Super Fun Drama Chat Time: You’re All Surrounded Episodes 15 & 16

Welcome to this week’s Super Fun Chat Time! Lore and I are beside ourselves with Tae Il being stabbed, we discover how shady Shady Suk really is, and how Dumb Yoo Ae Yun really can be!


Lore: So should we get started? The episode opens with a kiss, which one person claims is just for business while another meant it. And discuss.‏

ExtraKun: Holy crap! When he said it was not for business I (for 2 seconds) wish that I hadn’t broke up with Dae Gu! I like men who are straight forward with what they are about in regards to women– well in general. That could have everything to do with my “upfront” personality too. What did you think?‏

Lore: I like that he did not beat around the bush and just came out and said it. ‏
ExtraKun: I think it was adorable when he asked if he really wasn’t her type. I was mad she never answered him! Get it together Soo Sun!‏
Lore: Ha! That was cute. I love how that was eating him up inside despite all of the other things going on (yunno, like finding a killer). I could understand Soo Sun not being as forward at first, since I think she had no idea that Dae Gu liked her. When Soo Sun answered that her ideal type was “Ji Young” I may have uttered a d’aawwwww. It was a really nice “I like the real you” statement.‏

ExtraKun: Oh that’s right! She did say that! Look, Joon Ki Oppa was paused on my screen and all my sensibilities get thrown out of whack… *Turns off TV* let’s do this for real! You know what Soo Sun, I like Ji Yong too. He is my type (maybe) and I am glad you got that out. I know why you said he wasn’t your type; but I do wonder if she is going to renege on what she said about focusing on her career as a detective. Just because he likes you and you might like him does not mean you have to date him tomorrow, next week, or even next month.‏

Lore: Very true. I hope Soo Sun does not give up her focus (but I also want her to be happy). Hopefully they can make it work—dating and their careers. Besides the love fest that was going on in these two episodes; we had some big revelations regarding the villains and their motives. Such as Shady Suk being evil so she could….um…do “good” or something like that? Honestly her motivation was whack IMO‏.

ExtraKun: I felt like she did Detective Seo a disservice by cancelling the lawsuit and always siding with the devil! I could have understood her initial train of thought, but the minute Assemblyman (who was Chief Yoo at the time) ask her to clean up his daughter’s tracks for murder; she should have gotten off that line, and exposed his A** for everything he ever did in life that was corrupt, shady, and questionable.‏

Lore: This flashback reinforced how much of a hypocrite this woman is. I am really hoping the writer does not push this character towards redemption, because I won’t buy it if they start hawking the “She is sorry and a changed person—love her now” bit. I could see Suk ultimately bringing down Assemblyman Yoo as a last act or something, but I can never get behind her as a good person. ‏She lost that right a long time ago.‏
ExtraKun: Oh definitely! There is nothing she could ever do at this point. What she should have done: (Ekun’s alternate storyline inside of a story) is become a assemblywoman herself. If she would have used sketchy means to make sure police have investigative rights over prosecutors; that would be a character worth redemption and tied along much better with her flashback story. For the life of me I am confused why she was trying to push the “responsibility” on someone else’s shoulders; who probably could care less or not a fraction as much as she did over Detective Seo’s death.‏

Lore: Yes, yes, yes. I support your alternative one hundred percent. I could not really understand it either – how she put everything behind Yoo when she was the one who was closer to Detective Seo. *Sighs* ‏

ExtraKun: Simply put—she sucks.

Lore: Agreed. Thoughts on one of our other villains, Purse slinging Yoo? It was finally revealed she was the one who attempted to kill Dae Gu’s Mom (though I thought it was pretty obvious going into the episode that she was the most likely culprit). ‏

ExtraKun: Look, Yoo was never on a list of mine, but she just got added to the “Your A** is grass because you hired goons to steal the original necklace and they stabbed my Tae Il!” List! And not to mention I am convinced even more Ji Yong’s mom was killed over a man! She knew Ji Yong’s mom when she walked in the house and vise versa.‏

Lore: I think it was over a man as well. I am starting to think that Dae Gu’s Dad is none other than Yoo’s husband. Which means Dae Gu’s brother is that odd kid with the man crush on him. AND TAE IL BEING STABBED! WHHHHHYYYYYYY SHOW! I SCREAMED. I CRIED! HOW COULD ANYONE STAB CUTE LITTLE POCKET TAE IL!‏ HE BETTER LIVE OR WE ARE FLYING TO KOREA!‏

ExtraKun: Without a doubt! Pilot Pablo is on standby as we speak! WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE SOMEONE AS BEAUTIFUL AS TAE IL!!! YOU WERE TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR THIS WORLD! I wasn’t quite sure about who the man was, but when creepy little brother showed up at the Gangnam PD and said he (DG) was just like the rest, I thought, “Yea. This kid is his brother.”‏

Lore: *Dabs eyes with tissue* I can’t understand how anyone could ever want to hurt something so adorable. It was like watching someone kick a basket of puppies while throwing kittens into a fire. I was not happy! *end dramatic venting here* Yep—I think that is Dae Gu’ s little(?) bro, and he is seriously creepy. Something is not quite right with that kid (which should come as no surprise given his family.‏

ExtraKun: I think he is just lonely. Dad is doing business, mom doesn’t give a damn about anyone but herself, gramps Yoo is off covering momma and his own tracks. Growing up in a house of miser adults is never fun, especially when no one seems to care about you at all. I hate that for him, but he really is creepy! So once again because of Papa Cop’s tenacity and know how, we have a witness at the scene of the crime!‏

Lore: Go Papa Cop! Now that there is a witness we have some major momentum towards punishing those responsible for the murder. I can’t wait to see Yoo taken down (but I am nervous for what Yoo’s next move will be since THEY STABBED AN ANGEL to get that pendant back)!‏

ExtraKun: I have had this thought too, “What is Dae Gu going to do when he finds out his mother’s death has nothing to do with retaliation?” It is becoming painfully obvious that those who did not want mom to testify, had nothing to do with her murder. Therefore, all his years of anger towards Seo Pan Seok were really wasted. I wonder if the show is going to address that matter at all… Thoughts?‏

Lore: I hope that they do address the matter, because in my mind it is fundamental to Dae Gu healing his emotional scars. For years Dae Gu has directed his rage towards Pan Seok and the thought his Mom died because of retaliation. Now that we know that retaliation was likely not the cause of her murder, I want Dae Gu to know too. He needs to know, so he can fully forgive Pan Seok and they can…‏become one big happy cop family.‏

ExtraKun: Agreed. One more thing about Yoo Ae Yun, if she was really smart, she would have switched the necklaces secretly and said, “Let’s ask the designer which is the original.” That way, it would have been egg on the Gangnam PD part. I am not trying to help her, I just think it would have been more practical and less incriminating than an officer getting stabbed and the evidence disappearing altogether.‏

Lore: Yoo Ae Yun scores pretty low in the planning department in my opinion. I couldn’t believe she had a copy made of a one of a kind necklace. What a moron. The designer would immediately know it was a fake. She would have been better off claiming she lost the thing awhile before the murder or something. Aish. Any other thoughts before we do final thoughts?‏

ExtraKun: Exactly! I thought that too. Final thoughts: Dae Gu: Though we are over, it seems you keep racking up those cookies. If only it was a few weeks ago. Soo Sun: think Ji Yong likes you too. Kekekeke. Momma and Papa cop: You guys are adorable and hilarious! Shady Suk: You suck! No way around it… ever. Yoo Ae Yun: You are dumber than we could have ever imagined. Show: Pablo, Lore unnie, and I are waiting on the results of Tae Ilah… Any funny stuff, we are coming for you! And to get some snacks, and visit Master, and…‏

Lore: Dae Gu and Soo Sun: I want to see you two together, but don’t forget about your careers either. You two will be great detectives and I would hate to see you leave the force. Papa Cop: Awesome as always. Tae Il: GET BETTER SOON, NOONA IS COMING WITH SOUP AND FLOWERS! Shady Suk: I don’t get it. I really don’t. Purse slinging Yoo: YOU HAD SOMEONE STAB AN ANGEL. ARGHHHH YOU HORRIBLE LADY YOU!‏ Show: What Eboni said.‏




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