I Need a Rooftop Apartment NOW… Or Life Lessons from Rooftop Prince

I learned so much from this K Drama! For instance- time travel is possible if:

-There is a lunar eclipse

-The crown princess dies

-Your end goal is a juice shop.

While Rooftop Prince was a wild ride, it was still worth it. Though far from perfect, the chemistry between the leads and the fusion storyline, blending a gazillion genres into a tapestry of comedy and melodrama made this a sentimental win if not exactly a masterpiece. Plus- the best color coded Joseons known to man and omu-rice!

Henceforth are life lessons I learned from Rooftop Prince…

1. Rent a rooftop apartment.

Seriously, if you ever want to meet a Joseon Prince this is one of your best tactics. Men these days are so blaaah. Why not sacrifice your living situation and increase your odds?

Life lesson: There has to be a rooftop apartment somewhere around where I live…right? There has to be! Damn, I need a rooftop apartment! Now!!


2. If you are pure at heart you will eventually own a Juice Shop

Aim high. Really high. And do not worry if heartbreaking, soul wrenching drama surrounds you. Follow the good path and tattoo self sacrifice on your heart. In the end you will be better off…better off with a juice shop of your own!

Life lesson: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Really, make it in your very own juice shop! Look on the bright side; he could have given you a newsstand.

3. If you give someone a kidney, all of your sins will be forgiven…probably

Internal organs are serious business. We all have them, and sometimes we need a new one. Occasionally the gift of an organ buys redemption. At least I think so…the confirmation of this is still hanging in Korean Drama land.

Life lesson: Committing acts of theft, assault, accessory to murder, and just plain bitchiness can be rectified by a simple act- give the wronged party an internal organ. If you are scheming, jealous, and a pathological liar guard your kidneys with care. When your house of cards comes tumbling down offer it up and all will be forgiven.

4. There is mean and then there is cruel

Mean people suck. Cruel people are on another level. Why would you do something like that? Why?

Life lesson: There are bad people and then there are souls that traverse time to cause trouble. I now know why Kristen Stewart exists.

5. The Joseon era’s lack of sugar and catsup resonates to this day

A life lesson you say? How is sugar and catsup a life lesson?! Well- I need to pass history classes like the next gal.

Life lesson: Yes professor, the most important conflict in the Joseon era was the great catsup and sugar battle. That is why they never had juice drinks or omu-rice sir- it ended their sophisticated palate. 100% here I come!


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