Super Fun Drama Chat Time: You’re All Surrounded Ep 11 & 12

What is up drama watchers, cravers, money makers—most of you… Lore and I are back with a with another chat time. So many things take place and yet the dispute of who pocket Tae Il will lodge is still out for determining. Stay tuned, deuces!


Lore: Let’s get started. Dae Gu gets stabbed. Discuss.‏

ExtraKun: Thats’ right! McBoots sneaks into his house because he is hell bent on “finishing the job”! I was really annoyed at McBoots (and not just because he was wearing the baseball cap again *Sigh*) because his reasoning does not really make sense.‏


Lore: Well, there is that. What is his real benefit to killing Dae Gu? I have no idea. But it did give some ordered rest for the character AKA time for Lee Seung Gi to heal after his onset injury. Which leaves us with the other detectives chasing the baddies for most of the episode (we do get to see LSG in the hospital tho).‏ Oh, Oh- and we also had someone in drag. Can I say this?‏

ExtraKun: You can say whatever you like *Said like T.I. song Whatever You Like*!‏

Lore: I don’t know if I was paying too much attention but Mr. Drag Queen needs to get rid of that hint of a 5 O’clock shadow. I mean he seems to be trying with his makeup and dress to be one put together sophisticated city chick, but um….you are growing a mustache. And I noticed. Here is a razor.‏


ExtraKun: Well I was just a bit upset that he had surgery and this was the result, because boo? Ekun can tell that you are a dude! Hands down no getting around it. I was upset with his reasoning too– I understand being different is not always an easy task, but you making it seem like you are dead? To the people who love and care about you most? I hate to say it dude, but you suck!‏

Lore: Yeah, that was a messy situation. Well, now that we have that out of the way should we discuss how Dae Gu actually made a smart decision? In that he let some of his anger go? I couldn’t believe it. The boy never loaded the gun. I think you and reasoning are going to be good friends someday, Dae Gu.‏


ExtraKun: Fortunately that is the one good factor DG has going for him, he was never a stupid guy. I was just relieved when Papa Cop put together some pieces in his mind once he figured out who Dae Gu aka Ji Yong was.‏

Lore: Yes, Dae Gu is a smart guy, but his rage has often got him in trouble. It was refreshing to see he had thought things through before confronting McBoots in the parking garage. I was relieved that Papa Cop put things together too. Now that everyone knows Dae Gu is Ji Young our story is starting to get somewhere.‏


ExtraKun: I think we were always steadily going, we are just at the crux of the matter now. Who the heck hired McBoots, who really tried to kill mom before McBoots, how is Shady Suk involved, and why is chairman/president/assemblyman so fixated on killing Dae Gu?‏ Sorry, we know who hired McBoots…‏ *Tae Il reminds me as he pops out my pocket*‏


Lore: Yeah, what does evil important dude (chairman? or something) have on Suk that he can control her? WAIT! *Makes grabby hands to snatch Tae Il back* I installed a freaking security system! How did he get out of my pocket!‏MY POCKET TAE IL!‏Oh, wait, you have him on weekends. I forgot. Proceed.‏*Maybe I shouldn’t have freaked out like that. I bet I seem pretty mental. Naw, maybe she didn’t notice*‏

ExtraKun: *Noticed and kept it moving… No Judgment… Cuddles Tae Il* Well it must have something to do with that woman who totally showed her A** over that purse and was abusing Soo Sun’s momma! I am convinced she has something to do with this whole situation that chairman is trying to keep covered up.‏

Lore: Yep, I think Ms. “I hit people with designer handbags” has something to do with this whole conspiracy, something big. The look on the Chairman’s face when he saw Dae Gu talking to her screamed “We are BFFs in conspiracy land”. ‏


ExtraKun: “We are BFF’s in conspiracy land”?! I love it!!! Kekekekeke

Lore: But what could it be?! ‏And Shady Suk, what is with that? She clearly is not as loyal to the chairman as I thought. It was hilarious watching the scene where she lied to his face. “It was a conicidence sir, yeah, a coincidence.” When we all know dang well the Chairman knows she is lying.‏


ExtraKun: Perhaps Shady Suk is trying to convince us, herself, and the drama gods that she has a heart. But I am not the one. The woman who was beating Soo Sun’s mom could be his wife, but he seems to be some type of elected official, I would not think she would carry herself is such a manner. Whoever she is, she is lucky she didn’t run across me or anyone I know… I sometimes follow the code of Hammurabi closely.‏

Lore: Ha. Yeah, that was pretty mean. Who beats someone with a purse (unless they are trying to rob you or steal your ice cream)? I mean, lady you take b***ch to a whole other level. I think she is probably an elected official as well, but if she is his wife I guess I could see the motivation for a conspiracy. Maybe she did something her hubby is covering up? I wouldn’t be too surprised at this given…‏her calm and kind nature.‏So what else happened in these two episodes?‏

ExtraKun: Let me think… Tae Il tells his parents “F that doctor BS, Imma do me!”, Dae Gu makes more goo goo eyes at Soo Sun at the same time a Ji Gook, Soo Sun rides her bike with Papa cop, Mama Cop has a birthday, Shady Suk tries to make up some other case to distract Papa Cop and company from going after McBoots, and Dae Gu gets to question McBoots on the case of who killed his mother and why.‏


Lore: Oh- wow. My brain just exploded. Yep, that did all happen. Yay for Tae Il for telling Mom and Pop he is a big boy now! Can you pat his head for me?‏

ExtraKun: *Pats his head and a nip on the cheek*‏ It was a good moment in the show, you can tell he really was struck by the words Mama Cop said about cross dresser being a coward.

Lore: Thanks. I am rooting for Dae Gu and Soo Sun to get together, after all of the googly eyes and the back hug I am on their side. Because let’s face it, she is Dae Gu’s only chance. Can’t think of anyone else putting up with the boy. And I like the whole childhood thing. It is sweet. Oh my gosh….am I really that tired that I like this couple? I don’t even know any more.‏


ExtraKun: I think it is simply a lack of options, and show has been telling us from episode 1, this is going to happen. I honestly still do not care about them on the grand scheme. The couple I was rooting for is and always will be Pan Seok and Sa Kyung. It is obvious they still love each other and they have already been through a lot.‏ And there is always the bromance of Tae Il and Ji Gook!

Lore: Mama and Papa Cop! I love them! They have been through a lot so it will be that much sweeter when they get back together. The bromance is great as well, love them! I do like both of their relationships better than the main pairing, but I think I am on board with that as well. Show seems to be proceeding nicely on the relationship front, hopefully they won’t throw in any second half twists to make me a bitter person.‏


ExtraKun: There is no one to throw at this point! We are more than halfway through the show. Unless a hot guy is coming to make a cameo to make Soo Sun turn her head for a momo (like Trash Oppa from 94), they better stick with it! Final thoughts?‏

Lore: Dae Gu: Like this whole not get angry part of you. Soo Sun: Still love you. Tae Il and Ji Gook: Please be bromantic forever. Mama and Papa cop: Get…again. Evil peeps: Don’t hit people with handbags. It is bad taste.‏

ExtraKun: McBoots: Can we see you without the hat once more? DG: Despite us being over, I will throw a cookie your way… You did well kid. Mama and Papa Cop: Please stay together. Evil bastards who rule the world: You are lucky good people exist and we no longer have the Code of Hammurabi intact.‏



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