The Distractors’ Cut: Golden Cross Final (BTS)

It was a good ride from Unnichan and I… So worth the watch for Kim Kang Woo! Enjoy!


Golden Cross ended a few weeks ago and though Ekun and I are caught in the crosssfires of Joseon Gunman, there’s no way we wouldn’t make time to give our final thoughts on one of the most unhinged villains of 2014.

Jung Bo-suk‘s turn as Seo Dong-ha brought new meaning to the word deranged in my mind, for Seo-Jo (a combination of Jung’s character surnames from Giantand Golden Cross) was a different kind of crazy, hinging somewhere between nefarious and nutty but above all, resolute in his delusion of innocence.  This made for a tale that melted brain cells and resolve but kept The Distractors with plenty to buzz about. 

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