Life Lessons From Boys Over Flowers

  1. Hey Great post! There is one more lesson from chief jung- “If you are working for a immature yet breath-takingly guy like Gu Jun Pyo you had to act like his robot with fatherly instincts”

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