Distractor’s Cut: Kill Me, Heal Me Edition

Kill Me, Heal Me is on the top of the list of things that will kill me… if not my obsession with Bacon! There are so many different things that I love about this show… though it is already 6 episodes in, and we are in week 4 (episodes 7-8), I had to call on Unnichan to share in my fangirling, thinking, and rants about the show. Is anyone else out there totally obsessed with Shin Se Gi the show? Let’s all discuss:

Synopsis in the brief:

Do Hyun (Ji Sung) has dissociative identity disorder aka DID… you can imagine how this can cause him a lot of problems.


Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) is a doctor, specifically a psychiatrist, who seems to have a past with Do Hyun– along with her “twin brother” Oh Ri On (Park Seo Joon).


When Do Hyun’s aggressive personality, Shin Se Gi, puts him on a plane back to Korea; he will have many challenges to face as heir to the company is at stake. Let the heartbreak, shenanigans, and tomfoolery commence!


Distractor’s Thoughts thus far:

ExtraKun: Well Unnichan… If you had 3 words to describe your feelings about the show so far, what would they be and why?

Unnichan: Only three, huh? I guess I’d go with enchanted, intrigued and amused. For, I hadn’t expected to like this drama as much as I do. Nor, was I looking for this drama to make me laugh or fall so hard for its characters. This drama had little going for it, as it went through the casting mill but once Ji Sung was cast, I knew I was going to take a peek. I am rarely disappointed by his performances, even when I can’t buy into the story.

ExtraKun: That is very true of Ji Sung. Swallow the Sun was… for another time. But I was very moved by his performance. It is very rare that I not love him. The shocker was Hwang Jung Eum for me… I am totally in love with her and the way she is bringing her character to life! She feels like a real person instead of your typical heroine. And isn’t this her 2nd time with Ji Sung? In less than 2 years!


Unnichan: Girl yes! I never saw the entirety of Secret but I think it’s wonderful that they have been repaired. What has always been nice about Korean dramas is that it’s pretty unprecedented that recoupling occurs and though that it totally understandable… I also like that some OTPs are getting a redux. Hwang Jung Eum is a good actress, but I usually get put off by her face, then the way she chooses to bring her characters to life. However, here, I just love her.

ExtraKun: She is my actress of the month; I think everyone should see her in this show particularly. Moving forward– this show deals with some real hardcore stuff, but has a way of making it quite comical or “real”. The “biggie” in this show is DID! It is quite a hard topic to build a show around given the sensitivities of the matter—but EVERYONE is doing it. Thoughts?

Unnichan: Mental health has been a big topic for over a year now, with at least five different dramas tackling some aspect of the area. I am fairly skeptical of mental health specific storylines because until It’s Okay, It’s Love, I hadn’t seen any characterizations that fleshed beyond caricatures. However, it seems a lesson was learned from the success of that story, since there has been a marked improvement by way of approach. For, this drama has found a happy medium of light brush strokes that give the sense that it isn’t trying too hard. They know full well that this is a drama; they aren’t trying to be raw and real and through that missing the mark. Instead, they are somehow (and rather effectively) sprinkling fantasy with reality and I like it. I like it a lot.


ExtraKun: I totally agree. There are fictitious aspects of the show that are minimal in comparison to how much I actually love the show. Let’s dive into a few of the things that we like, love, or “HATED IT!”. There is always the looming of the one personality that must be stopped at all cost, but Lord knows I can’t help but want him: Shin Se Gi! You think at first, “Oh, well he is really dangerous for anyone’s health (mainly Do Hyun’s).” But then you have episode 5 where he is the most adorable thing in life!


Unnichan: Let’s get one thing straight, I’ve loved Shin Se Gi from the start. The moment he took control in Do Hyun’s bathroom as a teen, I loved him and that hasn’t changed. Rationally, I completely understand that he needs to be integrated and when that time comes, I will mourn (sob uncontrollably, covered in ashes) but be glad for Do Hyun to have his complete self intact.

ExtraKun: As do I Unni, on the grand scheme of things, but it is fun (rather interesting) to watch the layers of the personalities unfold along with Do Hyun. Se Gi is the “violent” personality that takes care of all the things that do Hyun tries to suppress. So when you see him actually trying to not only woo Ri Jin, but make her happy by non forceful means, it makes you go “HHHMMMM?”, ne?

Unnichan: Perhaps. What we see from this story is that Se Gi is the most dominant personality, therefore he considers himself a being without Do Hyun, therefore, when he has this connection with Ri Jin, it is odd but not too surprising. However, we also know from the start there has to be a reason for it. Because Se Gi should have no foundation for a connection with anyone. What I like is that Se Gi is not only confident, he is still the apparition created by Do Hyun. He’s still childlike. For me, Se Gi is the “fixer” but no different from a teenage boy that gathers all his strength and anger to take care of his family. The problem is, he’s so strong, and he’s no longer satisfied with random play dates.


ExtraKun: Random play dates… I love it! Se Gi is indeed the strongest of the personalities and the most understandable. I was puzzled by Perry Park, but later concluded that Perry is that “carefree” guy that wants to drink, laze around, and have fun. Hence why he took it upon himself to go and find Ri On for just that purpose. We must discuss that Oh Ri On later…

Unnichan: Haha. What I find the most interesting about Perry Park is his bomb making. He’s notorious for this, which means he’s very smart and very destructive. It explains why he shows up so often being each personality serves a purpose the rest of us tap into naturally, however, I would still like to talk with him. I feel so horrible that he pops in and is pushed out just as easily. I always find myself saying, “Poor Perry. He never gets to come out and play (for long).” I think that is also why I like that we’ve finally met the emo personality (Ahn Yo Sub) because his resurface and linger makes so much sense—in the way that we conjure and deal with our emotions. But perhaps now is the time do a personality run through, there is: Shin Se Gi, Perry Park, Ahn Yo Sub and his sister Yo Na, little Nana and this other personality with no name. And out of all those we’ve seen…


ExtraKun: Se Gi, Perry, and now Yo Sub… Nana did write a message, but we have not really “seen” him take on her personality per se. Out of all of them Se Gi and Perry are the ones we have seen more than once. Personally, I am more frightened of Yo Sub… He is suicidal and he means business. The end of episode 6 had me pissed and excited at the same time because of him.


Unnichan: Yo Sub is frightening given the depth of his despair and the breadth of his manipulation. We haven’t known him long, but just from his brief conversation with Ri Jin, there is much more to him than long-suffering and depression. He doesn’t just want to end it all. That is where we find the comedy in this drama, not to mention all things Ri Jin and her affect on Do Hyun. Little Nana is interesting to me as well, because Mom freaked out when she saw her name scribbled in the basement. I have my theories on who Do Hyun has created Nana to be but for now, she and No Name are a mystery to him and us.

ExtraKun: Very true. Mom was very alarmed when she saw Nana’s name on the cellar floor. Speaking of which, the family is a bit… much. Putting it lightly… Gram (Kim Young Ae) is blaming Do Hyun for his dad’s current predicament, Do Hyun’s mom (Shim Hye Jin) is mad hood (and always throwing her son around as her collateral), his cousin Ki Joon (Oh Min Suk) is trying to dupe him because he wants to be heir, and then we have that skank- like character Chae Yeon (Kim Yoo Ri)—if Se Gi made her disappear, I am not sure how hurt I would be. In any event, Do Hyun has zero support from the family, adding to the already pressure of obtaining the title of “heir” of the company (which he has never led me to believe that he wanted).


Unnichan: On the surface, this looks like typical chaebol shenanigans (with a hidden illegitimate brother, too of course) and yet there is much more to it, with the initial “accident” that killed the patriarch and the first daughter-in-law, then the basement trauma that is Do Hyun’s trigger, plus has Do Hyun’s daddy in a coma, held in secret, not to mention this little girl, that Do Hyun “almost” remembers and has Mom scared whitless. However, with all that, I am glad you mentioned Ki Joon and Chae Yeon. These two make me sigh for too many reasons to count. But the main two have to be the fact they both find pleasure in pulling Do Hyun’s chain when it comes to their relationship and her feelings for him, and the fact that Ki Joon doesn’t have to attack Do Hyun, and he knows it. We get that he resents him but we also see that Do Hyun is genuine with his cousin and Ki Joon recognizes that, so all this other stuff just seems so unnecessary.

ExtraKun: You are not even lying. I hate how they seem to be playing wth Do Hyun in regards to their relationship. And in my heart of hearts, I think Chae Yeon, while she may really care for Ki Joon “oppa”, she cares about prestige a little bit more. Hence, the reasons she wants to keep Do Hyun in her “pocket”. She makes me sick along with Ri Jin’s “twin” Ri On… So he knows that Do Hyun suffers from DID and has been following him, ne?


Unnichan: Exactly. He’s a stalker. But more importantly, he’s been following Do Hyun’s “case” for quite some time, with the hopes of writing and exclusive tell-all book but put the thing on hold due to lack of evidence. However, now, with Do Hyun showing up on his doorstep as Perry Park and the connection between Do Hyun and his sister, his project has been reborn. Ri On annoys the crap out of me because he seems not to understand that whatever he uncovers will ruin Do Hyun’s life in a real way (specifically, his health) and the fact he’s loving his sister. These are two biggies that I can’t get passed with him. Even though I love Seo Joon to pieces!


ExtraKun: Girl! Let’s not talk about that sister loving! are we watching an anime?! I kid, because they are not really twins… but you were raised to believe you were Ri On, get that *censored* together! *Steps off sister- loving soapbox* Back to his stalking Do Hyun and uncovering his demons of DID, it might blow up in his face. Given the fact that there is a hidden child, he has a good chance of being that child.

Unnichan: There’s no doubt in my mind he’s that kid and therefore, drama’s caveat to keep him mum in the long run. However, his behavior is my overall rub with reporters; they have this unreasonable idea that people’s secrets need to be revealed to the public. Whether people are public figures or celebrities or just interesting rich folks, I don’t deserve to know their private lives or business. After all, most of these situations are undertaken with no regard for the number of real people this news or secret damages. I have no problem if this has to do with a crime or something that renders their public position unprofessional or unethical, but beyond that, I don’t understand why digging into other people’s closets is so fascinating.

ExtraKun: You see a character like Ri On and just hope that he is digging for truth related to his own past, but gosh it seems like he is digging for truth to expose Do Hyun. My question is why? You know what country you live in, and you know what this truth can do to him? I am not mad at reporters who seek truth for justice, equality, etc. but just for kicks and giggles and to have your name added to the hall of fame? That totally sucks! I don’t think Ri On is a bad dude in general, but this overall aspect of him is very unappealing. Anything else before we wrap it up?


Unnichan: The only thing now is how to deal with Se Gi’s desire to overtake Do Hyun and has finally asked for Ri Jin to help him, which has created a full-on battle. Going into this week, we have Ri Jin deciding not to fight against this triangle she’s in and help Do Hyun in whatever way she can. Which of course is the thing I love about this drama the most—a real love triangle. But I suppose the biggest question is: Which side of Ri Jin’s relationship will become the most important or will the lines be so blurred that they’ll be no distinction?

ExtraKun: I mean, Se Gi is just a “spin off” of something deep inside of Do Hyun, there is no way that the lines will not become blurred. I hate it for all those involved, but totally hoping for Do Hyun to find peace, therefore he can deal with the other personalities that reside inside of him. It will be the hardest thing to watch Se Gi go, but there is no way for him to legitimately stick around given where he was “birthed” from. Ri Jin is going to have to deal with some things that she is not quite experienced in dealing with, but I am certain she is up for the challenge. I love that GIRL!



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