Sleeping With the Enemy: Ekun’s Drama Watching Dilemma

So we all know that I suffer from a serious case of SLS (Second Lead Syndrome). I find that there are also times I am rooting for the character that is the Devil’s BFF or make bad decisions seem so right. Here are a few characters that I was down for whatever, whenever, for all the wrong (maybe) reasons.

City Hunter’s Lee Jin Pyo (Kim Sang Joong):

I have a huge crush on Kim Sang Joong; so my judgment was already clouded when I saw him in the first episode. Lee Jin Pyo was a loyal solider who loved his country and was willing to do whatever was asked with no questions. When his platoon was instructed to go North to kill high ranking political figures, and then the same people who instructed them, turns around and kills them to save political diplomacy with the  US (I gets tired of the US being the reason for the world to go round)… When he survived and decided that he was going to kill ALL those fools and himself, I was down! I am not saying it was the best thing to do, but since he made up his mind, and really had nothing else to live for, how can you be mad at him?

I absolutely hated Lee Yoon Sung (that is another post), but the thing that annoyed me the most is he never understood his father like character. Was Lee Jin Pyo wrong for kidnapping him to raise him to assist in killing his biological father? Sure, but since the president was trying to have a David and Bathsheba moment in life, I did not really care all that much [ExtraKun’s note: I feel this post will get much hate and popcorn thrown at me].

In any event, I loved “City Hunter Daddy” and no matter how many times I watch it (Which I will probably only watch it one other time because goodness gracious!), I will always love him. Ekun’s purposeful indiscretion #1!


Triple’s Kang Hyun Tae (Yoon Kye Sang):


So this is one of those cases that contradicts everything I stand for… No matter how the cut go and come I will always be fine with Hyun Tae pursuing Choi Soo In. Shin Hwal never told his friends, that he live and work with, that he was married while he was overseas. So when Hyun Tae talked to her (mind you it was before he knew who she was) I had no problems. Even when he found out and decided to keep after it, I was not mad at him. I know this sound like a scenario that I hated earlier (Sly and Single), but I was totally okay with it. Perhaps it was because I felt Shin Hwal was wrong from the start, maybe it has something to do with my SLS, etc. Ekun’s purposeful indiscretion #2!


Triangle’s Jang Dong Woo aka Yoon Yang Ha(Im Siwan):


I’ve got nothing! I have only seen 3 episodes and I am trying to be a part of Yang Ha’s world! I get upset with Jung Hee every time she gives him the side eye! She needs to move out the way so I can ride in cars, drink champagne, and chat up Yang Ha! I am shameless in my curiosity and obsession with the baby brother in this trio. Ekun’s purposeful indiscretion #3!


Giant’s Jo Min Woo(Joo Sang Wook):


I knew from 21 Jump Street that Jo Min Woo was a bad apple, but I still felt pity for him. The constant pressure of having a father Like Jo Pil Yeon [ExtraKun’s note: Do not worry Unnichan, I will get back to Daddy Jo], not ever getting what he truly wants, and doing bad things to substitute the pain felt– it was heartbreaking. So, when he finally found some solace in Lee Mi Joo, I really wanted it to work even though it was the craziest thing to ever happen. Oh? Why? Min Woo’s father is responsible for the death of Mi Joo’s father… but if Gang Mo and Jung Yeon can end up together at the end and her father was involved in their father’s death, why not Mi Joo and Min Woo? *Sigh* It didn’t matter how many horrible things he did, I could never fully hate him. I hate when I feel for a character so much that I can’t see reason! Ekun’s purposeful indiscretion #4!


Now that my closet is beginning to clear out I can see cracks of sunlight, I can say, “Hello world! It is I, ExtraKun aka Ekun aka Eboni!” Is there any other people out there that feel similar when watching a drama? If not, at least my skeletons are free! Deuces!

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