When the Second Lead goes Wrong… Fire and Brimestone.

I Ekun have a serious problem with SLS (second lead syndrome)! Most of the time I understand why the leading lady likes the leading male, but I just wish she would look SL’s direction just once or twice—and then say no. And in rare occasions I entertain the thought of an alternate pairing (I had it bad when watching You’re Beautiful and INR 2012).

YBINR 2012

Unfortunately, there are times where the SL makes me lose all respect and want to spit in their face! Here are my top 3 moments over the course of my drama watching years:

Yoon Ji Hoo- Boys Over Flowers (2009)

So I when I watched BOFK, I was just getting my feet wet into this world of Kdramas. But something was wrong with this Ji Hoo (JH)… Why didn’t I love him? Why didn’t I prefer him over Goo Jun Pyo? And when I finally watched the Japanese and Taiwanese versions, why did I love the “Ji Hoo” characters in those versions and not JH? I mean besides the fact that Oguri Shun and Vic Zhou are dangerously hot….

There are several theories that come into play when I think about where things went wrong with JH. The most obvious is who was playing his character… That is all I am going to say about that.


Another factor is it just wasn’t anyone else for Jan Di than Jun Pyo… The way these two characters were written and played out—nothing else seemed plausible. I don’t even believe relationships like that exist in real life, but in BOFK, nothing else made sense.


This was my first experience in not having SLS, and it was refreshing. I finally felt a cheer in the air of accomplishment. I would not have another experience until I saw When a Man Loves…

Lee Jae Hee- When a Man Loves (2013)


I know what you are saying… Really ExtraKun aka Ekun aka Eboni? You are even offering WAML as an option? Yes my dears yes! Not that I liked this show or even liked Jae Hee (but I was all about his Hyung and his misguided ways in loyalty), but this character had all the makings of a fatal attraction.


He finds out his benefactor all these years, Han Tae Sang, is dating the girl he randomly meets in… was it Hong Kong? Philippines? Guam! I am certain he met her in Guam. Anyway… he thinks he is in love with her and stops at almost nothing to get her.

He allowed random people he didn’t know to poison his mind against Tae Sang to justify stealing Mi Do. He was even disrespectful to Mi Do’s feelings when she told him that she had a boyfriend and she was not really interested in him (though she did play games a lot).


Have a fling? Check! Threaten poor girl? Check! Try to frame Tae Sang of malice? Check! Try to steal Tae Sang’s business? Check!


Then after all of your plotting, scheming, flinging, you get the girl and what happens? YOU DON’T EVEN WANT TO BE WITH HER!!! This all went sour because he just sucked as a person. The actor did a great job (especially considering the others he was working with… and I love Yeon Woo Jin) but hands down one of the worst SL’s I have seen. Ever.


Gook Seung Hyun- Sly and Single Again (2014)

This last one cut me deep because I loves me some Seo Kang Joon! It is almost sickening how much I love him. Alas, I turned my back on Seung Hyun for so many reasons.


1. Though he is adorable and very grown, he lives in a fantasy world. In what world is it okay to date Hyung’s ex- wife? Seriously… 2. When he accused Hyung (Cha Jung Woo) of trying to spy on or see Na Ae Ra, and Jung Woo was minding his own business visiting friends… that were the same friends as Ae Ra because, well, they were married?! That did something to me—not a good something either. 3. If we are going to be psycho cray cray obsessive plotting *censored*, I need you to follow through so I abhor you. You only made it to a level 4 out of 10 possible levels! Unacceptable because it deprives me the luxury of loving to hate you! 4. You completely disregarded Ae Ra’s feelings when she told you she was not interested in you, and you became a burden to her.


Ultimately, Seung Hyun became a disappointment because he failed to realize why it was never okay to try and love Ae Ra—and it had nothing to do with Jung Woo Hyung.


There you have it! Considering there are only 3 on the list and I have watched countless amounts of dramas, I find this pretty amazing. To all my SLS’ers out there—I feel your pain and pleasure of loving the second leads. Peace!

7 thoughts on “When the Second Lead goes Wrong… Fire and Brimestone.

    • I did see EC. I loved the second lead but I did not ever want him to be with Jin Hee. He had a lot of emotional issues to work out within himself. But he was amazing!

      • Ha ha ! I was a huge Jin Hee and Chief shipper 😛

        I think if he would’ve just kissed or at least confessed in the middle episodes of the show, he wouldn’t have fizzled out in the last few episodes and there would’ve been hope for the couple.

        I should have know though, given the title and preview of the show, my hopes were in vain 😦

      • Awwww! I hate that your hopes were in vain, this was one of those shows I did not know how they were going to resolve the couples. I honestly wanted Chief and Ji Hye would get back together because they undoubtedly broke for a dumb reason. I wanted chief to see the error in why he broke things off and work it out with her. I didn’t even want Jin Hee and Chang Min together until the last 2 episodes.

      • It was my first show gunning for the SL.
        I would’ve been okay if she would’ve even gone out with that guy who quit to pursue music or even if she’d have ended up with no one.
        The last few eps were a little boring for me cause my OTP died 😥

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