Super Fun Drama Chat Time (Melo Edition): Inspiring Generation Episodes 20- 22

Oh how I wish Lore and I were absent because of a much needed vacation at the I Love Master Spa! But here we are back again trying to get caught with Age of Feeling! Without further adieu… Last 3 episodes!

ExtraKun: Episode 20! How did it start again? ‏

Lore: Fight, fight, fight! Everyone gathered around for the big brawl at Club Shanghai! ‏

ExtraKun: Really, oh ok. So Jae Hwa and Jung Tae bout to throw dem bows (aka throw punches)! Jae Hwa got that scary tiger claw and was ripping Jung Tae to shreds! He really could have finished him off! Oh! But Aoki and Aka kidnapped Jung Tae before the fight and bruised him badly‏.

Lore: That tiger claw was freaky. Freddy Krueger nightmares were brought up with that scene (no, I do not have a totally irrational fear of Freddy Krueger. Nope, not at all). So they fight and…drumroll please….Jung Tae wins. Jae Hwa is carried off to be treated and a new, solidified hero of the streets is crowned. ‏But wait! The Mongolian guys that massacred the citizens are dragged in (thanks to Il Hwa) and Jung Tae tries to stage a public “Hwangbang made them do it” moment. But it does not work out for him when Mr. Hwangbang assassin snaps their necks before they can talk.‏

ExtraKun: Yep, and Chinese daddy tells Jung Tae he will never see his precious Ok Ryeon again *Wicked Witch of the West voice*!‏


Lore: Muhahahahahahahahahaha! Yep, Chinese Daddy is not a nice fellow (though I doubt anyone that has watched him so far would think he is all rainbows and sunshine). It pretty much boils down to the fact he needs Jung Tae as a front man running Club Shanghai – so they can push opium to fund Chang Kai Shek’s nationalist army as they fight the Japanese and the Communists. ‏Meanwhile Jae Hwa recovers and says goodbye to Shanghai. And Lore sheds a tear.‏


ExtraKun: I was pissed! I was like how many characters are you guys trying to off!? Ugh! Who in the world is going to be left at the end? Gaya and Jung Tae? No, he probably will really die at the end, ne?‏

Lore: I am almost 100% certain Jung Tae and Gaya will both die at the end. Their character type spells a brutal end (much like their brutal beginning). The only people I think will live is So So, probably Il Hwa, maybe Ok Ryun (but her death would also serve the story up a heady dose of revenge and pain) and the red cross doctor. Oh, and the guy who collects feces for a living, he will probably live to. It is like Heartless City- there is no way when the hero goes around doing what he has done (even if he has some good intentions) will he live. He is a symbol for the good and the bad of the story, and he needs to die for closure to occur. Wait—Did I just compare this to the awesomeness that was Heartless City?! Someone should slap me.‏

ExtraKun: You did girl! My eyes almost popped out my head! But now that you know, they are restored.‏
Lore: I slapped myself.‏ Twice.‏

ExtraKun: No double slaps required Lore…Episode 21 Aoki has a plan (or 3) to take down Hwangbang now that Jae Hwa is out of the picture. The first is to use Shinichi to assassinate Head of Hwangbang (what is his name beside Chinese daddy?)! Shinichi ask granddad to reinstate Gaya, and we find out that he killed Royoko (Gaya’s mom) by accident. I had a feeling it was something like that.


Lore: I vote that his character name should be Wicked Witch of Hwangbang. Shinichi killing Gaya’s Mom made sense given how much he felt like he needed to make up for something. I imagine that past ate him up inside every day. Poor Shinichi. Hold on, I need more tissues. Oh Shinichi, why? Why?!‏So Shinichi makes his way to the wicked witch’s hangout (by cleverly pretending to be beat up by everyone and their brother). And then he tries his hand at assassination…but it does not go so well for him. ‏

ExtraKun: That Stinking Dok Ko always switching sides! He sucks! It was inevitable that he would die, but at least he died with a person that loved and cared about him.‏



Lore: Dok Ko…aish! Gaya running in to save Shinichi was kind of fitting; after all of their fighting it showed how close they really were. But that death scene *sobs* and then Aoki shows up to save Gaya from being killed. Meanwhile Jung Tae disguised himself with a black rag around his face (really?! really?! that was your disguise?!) and, um, accomplishes…wait, what did he accomplish again?‏


ExtraKun: He was trying to get Gaya and Shinichi out– because somehow he knew it was a setup. At the same time Ok Ryeon finally gets a dose of reality and realized Wick Witch of Hwangbang ain’t so great when they find her drawing maps for Jung Tae‏.


Lore: So after all of that is said and done, the two elder leaders of the gangs meet and discuss how they will off a few young ins to make things right between them. Wisdom apparently comes with age…..‏

ExtraKun: Not in Granddaddy’s case… He called himself trying to replace Aoki and Aoki said, “I’ll be dammed!” and then he killed him. whomp whomp whomp…‏


Lore: Aoki for the win! That scene took too long to occur, seriously. But before we had that scene (which gives Gaya the control of the Japanese gang) we were privy to a final farewell kiss between Gaya and Jung Tae. Because now it is war.‏I feel like we need to insert a video of MBLAQ This is War at this point. Because- this is war bitches! Well, it has kind of always been war in one form or another since the gangs have been fighting since day one. But this time it is OFFICIAL WAR.‏ But can we agree- that final goodbye kiss had no real impact. At all. Because these two and their love that could not be never really felt all that real to begin with….‏

ExtraKun: I was like, “Yuck!” Jung Tae? You don’t even love this girl like that anymore (if you ever did) and you letting her kiss you? I said good riddance you both got your heads out of your a**es and we can now do what we are posed to be doing!‏


And though I am not a huge MBLAQ fan, as long as I can see them live I say insert it! That is like one of the 3 songs I like by them.‏

Lore: Done and done 🙂 ‏

MBLAQ: This is War

So…episode 22 – everyone goes to Japanese Gangster Grandpa’s funeral (because, yunno, even if you killed him you should at least pay your respects). And Jung Tae puts his super telephone game plan into action. Wait- did Jung Tae come up with a good plan?! Or a kind of good plan?‏


ExtraKun: It was a brilliant plan. Too cunning for Jung Tae to come up if you ask me, but if your back is against the wall or you are backed in a corner– you can become a rocket scientist! His goal is to have the Chinese and Japanese attack each other while the refuges of Korea rise from the ashes! And to save his Boo Ok Ryeon…. I mean are they real? He love her legit? Or is the show trying to pull the wool over my eyes? Because I don’t ever think that was part of the plan in ep 1… or 2 when we meet her.‏

Lore: I never thought that Jung Tae really loved Ok Ryeon, but then again I also thought this story would make some kind of sense so I have been wrong before (remember Jung Tae’s sister- whatever happened to that?!). So his masterful telephone game leads to the take down of the Japanese gang, with Gaya being saved from jail by Aoki. Which leaves one big obstacle in Jung Tae’s way – Hwangbang.‏ Jung Tae has a plan for this as well – with his Father / Son bond with the wicked witch of Hwangbang he plots to throw an engagement party – how could his dear old adopted Dad not show up?‏


ExtraKun: It was at dear old daddy’s house wasn’t it? Or was that just the proposal?‏ But daddy has something in mind as well…. He called it “The Drug” I am scared Lore! He is going to massacre more people for his greed!‏

Lore: Oh yeah…it was. Oops- so literally, how could he not be there?!‏ The drug! Yep—that is apparently one of the multitude of things that killed Jung Tae’s appa. This drug is bad business.‏

ExtraKun: I am scared something is going to Happen to Ok Ryeon at this point. I just didn’t like how she saw the deal go down. I can’t trust that nobody didn’t see peeping where she wasn’t supposed to be peeping. And Daddy can’t let Jung Tae have the one piece of leverage he has against him!‏


Lore: I think there is a good chance she will die, but I kind of want her to live. I mean, even if she is kind of silly as a character she just needs to get the heck away from the gangsters in her life and go sing somewhere. ‏

ExtraKun: I know, she doesn’t deserve to die. Not like this and not on the account of Jung Tae. Final Thoughts?‏

Lore: Going into the finale week I have a feeling we are going to see a) A lot of main characters dying b) Not a lot of answers to the open questions that have been ignored c) Lore wishing sexy ninja was alive. All in all I am ready for this inconsistent show (which I still think had a lot of promise in the beginning) end. ‏

ExtraKun: Show I am so ready for this to be over. I will give my final final thoughts when it is all said and done.‏


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