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About Lore

One night I found myself with a subscription to Netflix and nothing to do. I fired up my PS3 and happened upon a show called Lie to Me. I ended up staying up the entire night watching it, the rest is history. I enjoy the drama format for its length, and absolutely love it because of the engaging and excellent stories that are regularly churned out in drama land. I started this blog to rant, rave, and generally ramble on about the shows I am watching. I love fan girling about the shows that make me happy- and going all sarcastic on the shows that make me shake my fist like an angry ahjumma. What I love even more is the Korean Drama/Variety blogging community- from readers, to bloggers, to subbers, I am continuously impressed with how this community keeps the interesting discussions flowing without losing sight of the artistic (or just plain fun) relevance of the medium.

In “real life”: I love me a good romance. I have been squeeing and sighing over love stories as long as I can remember, often to the complete annoyance of those around me. From Johanna Lindsey to Jane Austen to the Hong Sisters I cannot get enough of an intriguing, well-paced love story (even the wacky makjang ones). I grew up with flower child parents so my life experience has been anything but boring. I have had a love of the absurd and sarcastic ingrained in my soul, and I never fail to laugh at inappropriate times (sorry Grandma). I work in finance and I love to read. My favorite phrase is cheers and I adore small fluffy dogs and a cute purse.

About ExtraKun aka E-Kun aka Eboni

The Summer I graduated from college was filled with excitement, ice cream, and Korean dramas! The first Korean Drama that I ever watched was “Crazy for You” with Yoon Kye Sang and Lee Min Yeon. I ate German Chocolate ice cream every day and was so depressed—I hated it! The first drama that I liked was Coffee Prince with Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye. The first drama I LOVED was Hong Gil Dong starring Kang JI Hwan, Jang Gun Seok , and Sung Yuri. 2008 was a cray cray summer—ever since then, I have watched over 250 dramas from Korea, Japan, and recently added to my list is Taiwan.  To say I have one drama that I love for all time is like asking a parent which child they love best… Just not plausible.

The reason I love to watch Asian dramas is because they eventually end (and end quickly). Why do I have to wait 9 seasons to see How I Met Your Mother? The dramas also make me think and explore the inner complexities of human nature, relationships, and cultural traits.

To sum me up in a few words—

Love of my Life, Shoes, Hot Guys, Ice Cream, Korean Dramas, Love being from Cali!

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